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  1. Let’s say, the online university is overseas, is mailing still possible?
  2. Hi. I am a South African staying in South Africa, I can see that in order to study I science online, only overseas universities are available for online Msc (master of science) degree. my question is “ when I enroll, how do I get the Degree certificate. Thanks
  3. Can anyone hep me understand this solution I have attached both question and solution I can see the application of Fourier's law to the right hand side of the solution, but why is right hand side multiplied by area?, also to the left, what has happened to Ko. Thanks
  4. Hi, can anyone help me, I need a soft copy for Cosmology by Jayant Narlikar 2nd or third edition Thanks
  5. If you study degree online, like honours degree, how do you get certificate after completing?
  6. Yes, I understand the variables. Thanks, your explanation is very clear. I think I can classify PDEs now according to their linearity.
  7. For example Is the first equation linear or non linear?
  8. They said " Linear equation is the one in which there is no products of the dependent variable and its derivative.
  9. Hlw. Still I failing to understand the difference between Linear, semilinear and Quasilinear pde even after reading from Google. Can anyone clarify for me please.
  10. Lizwi

    Black holes

    Okay, thanks, the Sun is too small. Is there a general Shwarzchild radius for objects to become a black whole?
  11. 1. Is there an evidence for black holes 2. Is singularity possible? 3.If the Sun becomes a blackhole, will the planet's continue to revolve as if the Sun is still present?
  12. Why can't the Sun form a black? , because it can collapse too.
  13. Ahhhr!, THANKS A LOT. I GET IT.
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