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  1. How do I copy paste when answering to a topic? The copy paste in the toolbar does not seem to work.
  2. A perfect religion would be one that causes global religious equality...which is impossible. Religion creates groups, it creates boundaries between people. Theistic religions go hand in hand with wars, slavery, famine... Atheism goes hand in hand with well faring, peaceful countries. The perfect religion = no religion A world without theistic religion would be an upgrade compared to this one.
  3. So the wave function contains info about both particles. By measuring one of the entangled particles(A), you get all the info and the wave collapses. But then what happens with the quantum state of the other particle(B) if all info is measured in A? If it's possible to simultaneously measure both entangled particles. Then what will the measurements give? edit On internet I read that "neither of entangled particles has a definite state until one is measured, which causes the other particle to assume a corresponding state." =>How is that possible when measurement of one of the particles breaks the wave?
  4. 1/2 spin..those are fermions? Why aren't they subject to HUP? I don't understand how you can say particles are entangled without intervening. Are there loopholes concerning HUP? If all the information is present in the first particle, does that mean the information is superposed in the wave? Changing the quantum state (by measuring) collapses the wave. When the wave collapses, does the superposed information go to one of the ex-entangled particles where it forms a new superposition which you can interpret as teleported information? You have a very good way of explaining things.
  5. Measuring a particle or teleportation causes the wave to collapse. So the idea that information is transmitted faster then the speed of light (via privileged frame?) does it come from the speed in which the wave collapses? If measuring one of the entangled particles makes the wave to collapse, then how can you detect entanglement between 2 particles? Doesn't Heisenbergs uncertainty prevents measuring entangled particles?
  6. ok Can you give an example in which entanglement doesn't enable teleportation?
  7. Another physicist told me something different. He said teleportation demands a classical and quantum channel. Teleportation works with entangled particles, so entangled particles show the same channels. In Wikipedia there is a Quantum teleportation diagram that shows this.
  8. There is a quantum and classical channel between entangled particles.
  9. Ok, but we know there are channels between entangled particles, otherwise teleportation could not happen. Why are those channels not the cause for the correlation? Are those channels non existent until you try to teleport?
  10. hi, I have some questions about quantum entanglement/teleportation. The idea is that correlation does not imply causation, concerning entangled particles. That's shown in the fact that entangled particles are described as single wave functions. We know there are channels between entangled particles which enable teleportation. So why don't those channels cause the correlation? Why can't entanglement be about causality? If it is, then entangled particles would copy information, which goes in against the no-cloning theorem. How can you know you are transmitting and not copying information during a teleportation? Teleportation collapses the entanglement, it collapses the wave function...so can you really know what happens with the information? Isn't Heisenberg's uncertainty principle all over such an experiment?
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