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  1. Jesus used to talk in parables. You just couldn't nail him down. So they nailed him up.
  2. I've often wondered if it would be possible to not repair, but reconstruct video and stills using a powerful computer. If you amassed a huge repository of digitised images, of good focus and definition, and broke them down into small squares with the digital characteristics of colour tone and image map encoded, then you could take an old cherished image, that is small and grainy and out of focus, and break that down into similar squares. Then search the database for a match for all of the squares and assemble them in a totally new image, that has nothing from the original, but which is bigger and clearer than the original, and looks exactly like what the original would have looked like if it had been taken with top quality equipment. To simplify it a bit, say one square has a hand at a certain angle, your computer finds a modern high quality match for it and fits it to that square. Like a mosaic, it builds up a reconstruction of what the original should have looked like. Maybe there's something out there already. I'm just musing and daydreaming what I'd like to see. To add to that, I'm picturing something like a police photoFIT picture, only not done from memory, but by comparison with the original, and done using a gigantic database of stock originals. A much more sophisticated and accurate version of this, done on a powerful computer : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facial_composite The above was done by an artist, but this one is computer generated : It still has the defect of being done from memory. If you had an original photo, you could probably recreate it to a very high standard, so that the human eye couldn't tell that it wasn't an original.
  3. Too cryptic. I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say. Did you ever try just saying what you mean? It's not hard.
  4. I'm not sure what that link has to do with tasering. The two links in the OP give a rundown of what happened. Murder can be due to somebody dying, due to an intentional illegal act. If they didn't use the taser legally, the prosecution could try to make a case for murder. I agree, in this case, it seems on the face of it that they haven't got a chance of making murder stick. Which is what makes me suspect their motives in pressing charges. That the real objective is acquittal, not conviction.
  5. That actually sounds expensive, not cheap. Not that I know much about manufacturing costs. But also, it doesn't sound like it would be safe in a fire, which is important for use in vehicles.
  6. Just having been around for seventy years, and seeing the same thing happen over and over again. They charge a cop, who is then "cleared" by a jury, when in reality, no real effort was made to convict. It serves a few purposes all in one. They are seen as "taking action" and "doing their best" for the victim, while actually ensuring that the cop is put beyond any sanction. The clearest example I can think of is the case of Rodney King, which was really notorious at the time. He was viciously beaten up by LA police, but it was all caught on film by a local resident. They did the usual trick of charging the four officers, and then running a completely incompetent prosecution, and all four were acquitted. The whole thing was so blatant that it sparked six days of rioting in LA, and the federal government were forced to step in and mount another prosecution, on charges of "violating his civil rights", and they managed to convict two of the cops. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rodney_King The case is considered to be a big factor in the acquittal of OJ Simpson. It caused lasting dislike and distrust of the LAPD and the prosecution service alike, which affected juries for years. But that's one case in hundreds, where I've seen cops charged and acquitted after high profile cases. Most, far more blatant than this one in the OP. This case may or may not be another example. I can't see why it's being brought, on the face of it. But time will tell. The three years delay is suspicious, and if the officers are cleared, and "mistakes" by the prosecution are criticised afterwards, then you will know what really went on. Again.
  7. I used to have a van that ran on dual fuel, LPG and Petrol, switchable between the two. The cylinders were very heavy, but not too bad for a van. But in a car, the weight and space is a liability. I believe that LNG cylinders would have to be much thicker and heavier still than LPG. Then they might be more explosive in a fire as well. I think it's probably a non-starter for cars. Don't know how it compares to hydrogen though. That might give a clue as to what it would be like.
  8. Is kinetic energy a special case, when it comes to bending space time etc? Since it's different in every inertial frame, I can't see how it translates into an equivalent of matter.
  9. They are shipping the stuff in some pretty big tankers. I believe they are cooled. Obviously they reckon they can manage the risk : http://www.nbcnews.com/id/4276348/ns/us_news-security/t/are-natural-gas-ships-boat-bombs-terror/#.XeGOjJP7Sos
  10. Something like that. When I said "or an ancestor of both" I didn't mean an ancestor of the species, I meant an ancestor of the modern population, which with crossbreeding between wolves and dogs could be a fairly messy lineage anyway. Of course, this pup was nobody's ancestor. It's amazingly well preserved. Maybe it drowned. Otherwise, you would think that the crows would have got at it.
  11. This was a sad case and it's just got sadder. A UK cop has been charged with murder for the death of a former professional footballer, Dalian Atkinson, after police were called to the home of his father. Atkinson died of a heart attack on the way to hospital. I can't shed any light on the actual sequence of incidents that led to him being tasered. It's a very odd situation where a cop is charged with murder. A second cop, a woman pc, is charged with causing Actual Bodily Harm. Wikipedia says this about his death "Police had responded to a call as Atkinson threatened to kill his father, Ernest. Atkinson's older brother Kenroy said "My brother had lost it. He was in a manic state and depressed – out of his mind and ranting. He had a tube in his shoulder for the dialysis and he had ripped it out and was covered in blood. He got dad by the throat and said he was going to kill him. He told dad he had already killed me, our brother Paul and sister Elaine and he had come for him."[20] After being tasered, Atkinson went into cardiac arrest on the way to the Princess Royal Hospital",19] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalian_Atkinson#Death https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-50333081 Taking a cynical view, this looks like the good old tried and tested way of clearing cops of possible wrongdoing, by charging them and then mounting a deliberately inept prosecution, putting them beyond sanction when they get found not guilty. It's as old as the hills. What makes me wonder about this case though, is that at first sight, you wouldn't automatically blame the cops for deploying a taser. I've heard of them being deployed for far less than what was occurring in this case. Maybe it's race, and they are super sensitive to the charge of protecting a white officer who tasered a black man. Whatever, I'd give it a one-in-a-hundred chance of a guilty verdict. On the known facts, anyway.
  12. It sounds like you've been getting far too close to both. You need to be careful, there are laws against it, you know.
  13. I read somewhere recently that the modern wolf might be much more distantly related to the widespread remains that turn up regularly. A bit like how modern humans replaced Neanderthals. Can't give chapter and verse. I think it was in a study trying to establish the origin of the dog. If I find it again I'll post it.
  14. That's pretty amazing. Obviously, the evidence of the pup said that something was not what you would imagine, but I didn't expect that. So Dublin was buried deep under the ice, while parts of Siberia were ice-free. So the pup is more probably a wolf than a dog, or an ancestor of both.
  15. I'm trying to make sense of this, in the context of the last major glaciation, which peaked about 22,000 years ago. I recently posted this illustration of calculated depths of ice around 21,000 years ago. But here it is again, as it's what's relevant to this find : Given that this is Siberia, it's surprising to find such remains so far north as Siberia dated to 18,000 years ago. The last glaciation is quoted as ending about 11,500 years ago, so it's a mystery what such animals were finding to eat in Siberia 18,000 years ago. You wouldn't think that there was grazing on land to support reindeer etc. that far north at the time. Maybe it IS a dog, and they were kept by people living like modern Inuit, so they were being fed by humans who were hunting seals and fishing. Or an inland fishing community. I haven't found any online record of the extent of glaciation in Siberia for that period.
  16. i would think that that "unidentified" could be sometimes be the result of poor storage of the hair samples. A lot of these samples are historic, and have been kept as souvenirs for years, and possibly changed hands a few times, before somebody decides to get it tested. Bacterial action due to poor storage could contaminate and destroy what original dna existed. "Unknown" would be a surprising finding, it seems to say that the dna is there, but not of a known type. Maybe a poor choice of words, rather than an accurate description of the result.
  17. Keep looking. Don't give up now.
  18. "I say old chap, I've just made a model on my computer, and it says your car will be uncomfortably warm in 80 years time, and most of my friends agree." 😭
  19. That's partly why the FAA reputation has taken a big hit over this. And they are in a bit of a tight spot. If the "cure" for another MCAS failure is to turn it off, then what they are saying is you need to turn a certified plane into an un-certified one, with the flick of a switch, to stop it from crashing. It's a hell of a position to be in.
  20. Reading a bit more of what wiki says about the plane doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. "The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) is a flight control software system developed for the Boeing 737 MAX to provide handling qualities similar to the Boeing 737 NG, especially in low-speed and high angle of attack (AoA) flight. It lowers the nose without pilot action when it determines the aircraft is too nose-high, based on input from airspeed, altitude and angle of attack sensors. However, it is susceptible to erroneous activation, as evidenced in the deadly crashes of Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. The 737 MAX is indefinitely grounded until regulators decide the aircraft is airworthy, pending software and instrumentation updates and revisions to information for flight crews. They may also be required to undergo MCAS training sessions in flight simulators." This is the real meat of the problem. The change in weight distribution, by moving the engines forward and upwards, have given the plane worse handling characteristics, and MCAS is designed to take over from the pilot, when things are going wrong. When they say "especially in low speed and high angle of attack flight" they are obviously talking about low altitudes, just after take off, or just before landing. The very times when there is no margin for error, no time to pull out of a dive, even if you could. The MCAS is a clear admission that the plane isn't safe enough to trust to the pilot to fly it, and that's why I won't be getting in one. They didn't develop that system just for fun. There must be a real risk of stalling, if it's not there. On the commercial side, I guess if they can get a good work around, and can get some accident-free air miles behind it, people will stop worrying. That's the optimistic view. A lot depends on the media, and how they treat it.
  21. Just to add a bit of history to the issue, I saw this representation the other day, of what the climate looked like 20,000 years ago, and I think it's a bit mind-blowing. That's the only real reason I'm posting it, it's so graphic it's worth sharing. It just shows the depths of ice at the named locations :
  22. Another way is to give the bush a good spraying while it is in leaf with a strong mix, at least six hours without rain before you cut it. Or preferably a day or two before, so that it can transport the stuff down into the roots before you cut it. Even if it doesn't kill it first time, it severely weakens it, and spraying any shoots once they put out leaves will finish it off.
  23. Theoretically that's right, but in practice, the emphasis is on airspeed. This is what wikipedia says about stalling : "This graph shows the stall angle, yet in practice most pilot operating handbooks (POH) or generic flight manuals describe stalling in terms of airspeed. This is because all aircraft are equipped with an airspeed indicator, but fewer aircraft have an angle of attack indicator. An aircraft's stalling speed is published by the manufacturer (and is required for certification by flight testing) for a range of weights and flap positions, but the stalling angle of attack is not published." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stall_(fluid_dynamics) What happens in practice is that if the nose is wrongly pointed up, the plane loses airspeed AND the angle of attack is increased towards the stall angle, so both factors are going in the stall direction. The airspeed indicator should still give an indication of imminent stalling for that reason. You would think that the angle of attack could be measured using a mechanical indicator, since the wings are fixed in line with the body of the plane. A pendulum would show if the plane is level or nose up or down. Maybe in a severe updraught the effective angle of attack could be changed though.
  24. My procedure is to cut them down level with the soil, and then to spray whatever grows regularly with roundup. That works if you don't need to dig the spot where the bush was. Even works on small Ash trees.
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