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  1. Inverse of a matrix

    Read the date of the post you are replying to.
  2. Arming Teachers

    That's what the last guy said- right up until he found out that she had watched him put the keys away. OK it's a hypothetical "last guy", but let's see how you rule it out...
  3. Salt water eletrolysis idea

    If I could be bothered I would look up the solubility of hydrogen in water- under great pressure. Marginally. Producing hydrogen under pressure requires a slightly higher voltage than at 1 atmosphere. In principle, the increased energy use in the cell is (unsurprisingly) the same as the energy that would be needed to compress the hydrogen if it had been generated at atmospheric pressure...
  4. Arming Teachers

  5. This is in danger of becoming a "no true Scotsman" argument.
  6. Arming Teachers

    Which makes her much more likely to be a shooter than if she lived in my, gun-free, house. Since there are deaths caused by 4 year olds with guns, the observation is not functionally useless- you can act on it by removing the guns from the house. Will you? Also, it's important to recognise that a "good man with a gun" might be even less use than shouting at Republicans.
  7. Arming Teachers

    ... by Trump...
  8. Arming Teachers

    Is that really a serious suggestion?
  9. Salt water eletrolysis idea

    Submarines (at least the nuclear ones) are not noted for energy efficiency. I always assumed they vented teh hydrogen. It's not flammable under water, and by the time it gets to the surface, it is someone else's problem.
  10. Ask an American how to spell it. It's a comment on the fact that they just like to get my language wrong.
  11. You missed out the bit that makes it clear that you are talking about an instruction rather than an equation LET I=I+1 Granted, most languages permit that bit of sloppiness, in much the same way that chemical equations have energy changes bolted on with no regard for decorum. Especially if a banana costs 7 cents, and an apple costs 3. Or if a apple weighs three ounces, and a a banana weighs 7
  12. This For those outside the US, acetaminophen = paracetamol. isn't wonderful.
  13. Mixed race children - smarter and taller?

    Last time I checked, "race" wasn't a well enough defined term to be much use in science. On the other hand
  14. It should say HCL + 10 H2O = HCL(aq) If you are interested the energy released by this reaction is 16.61 kcal per mole of HCl or a tenth of that per mole of water. They got lazy.
  15. Roughly as wonderful as the inability to spell "colour", and equally irrelevant.