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  1. Your choice is yours dear ! I'm OK You're OK Personally I would like the Casket sent into Space, but can not afford it ! Think Big and not Small as only Thinking is Faster than the Speed of Light ! If you do the small things perfect Big Success in life you can expect Enjoy every effort you make Reaching Goal with steps you take Never a dull moment in life Full of struggles and strife Stretch your hands to reach the Crown Minding the steps up and down Thank God for being born With both parents alive During Childhood and for Siblings
  2. Not much can be done by any of us after our death and we leave the frame on earth ! Maybe what's happening now is the best. Maybe if we all want something more can be done. That is why it is in a Question form and not a statement. I mean it just asks Can we Preserve ... etc The end result may not be that fruitful [Like if in the later years some new invention can resurrect the dead frame] but the remains will be better than ashes or left over to Nature. May be better than any mummies or current methods. One type can be in a strong transparent shell within which the rem
  3. The Creator has given us a Body and Frame which is alive until Death occurs ! That is all that is left of us in the end ! Why not preserve it rather than let it Decimate ! It is for our Progeny to Decide the Merit of the case !
  4. Don't use bad words OK. You are not worth answering to ! Whatever you said in your first part can coexist as you may as well agree as nothing new will have to change anything existing unless both can not exist. Your elaborate Digital info will not be understood after years of a Destructive Disaster by a newer Species/Inspector [if it does happen] and will have more Evidential Value in a Preserved Form or even deteriorated form as it is likely to resist deterioration better ! You give a good design and a practical one and get your name on it !
  5. Only the Living can work for the Dead and not the vice versa ! It is meant to emphasize ! It is meant to mean the effort must be as best as possible !
  6. Yes once it is decided to preserve a body the deterioration must be arrested at all costs ! And then let after many years Archaeologists of that Generation dig and find only some bones and base their decisions on that ! You want to only continue what is the present plans and not improve !
  7. Yes there will be a cost even after Death. But then why live and cause cost to the earth. Honour or dishonour or destroy or Close the cauldron of Memory is all up to us Earthians [you & me]. I agree it is not easy ! I haven't said anywhere that it must be done at all cost ! You may like to read again ! This is a part answer and do you still want any more answers ? Plz see ....
  8. Very Right ! But I will still resist naming anyone as all are created equal though they achieve Unequally !
  9. 15 and 5 are the Right answers ! Well done !!
  10. Can we PRESERVE and HONOUR our DEAD ? Walker’s Casket ! For sometime I have been thinking about it and here is what I say : This is after viewing the agonizing Research by Archeologists in unearthing the past and I give below the links : It will be nice from now onwards if we can preserve and honour our dead as it should be and not leave it to chance to be counted in future. Of course many illustrious Personalities must be preserved in a much better way than ordinary folks and suitable monuments erected. We all live and
  11. The following is still to be solved : Make 4321 using all these numbers only once 2,3,5,7,11,13,17 with operators + - x / and Brackets.
  12. No irrational Numbers. Simple Positive Integers. There are 2 Solutions known. You need to find both !
  13. Hi, Only positive numbers to be used to fill in the blanks. Also no leading zero too such as 02 etc
  14. Let's try this new one : Make 4321 using all these numbers only once 2,3,5,7,11,13,17 with operators + - x / and Brackets. Another one : In this sentence, the number of occurrences Of the digit 0 is__? Of the digit 1 is__? Of the digit 2 is __? Of the digit 3 is __? Of the digit 4 is__? Of the digit 5 is__? Of the digit 6 is __ ? Of the digit 7 is __? Of the digit 8 is__? Of the digit 9 is __? Please fill in the blanks. Make the sentence valid !
  15. Excellent ! Perhaps getting 22 using once each 11, 13, 17, 19, 101 with only + - x / ( ) as Operators might be tougher ! I wanted to have 6 numbers and therefore added 2 !
  16. Well done ! The other answer as originally planned is : 2(11((13*17)-19))/101=44
  17. Very nice. There are many other numbers possible too !
  18. Make 44 using once each 2, 11, 13, 17, 19, 101 with only + - x / ( ) as Operators.
  19. Thank you. Certain Differences from the Best Democratic Models which are run by accepted Constitutions. This Model will also need to be implemented in Similar lines. The Welfare State will make sure Basic Amenities are met for all and therefore NO POVERTY and Socialism Goals are subsumed. There won’t be any recognition/special treatment based on Caste , Race , Color or Religion. All are treated Equally in each of the 5 States. All extra to Basic needs/facilities will only be available in the private State on paid basis and no free/basic Amenities for those who are in the Pr
  20. 💢 This poem was created by me sometime back but is very much relevant even today. I have posted it here below. It is about a Governance Model which is perhaps better than the existing ones including Capitalism Socialism etc and bring Betterment to Humanity and improve Democracy. We can discuss it out and improve it further as we see fit. I may not rewrite the poetry but can modify the Model as required. 💢 India of my dreams ! I dream of the India that stands for GOOD and eliminates EVIL A Haven for all Creative People with peaceful
  21. This must be a very simple teaser. Why no one has solved it yet ?
  22. Two friends A and B set out for a morning walk around the Building on the defined Walking Path starting from the same point. A will finish his walk when he completes 10 rounds. A walks twice as fast as B. If they walk in the opposite direction how many times they cross each other when A finishes his walk ? If they walk in the same direction how many times A overtakes B before he finishes his walk.
  23. There is a correction to this Brain teaser. The largest 4 equal sided CUT FACE expected as answer is not a Square but only a Rhombus. It has sides 5✔️5 on all the four sides but one diagonal is 10✔️2 and the other is 10✔️3
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