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  1. This question has five parts and needs five answers Cut a cube of side 2 cms into eight identical pieces such that the surface area of each piece is : A. 6 sq cms B. 4 + 2✅2 sq cms C. 5 + 2✅2 sq cms D. 10 sq cms E. 6 + 2✅4.25 sq cms
  2. There is no Beginning or Ending for Time & Space There is no Limit for Numbers, Words or Events Matter and Energy are that what matters and form the Universe which has a Past Present and Future These are the Dimensions and Parameters of the Creation and Creator
  3. Solve the following alphametic puzzle: Replace each letter with unique digit from [0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9] OLD +MEN +HOLD ----- TALES
  4. Solve the following alphametic puzzle: Replace each letter with unique digit from [0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9] ADANI + MODI ------ STEAL
  5. Cut a cube and create a 3D shape having one third of its volume with : (1) eight triangular surfaces (2) six triangular surfaces
  6. Cut a Cube and rearrange into a Regular Pyramid with a Square Base and a Tetrahedron Triangular Pyramid with an equilateral Triangle as the base !
  7. Well they are theoretically adding up to four equal shapes [some needs flipping and realigning] but it may appear not so as the drawings have not been done to scale ! But it gives the picture !! Red = Blue = Yellow = Green
  8. Quadrangle deals with four Points and Quadrilateral deals with four line segments. All figures we discussed above satisfies these Conditions ! Whatever I have found and announced here that any such figure can be cut into four identical and similar figures seems to be a new finding though easy and simple !
  9. OK I will give the answer as one member has asked for it ! Any triangle can be split into four equal and identical parts each being similar triangle ! Any quadrilateral polygon can be divided into two triangles !! [even the odd figures] Cutting these 2 triangles into 4 equal parts each enables you to join them into 4 pairs of identical shapes !!! In the case of polygons with no crossing lines two of these shapes will occur naturally connected together each being similar to the parent polygon and the other two are obtained by moving and pairing the one-fourth triangles !!!! That's it 🙂
  10. It is only on quadrilaterals but as an odd one with obtuse angle was presented I did say that the question applies on that too and also realised it will be valid on the figure I gave though it looks like having more than 4 sides it is actually formed by 4 straight lines and thereby qualifies to be called a quadrilateral !
  11. Yes sure, it applies to this too ! Even this
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