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  1. Here is a true story, from my memory of about 25 years ago. I worked then in Risk Dept of a big international securities company with NY headquarters in WFC, next to the Wall Street. The risk calculations kept showing that a risk of some investment that the management wanted to make, was unacceptably high. But the management wanted it really hard. So we, the financial and the system analysts of the Risk Dept, have spent hours adjusting parameters until the risk came down just below the threshold for the management to justify the deal. The deal went through. A few weeks later, the crash of 1998 happened. The company lost a lot of money. The management was fired. The analysts got big bonuses anyway.
  2. Where I live, right now the sky is clear and the Moon is a beautiful dark orange ball! About the max of the total eclipse.
  3. One principle that forbids detection, I think, is the uncertainty principle. The detection time needs to be longer than the wave period (or half, to the order of magnitude). I wonder if there are other fundamental limits.
  4. In other words, what is the longest possible wavelength which is physically detectable, in principle? Or, the slowest frequency?
  5. This is correct. It reminded me of a question from the astronomy class. Sorry, completely unrelated to the OP: During a Solar eclipse, the Moon casts a shadow onto the Earth. Which way is this shadow moving during the eclipse, East to West or West to East?
  6. So, up until about day six the plants used nutrients and organic matter stored in the seeds, and used the soil just to hold to something. After that, the plants needed more from the substrate and then "discovered" that something is missing. I'd guess that botanists know what is missing. I read this news and couldn't understand what was so astonishing, what did they expect, what new knowledge have they obtained...
  7. A direct effect of oceans on the underwater landscape is making rocks lighter and thus the underwater mountains taller, canyons deeper, and walls steeper then those above water.
  8. I am missing something here. Since you are not a biologist, what is importance of a name you like being "official"? I mean, just name it whatever you want, what else is involved?
  9. In some other report I read that gas orbits the BH in minutes, much shorter than the observation time used to create this image. In any case, I understand that what we see is not the accretion disk, but its image distorted by the BH. E.g. the source of the bright spots maybe behind the BH and we see it three times as its light is lensed by the BH.
  10. Do they need to remove the effect?
  11. I don't know what it has to do with consciousness: Top Tips to Stop Birds From Attacking Their Reflections | Lyric Wild Bird Food (lyricbirdfood.com)
  12. The jet should be perpendicular to the accretion disk plane, I think. I suppose they know that plane now. Maybe.
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