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  1. A land owner inherits a Circular Piece of land and shares it with his siblings and children ! He lays out four plots of identical shape having 1/11 (one eleventh) of the total land and four other identical plots each having area of 1/4 Square kilometre each. He retains for himself a Square Plot of 1 Square kilometre ! You are required to show the layout of how he did it specifying the dimensions !
  2. Yes TY all for answers ! Pi/6 is the Fraction and 3xSqr Rt 3 times is the Volume of the Bigger Sphere to that of the Smaller one ! Quite Straight forward !
  3. If *C* is a Cube and *S1* is the Sphere Inscribed and *S2* is the Sphere Superscribed then (1) What is the fraction of the volume of *C* is contained in *S1* (2) How many times the volume of *S2* is that of *S1*
  4. E = M C 2 That is : E >>> Energy | Ego | Eminence M >>> Mind | Mobility | Maturity C >>> Creativity | Conscience | Courage
  5. You need to chop of four corners with an equilateral triangle as the base with sides of diagonals Four of them That leaves a tetrahedron in the middle We need to cut it in four equal parts with each equilateral triangular base (four of them) and apex meeting at the center of the cube The four earlier cut pieces (cut for the sake of explanation) are merged with equal area bases of the four pieces of the tetrahedron
  6. Also all the faces of the pieces must be TRIANGLES ! Sorry I forgot to mention this !
  7. Please note it is four pieces and not six ! Error regretted !!
  8. Cut a Cube into six identical pieces each having nine edges !
  9. Not a wordplay The area of the circle
  10. If the area of a square is Pi what is the radius of a circle of the same area ?
  12. Dear Sir, I agree that currently all Research are not in this direction and rather in Specializing at How to compete with each other, how to make better weapns to Kill and Destroy etc which are a Waste of Time against the Enemy Environment and extra-terrestrial attacks ! We need to think as a Global Human Community before embarking on my suggested venture ! I also agree with your statement that right now this appears impossible ! Dear Sir, I agree with you 100 %
  13. All the Research and Aim of Human Beings are to evolve into a Long-living and Long-lasting Species all the time looking to migrate to a Safer, more suited and Long-lasting Planet !
  14. What comrs next inthe Series 1 , 6 , 39 , 340 , 3905 , _
  15. Oh yes it turned out to be easy Though it is X(n) = n^2 + 4n - 1 being the formula
  16. Correction Sry error regretted What comes in the Series ? 4 , 11 , 20 , 31 , _ , 59 , 76 , 95 , 116 , _ , ? And Why ?
  17. Walker's Series ? What comes in the Series ? 4 , 9 , 20 , 31 , _ , 59 , 76 , 95 , 116 , _ , ? And Why
  18. I thought it shouldn't envelope like this
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