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  1. Lizwi

    Black holes

    Okay, thanks, the Sun is too small. Is there a general Shwarzchild radius for objects to become a black whole?
  2. 1. Is there an evidence for black holes 2. Is singularity possible? 3.If the Sun becomes a blackhole, will the planet's continue to revolve as if the Sun is still present?
  3. Why can't the Sun form a black? , because it can collapse too.
  4. Ahhhr!, THANKS A LOT. I GET IT.
  5. Why is s ranging from r - R to r + R, can anyone show me me which distance is r -R and which one is r+R
  6. Does the electron change the direction as it passes through a slit?
  7. Thanks, does that mean the pressure at the bottom of any fluid is atmospheric pressure?
  8. Why atmospheric pressure measure at the bottom of this fluid because atm is exerted by atmosphere and the atmosphere is at the top of the fluid? I though atmospheric pressure should be measured at P0
  9. Why is the pressure on top of this fluid elements on the right equal to p+dp
  10. How to remove this history
  11. Okay, it is clear now, physics is so strange
  12. Eyshhhhhhhhh! I get what Timo is saying. This means I'm teaching incorrect staff to high school learners tha the mass cannot be destroyed or created??
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