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  1. What notes should I read before taking a book" a short course in general relativity" by Nightingale. Thanks
  2. 3.75 is the distance from S1 to the person, since my origin is at S1. The distance between the two saw horses is 1.5m, and the distance from the centre of the blank is 3m so if you work out you can see that the distance from sawhorse 1 is 3.75m.
  3. Depends on your future career, what career do you want in future
  4. Use CAS ( computer algebra system)
  5. And then if you are in another country how do you get a certificate?
  6. Is it possible to study on your own and apply to write an exam only in the university. For example I'm studying quantum mechanics equivalent to the quantum mechanics module in a university and then I apply to write exam for quantum mechanics instead of sitting the whole semester studying the course, is it possible to just write an exam and get the credit.
  7. I was looking at this example attached, if I change the origin, I get two times the answer from the book. My attempt is hand written on the attachment. Why is my answer different.
  8. How does this relate to the conservation of angular momentum. The picture attached.
  9. Lizwi


    Thanks very much, the high school physics textbook I'm using says destructive interference produce is 0 new wave or pulse. That's why I ask because this sounds incorrect.
  10. Lizwi


    If constructive interference results in 0 amplitude what about the waves that interfere and results in lower amplitude ten individual waves. What do we call that interference?
  11. Lizwi


    Who awards a prize, is it government?
  12. Lizwi


    In order to publish, is it necessary to have a PhD or any formal qualification?
  13. Lizwi


    Keep it secret until when?
  14. How easy are the ideas to be stolen after publishing papers?