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  1. Noble sentiments I'm sure. But surely you're not blind to the voting record on impeachment hearings? Can it really be that Democrats genuinely see it one way, and Republicans see it another, after hearing the SAME evidence? That's the real world of politics, not the innocent one that you are imagining.
  2. I like to take things one step at a time.
  3. What happens when you have a pair of quantum entangle particles? What I read is that it's looking likely that any change of state happens instantaneously to both particles, so maybe there will one day be a way to establish what real contemporaneity looks like.
  4. I think impeachment will eventually become the norm. I don't think this would ever be happening, but for the attempt on Bill Clinton. If I was a Democrat, that would be all the motivation I would need to impeach Trump. And Trump didn't help himself with his "jail Hillary" slogan in the election. Although maybe it helped him get elected in the first place. I thought the action to impeach Bill Clinton was a disgrace to America, and this is the same. But in this case, the revenge element makes it understandable. That element of revenge will always be there now, between the parties, and I think the slightest thing will lead to impeachment in the future, which can only be bad for the country. If I was in power in the US, I would make a law that a move to impeach would have to go first to the supreme court, who would have to rule on whether it can go ahead in the first place. A bit like the District Attorneys Office does for everyday crimes.
  5. If I had discovered a substance like the requested one in the OP, would I a) Patent it and become a billionaire, or b) Post it for all to see for free in an internet chat forum. It's a tricky choice. I need to think about it.
  6. I wasn't really making that point. What I meant was, if you know that A=10 x B , then if you measure A, then you are in effect measuring B as well. So if you have a formula for how the time on the surface of Jupiter is related to the time on Earth, then when you measure time on Earth, you are also measuring time on Jupiter. And the same principle would apply to anywhere in the Universe.
  7. My understanding is that at any instant, they are measuring local time, which varies depending on the local conditions. Or to put it another way, they are measuring time, in the location in which they exist, and in the frame in which they are stationary and not accelerating. And since you can use that time to calculate how time behaves in any other set of circumstances, when you measure time in one place, aren't you effectively measuring time for the whole Universe?
  8. I think that those things would have some effect, but nowhere near enough for you to survive. I believe from memory that a falling body reaches about 200 kph maximum. But a hell of a lot depends on the ratio of weight to surface area. If you were very thin, you would reach a lower final speed than a big fat man. And the type of clothes you wore could cause you to fall slower or faster. Hitting a roof would surely kill you, but not as badly as hitting tarmac, if the roof was thin and gave way. You'd be dead, but less of a mess. ☺️
  9. Your best chance would be to land in a snow drift, and for your descent to be nearly parallel to the inclination of the snow. That could happen if the slope was very steep, and the wind blew you so that you are falling at close to the same angle as the slope. If you were VERY lucky, you might survive falling through thin branches on a steep wooded slope, under similar conditions. I would guess that your chances would be less than one in then thousand, though, but people have survived falling from great altitudes under those kinds of freakish circumstances. Falling off that bridge though, I would say that nothing could save you, but for some sort of improvised parachute.
  10. One possible adverse result of eliminating parasites is that it could upset the ecological balance in unforeseen ways. If you eliminated the mosquito in Alaska, you might enable Caribou populations to explode, causing over-grazing and extinctions of some of the food plants. I would still eliminate the Irish Midge, if I had the chance though. I owe them some retribution. And the Irish tick, they are everywhere in boggy land, and can carry some pretty nasty bacteria, if you are unlucky. They call them Skirthorns locally. I don't know if they are a sheep tick or deer tick, but they will stick into anything they can, cattle, dogs, people, and probably mice and voles, I'm betting. Horrible things.
  11. Feudalism and slavery were pretty much the same thing : Quote wikipedia : " As with slaves, serfs could be bought, sold, or traded (with some limitations as they generally could be sold only together with land, with the exception of the kholops in Russia and villeins in gross in England who could be traded like regular slaves), abused with no rights over their own bodies, could not leave the land they were bound to, and could marry only with their lord's permission. " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serfdom Tibet was feudal right up to when the Chinese took over control in 1951.
  12. I believe that the Knights Templar operated the first recognisable banks, which helped them get enormously wealthy, which in turn led to their downfall. From memory, they issued the first cheques, for travellers to use en route to the holy land, to fight in crusades or to visit holy sites. Kings used to have a Crown Treasure, which they could take with them as they travelled around their realm. It's said that King John lost his Crown Jewels in a pack train across quicksands and marshy lands. Maybe they got caught out by the incoming tide. He was engaged in raising support for a civil conflict, and jewels and gold and silver were the trusted currency at the time. The barter system could be used for affairs of state, as well as buying turnips.
  13. Who are you to judge how anyone else uses the word? 😊
  14. I won't ever be that rude about you. ☺️
  15. The title is self explanatory. To me, some of the examples are obvious. The smallpox virus, the Leprosy bacterium, those parasitic worms that get inside your eyes, the syphilis bug, the world would surely be a better place without them. But would you let the mosquito go extinct, when so many animals eat them? Or would you just exterminate the malarial parasite? I personally would let the warble fly go extinct tomorrow. I'm sure others would disagree, but I can't think of any redeeming features of it. But, if you started killing off parasites, where would you stop? I suppose all predators are sort of parasites, including us humans if you stretch the word far enough. Would the lack of misery of the victim be the difference? That's how we tend to operate.
  16. I judge for myself, and sometimes offer my opinion. That's as far as it ever goes. I never claimed any more than that. Sometimes I offer links, but it's only to help other people make their own judgements. I don't recall ever putting myself up as a judge on anything. I'm not going to start writing "in my opinion" if front of every post. I take that as already understood, by most people reading it.
  17. I'm with you on that. To me, extinction is the enemy, and if we can prevent it, it doesn't really matter how. Of course, you don't want to advance the extinction of one species, by trying to save another, so it has to be done carefully. But if you can keep the remaining species alive, until the human population gets under control, then that's a result.
  18. Where a mistake is an option, I wouldn't even class that as a UFO sighting. To me, the term implies that some effort has been made to investigate, and the normal explanations have been examined and excluded. Like I said above, I wouldn't personally count a bin bag in the wind as a UFO sighting, even if some people got excited about it.
  19. That's just definitions. That might come under the widest definition of UFO, but it's not how I use the word. I tend to keep it for flying objects that defy normal observations of flying objects in some way. It's how most of the public use the expression. Of course, what's a UFO to one person might not be to someone else. When I said that the first and most likely explanation is that they are lying, I'm referring to the cases that apparently can't be explained. That's a real UFO to me. Not a bin liner in the wind, or a vague light in the sky.
  20. I'm not saying that Obama knew the future, when they were urging on the Arab Spring movement. His team might have imagined a glowing Middle East, full of democracy and progress. If they did think that, they failed dismally, and couldn't have got it more wrong. The more cynical side of me thinks that they reasoned that anything that destabilised the existing powers is good for Israel. Especially Assad in Syria. While Syria is being destroyed in a vicious civil war, it's less of a threat to the interests of Israel. So it's actually been a good war for the States, despite all of the public wringing of hands. Edit correction: Not a twelve year gap, I don't know where I got that idea from. But Obama had been in power 2 years, when the Arab Spring kicked off .
  21. I take a daily pill that combats acid reflux, like an awful lot of other people. I don't know the exact mechanism, just that it works exceptionally well, and other people also find them very effective. Apparently, they form a sort of "cap" over the stomach contents, preventing them from coming back up the throat. If I forget it for a few days, I will notice the throat gradually a teeny bit of soreness. I can't say that my sense of smell gets any better on it, but I do notice some odd smells that seem to persist throughout the day, just getting the tiniest whiff now and then. I thought it was something coming from my skin, but if I put a hand or an arm to my nose I smell nothing, so I'm leaning towards the idea that it's a phantom smell. Nobody else notices. It's a bit weird. Something else that happens now and then is that a smell persists in my nose, even though the source is long gone. The other day, I drove back from an airport trip, and called in at the services half way home, just for a pee. I could smell doughnuts in the services, but that smell stayed faintly with me all the way home, another twenty miles, when I couldn't possibly be really smelling it. I just quickly nipped in and out, just used the gents. Surely not long enough for the smell to impregnate my clothes.
  22. There are some girls who always fall for "bad boys". Just as there are some girls who always fall for other girls. And girls who always fall for tall guys. And some for older men. etc. etc. The "bad boy" phenomenon, in my opinion, is just a trait like any other, but one that gets noticed, whereas the boring traits do not. I have five sisters, and none of them chose "bad boys", but that's boring, so you don't make up an imaginary rule for it. Edit: One factor that might operate though, is that good looking guys might be able to indulge their egos more, in the knowledge that if they get dumped, they are confident of moving on to the next willing "victim". So being an attractive male might make you more inclined to act the "bad boy".
  23. There's a twelve year gap from George W to the "Arab Spring" in 2011. Obama came in in January 2009. I'm afraid his prints are all over it. And there's no mystery why. Anything the US does in the middle east is either for oil money or to bolster the interests of Israel. It's the tail that wags the dog. .
  24. I think you need to re-check your dates.
  25. What these countries are like now, makes the previous era of the Asad and Gadafi seem like the good old days. https://petapixel.com/2016/08/02/26-photos-show-war-changed-syria/ Those pictures should be labelled "before and after Obama". Anybody else want liberating ?
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