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  1. Are Humans better Designers than Nature / Evolution !

    Hi dimreepr Nice to hear from you. However not nice to see you sigh ! I don't see my friend imatfaal anywhere for a while How come ?
  2. Are Humans better Designers than Nature / Evolution !

    Hi, Yes, the number like 150 yrs which I quoted was with respect to the high tech inventions such as Automobiles Flying in the air Photographing etc and the number of years was given in a figurative way. I agree Growth of Science has gone on from long way back & Sir Isaac Newton is a Great [perhaps the greatest] Contributor to our Knowledge base. I agree with you. People who oppose Evolution put their Questions that way & don't visualize the Evolutionary Process correctly !
  3. Are Humans better Designers than Nature / Evolution !

    I believe Evolution is both on Hardware & Software just like with any Product Redesign. Any change visible on the physique and exterior form is linked with Evolutionary changes but the changes in DNA etc resulting in higher Mental [Software] Capability of the Progeny is hard to trace or Register & we tend to ignore Software Evolution. Of Course we live in a very KNOWLEDGEABLE PHASE of the Life of Earth & Human Beings in that the past 150 Years stand for EVERY BIT OF OUR KNOWHOW OR ACHIEVEMENTS ! When I was a young Boy my Grandfather told me one day that he saw on the Market Place a small Box mounted on a Post giving out Songs and speeches & he asked me why dont we buy something like that and mount it on this tree [he pointed to a tree on our home front]. It must have been a Radio or Loudspeaker he must have seen. He did not perhaps understand the need of Wiring & Electricity involved. Today my 2 Yr Old Grandson lazes on a Sofa holding away his Dad's Smartphone on his hand watching some Game/Video or Program. He is engrossed and tries to avoid disturbances but does answer Queastions asked to him. Now and then he clicks a button which might speed dial my mobile. Almost every Electronic Progress has happened between these two Points in Time. It is mind boggling to note that our ability to view and preserve evidences is limited too. No one has seen the True Picture [Photograph] of any Living Being [Humans included] say a 5000 years old. [may be 200 yrs back is the limit]. We may have to depend on paintings and arts. Lot of people who question Darwin [ Did you see Monkey turning into Man ] and the Evolutionary Process which take Millions of years would perhaps find it interesting to observe some minute differences between a Man 5000 yrs back & the one of current date and get a glimpse of Evolution in operation if we had real pictures but alas we did not have that capability. Equally evolved as we are WE ARE NOT SURE OF HOW TO LEAVE UNDESTRUCTIBLE EVIDENCE OF US & OUR TRUTHS to any future Life, Species , Aliens who can CORRECTLY KNOW ABOUT US in case Humanity passes into Oblivion ! We have here in India a FOOLISH MINISTER of the Govt [in charge of Education] claiming that Darwin Theory is false & he wants to remove it from School Books & Curriculum ! There we are !
  4. Are Humans better Designers than Nature / Evolution !

    A thought comes to me : If the Stone Age Man and the Bronze Age Man are the Improvements through Evolution So would be the Man holding a Smart Phone [ which his Evolved Brain has creaed ] Therefore the Designing Skills of Modern Man is Superior but can be attributed to evolution itself !
  5. Are Humans better Designers than Nature / Evolution !

    TY Sensei nice to know ! TY Studiot ! Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year 2018 !
  6. When I went out for a walk on the road I felt that IF I HAD AN EYE ON THE BACK OF MY HEAD it would be so wonderful to view what's happening behind me without having to turn around my front Cameras [Eyes] When I thought further about this I wondered why God or Nature or Our Evolution has not found it neessary to improve upon this. Of Course there is a Security Risk & Safely of the Eye if situated at the back. Also the processing and display of front & back eyes in a cogent way. Human Beings have designed many Products with Front & back Cameras & have handled all the necessary Processings in Machines ! If Evolution does take care of this perhaps the additional worry is our Neck & Turning Mechanism will go into Disuse & become stiff eventually ! Just sharing my thoughts !
  7. Posted at the wrong place : withdrawn !

    God Bless you : This for swanont Thank you for your KIND WORDS ! : This for studiot
  8. Posted at the wrong place : withdrawn !

    It's Alright
  9. Master of the Magic Squares !

    Hello All ! Now that sufficient time has passed can I give the Solutions ?
  10. If we can drink a drink why can't we food a food?

    It should be EAT SOME EATS !
  11. The Overcrowded Prison

    Hello Studiot ! TY Sorry I did not read all the spinoff Qs I am sure you had derived the same Solution & Congrats ! I had solved this puzzle years back when a contemporary proposed this when we were all competing to get selected into the Air Force. He said 3 White Caps & 2 Reds & it doesn't matter as it has to be 3 of one Color and 2 of the other. The one answering third need not be Blind if the three are made to stand in a file and in any case he can not see anyone's hat/cap and that is the point. He has to derive his answer only from what he hears & he can always decide on his own hat color whether the First and Second responders can decide or not. If the First says Yes he knows then third has a Red Hat & if the Second says he knows then too the third has a Red hat or else he has a Black Hat. To escape Prison for sure the third has to jump in and interject that he has such and such Hat as soon as the First or Second Prisoner mentions Yes & before telling the Color. That is possible as nowadays it is Common on TV Debates never to allow anyone else to complete a Sentence !