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What is the mathematical equation in 2D and 3D for your body?


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What is the mathematical equation in 2D and 3D for your body?

Is there a mathematician in our world who could find the mathematical equation in 2D and 3D for their own body?

For your information, 2D refers to surface equations, and 3D refers to volume equations.

This passage is just for laughter and to encourage participants to try finding the equation for their own body:

It's amusing that no mathematician has thought of writing their own body equation, who knows perhaps this equation hides a great mathematical secret.😀

Some legends about the city of Atlantis mention that the foundation of their highly advanced civilization, far more advanced than ours, lay in the discovery of these equations of the human body...😉

It's a buzz that can be noticed by many people, even those who aren't mathematicians. If a mathematician could find the equation of their body, it would create a significant buzz. They could gain notoriety and might even be paid by celebrities and wealthy individuals to write their body equations as well...🤑

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