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    Hi I have learnt that notepad is HTML editor, then what is HTML itself, is HTML a software? Can I edit directly on HTML? For example, if I do programming in python I write a code in python itself not in any editor. Is HTML a software like python? Thanks
  2. Yes, I am doing QM. Thanks a lot. How do I write the hermitian conjugate of operator A. Please see the attachment.
  3. Yeah, is Kronecker delta reaulting because of diagonal matrix?
  4. Why is i =j in the steps highlighted in green?
  5. Lizwi


    What type of mathematics must I do to understand this mathematics in the picture below?
  6. Lizwi


    What type of mathematica is this on the picture. When I start to study relativity, it appears and I don't understand it.
  7. High, I know about Open University, Which other University to study MSC Physics online Thanks
  8. Lizwi


    I am failing to understand spin. I believe any object when rotated 360 degrees will return it faces to their original position. What does spin 1/2 and spin 3/2 mean?
  9. Why is NO3 called spectator ion because it can react with water to form HNO3 and turn water in OH- so the solution is neutral Thanks
  10. It seems like in University Physics textbook by Young and Freedman, the SE differential equation is not solved, The solution is only predicted and tested. Is it not possible to solve it?
  11. I am looking for good statistical physics and classical mechanics notes ,graduate level for self study.
  12. I was computing an expectation value of kinetic energy. Here the kinetic energy is the square of momentum divided by 2m. But when I square expectation value of momentum, the textbook return Psi unsquared Please see attachment.
  13. Thanks I will have a look on it, I am going through Griffiths QM textbook. I am at the beginning of it.
  14. Thanks for your time now lastly, can you show me a small example where you shift the derivative from one factor to another changing the sign? or it’s just as in your first post?
  15. Mmmh okay. I see. Now for all computations in QM, shall I assume this?
  16. Ohhhhh! I can see 2 is cancelled as coefficient of m You equated the first integral to its complex conjugate??
  17. Please show me how to move from equation 1.30 to 1.31 I tried using integration by parts
  18. Lizwi


    How was the equation highlighted in the attachment below simplified. I get the other term but another highlighted term went to zero, how? The hand writing is where I tried using integration by parts. A’ = ih/2m
  19. Let’s say, the online university is overseas, is mailing still possible?
  20. Hi. I am a South African staying in South Africa, I can see that in order to study I science online, only overseas universities are available for online Msc (master of science) degree. my question is “ when I enroll, how do I get the Degree certificate. Thanks
  21. Can anyone hep me understand this solution I have attached both question and solution I can see the application of Fourier's law to the right hand side of the solution, but why is right hand side multiplied by area?, also to the left, what has happened to Ko. Thanks
  22. Hi, can anyone help me, I need a soft copy for Cosmology by Jayant Narlikar 2nd or third edition Thanks
  23. If you study degree online, like honours degree, how do you get certificate after completing?
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