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  1. John Cuthber

    Triple point of lead

    Why? You can google the vapour pressure of lead.
  2. John Cuthber

    "Microwave five minutes"...

    Actually, he weighs it just before he cooks it. Obviously, the water content of the spud- which is variable- will affect the cooking properties. I'm still wondering if Sensei boils 200 grams of rice for twice as long as he boils 100 grams.
  3. John Cuthber

    "Microwave five minutes"...

    I misread "spots" as "sports" We call it weighing because , in most cases that's what we actually do. I have yet to see anyone weighing a potato to work out how long to microwave it for. On a related note, I boil pasta/ rice/ noodles for about 12 minutes (or whatever). It doesn't matter if I'm boiling 1 portion or 4.
  4. John Cuthber

    "Microwave five minutes"...

    Is weighing potatoes a sport?
  5. John Cuthber

    You think you've got problems America...

    The Leave campaign repeatedly broke the law (not to mention their outright lies) What "honour" is there in letting the cheats win?
  6. John Cuthber

    "Microwave five minutes"...

    I have an image of Sensei, in the supermarket, weighing potatoes until he finds one that's exactly 200 grams.
  7. John Cuthber

    Lubricant detection in water

    An increased demand for Cl2 might indicate a leak anyway. The chlorine will probably react with the hydraulic oil.
  8. John Cuthber

    You think you've got problems America...

    Parliament is not trying to do that. They may be trying to assert the will of the people and overturn the government which seems obsessed with getting a Brexit, regardless of what the people may now want.
  9. John Cuthber

    You think you've got problems America...

    It would be really useful to have a 2nd (or 3rd) referendum to find out what the majority actually is.
  10. John Cuthber

    You think you've got problems America...

    What does it mean to "honour" a referendum when enough people have subsequently changed their minds to mean that the majority now want to remain? It's like honouring the decision to keep slaves. The point of a referendum is to find out the will of the people. That will has (at least very probably) changed. We need a 2nd (strictly, a 3rd- the 1st was in the 70s)
  11. John Cuthber

    "Microwave five minutes"...

    I wonder if people have the same problem about nouning verbs. We could have a meeting. I have seen few microwave ovens rated over 1KW or below 500W. So, if I make the assumption that they are all 707.106 W I will be within about 30% That's probably about the same accuracy as saying "take a medium sized potato". If you don't specify exactly what the starting temperature is then that's another poorly controlled variable. Cookery is based on trial and error; live with it
  12. John Cuthber

    Lubricant detection in water

    Chlorine kills fluorescein- it may take a while.
  13. John Cuthber

    The Border Wall or Fence

    Is asking a question not sometimes a way of making a statement? It doesn't help that the question is so poorly worded.
  14. John Cuthber

    Can have achieve nuclear fusion?

    Fusion is pretty stable in small scale experiments. So this is plainly wrong
  15. John Cuthber

    The Border Wall or Fence

    It seems raider's not the only one trying to blame the Democrats