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  1. The observer effect and HUP are basically 2 constrains on how we interpret/observe/study reality/nature. The measurement effect is only when you use measuring devices...the Observer effect in physics is mostly a measurement effect. You have several kinds of observer effects: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Observer_effect The Hawthorne effect (also referred to as the observer effect) is a type of reactivity in which individuals (this can be any kind off lifeform) modify an aspect of their behavior in response to their awareness of being observed. This is for example why placebo controll
  2. Interesting article concerning this topic: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20180403-why-do-people-become-trolls-online-and-in-social-media "New research is revealing that trolls live inside all of us – but that there are ways to defeat them and build more cooperative digital societies."
  3. Psychology is the science of behavior and mind, including conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feeling and thought.
  4. The decline of nature (cutting of trees, extinction of animals) is related to global warming and I find the most urgent environmental crisis. According to some estimates, 100 million sharks may be killed annually, mostly to feed China's demand for shark fin soup. Most sharks are predatory fish. Killing so many sharks messes up the ecosystem. Predators have an important role. The killing of all wolves in greater Yellowstone changed the natural landscape....The absence of wolves enabled ungulates to increase in population and live semi-sedentair which enabled them to eat flora (mostly
  5. I fail to see the causal connection between strange objects in the sky and extraterrestrial life.
  6. After exploring for 15 years across 45 kilometres of the Meridiani Planum region of Mars, NASA’s Opportunity rover is officially dead.https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-00575-2 R.I.P.
  7. Climate change is also due to methane release of livestock. I immediately think about the sheep farming in Patagonia.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patagonian_sheep_farming_boom This has a big economic impact.
  8. Isn't a wave a description of the indeterministic behavior when the 'particle' is not measured?
  9. The ‘third pole’ is the planet’s largest reservoir of ice and snow after the Arctic and Antarctic. It encompasses the Himalaya–Hindu Kush mountain ranges and the Tibetan Plateau. Meltwater feeds ten great rivers, including the Indus, Brahmaputra, Ganges, Yellow and Yangtze, on which almost one-fifth of the world’s population depends. Climate change threatens this vast frozen reservoir For the past 50 years, glaciers in the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau have been shrinking.https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-07838-4 The meltwater of the third pole feeds a lot of rivers if the third
  10. Ok but Hup is about the relationship between 2 measurements of one phenomenon and both measurements are subject to the observer effect. HUP and Observer effect are related but not causal. No, I just don't understand why she denies it's kinetic. Photons are always on the move (at c)and can scatter so it imo has kinetic/potential energy.
  11. Due to global warming there will be less water in many rivers because the melting of glaciers which will cause water crises. Global warming speeds up insect decline….
  12. Observer effect is also a 'fundamental' constraint. Placebo controlled clinical trails are made to deal with the observer effect. When for example wild animals are studied people make necessary arrangements to prevent animals from changing their behavior because they feel the are observed.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Observer_effect Why do you deny they have kinetic energy? The energy of a photon, E (which can be considered as all kinetic energy since the proper energy = E0 = 0 and E = K + E0 = K), is related to the photon's frequency, f, by E = hf where h = Planck's cons
  13. Pesticides, pollution and climate change are all wiping out insects at an alarming rate – so much, that a new global review says they could vanish within a century, threatening a “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems”. The scientists are calling for an urgent overhaul of the agricultural industry, warning that “unless we change our ways of producing food, insects as a whole will go down the path of extinction in a few decades”.https://www.channel4.com/news/insects-decline-threatens-catastrophic-collapse-of-natures-ecosystems The rate of insect extinction is eight times faste
  14. In an sense yes but many people believe the indeterminism in QT shows the indeterministic nature of the universe. There is a lot indeterministic in QT.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_indeterminacy
  15. You are wrong, it's odd that you believe that. Have you never heard about frequency or wavelength of photons? And you can deny it's validity but not its existence...photons have relativistic mass. lol, you are faithing. You talk with your emotions. Ok, but energy is conserved in the system. Photons in detectors or on the screen don't release their energy in the atmosphere. Observer effect is a lot more general. If measurement did not alter the phenomenon then you could measure momentum and position of one phenomenon as precise as possible and HUP
  16. I completely agree. It's one of the hallmarks of an unreasonable argument. It's lazy, dishonest, confusing, misleading, and unscientific. OMG Many of you people are very inconsequent and unscientific. You acknowledge physics concerns what people say of the universe via experimental evidence. Physics concerns what we say about Nature. Yet many people believe the 'randomness' in Quantum theory shows the indeterministic nature of the universe. I once made a thread concerning determinism...all people that replied believed the randomness in QT shows an indeterministic nature. I re
  17. When you support charity, is it for animals or humans?
  18. Electrical stimulation can be used for the relief of pain. Maybe pain can cause electrical stimulation as a stress reaction. It seems electrical stimulation can be causal related to a metallic taste. https://academic.oup.com/chemse/article/30/3/185/284585
  19. Entanglement? Superposition is not the same as entanglement. Photons that hit the screen are also subject to the observer effect... It is relevant. When photons are detected or hit the screen there kinetic/potential energy is transformed. A photon is destroyed but its energy is not. Whether it's PEE or not depends on the material off the photon detectors or how they work. Observer effect and HUP are not the same thing but they are very much related. When you measure the position or momentum then you apply a form of force which changes the positi
  20. Correct but is it known or assumed what sort of neural density in what parts of the brain, people like Albert Einstein had? The neural density can increase (or decrease) the amount of information which can be stored.
  21. A hungry mosquito is at best a nuisance; at worst, it is a transmitter of deadly diseases. Now, researchers have discovered a way to stop mosquitoes biting — by using human ‘diet’ drugs to trick them into feeling full. The scientists suggest that the drugs could one day be used to control the spread of diseases. Their results are reported in Cell on 7 February.https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-019-00511-4
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