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  1. That's going to depend on the circumstances. In particular, if they are liars, trolls, and / or ignorant.
  2. You need a whole bunch of solutions (all dissolved in water) 25% Ferrous oxalate Concentrated ammonia (not specified, but probably 25% w/v or thereabouts. A saturated solution of oxalic acid. Unfortunately, ferrous oxalate isn't very soluble in water. So the first of those is impossible. So this is going nowhere.
  3. No. C is "the speed of light in a vacuum". And so C is constant. But, in the real world, we can see that the answers are right here in this thread. You are just ignoring reality. How do we distinguish that from trolling?
  4. No. Since c is a constant it can't change under the influence of a force so it wouldn't tell you if that force was there- that' idea is just silly. By that stupid argument, nobody notices anything new. Probably the best known example is the precession of Mercury. They noticed it many years before they knew what explanation to look for. Please stop putting forward stuff that can be destroyed with just a few moments' thought.
  5. No. "You" is a noun. Misusing Words like "adverb" doesn't help. Plainly wrong because, as it happens, I didn't use force and a knife. I used a super-power laser. But I got the same answer. That's what people here are trying to explain to you. The answer is the same - regardless of the mechanism. The density of an apple is a little less than 1 gram per cm3 I can make use of that fact by comparing it to the density of water, and, since the density of water is 1, I can predict that the apple will float. But, because I'm clever enough not to insist on asking "how is the apple divided?", I can make the same prediction without actually dividing the apple at all. So, when I go apple bobbing, I'm not stuck with a bowl of apple soup. Yes it is. Simply because any such force would, by now, have been noticed.
  6. If you want to be stupid about it, you can consider density in terms of physically splitting things. If I take an apple and dice it into 1cm cubes then the number of cubes I get is (approximately) the volume of the apple. And, I have similarly shared out all the mass of the apple among all those cubes. The density of the apple is the average mass of each cube. The question "what divides the apple?" is a bit meaningless, but as good an answer as any is "my imagination".
  7. If the proximate cause is "the fog of war"- and I accept that's plausible, then the root cause is "some bastard started a war". There are essentially two suspects for that. Both are saying how wonderful it is.
  8. The logic is that you can't say it's 50% without further data. It doesn't say much else. If a hunter mistakenly shoots a man because he thinks he's a bear, is it the bear's fault, the victim's fault or the man who didn't make sure before he pulled the trigger's fault? Let's be clear about this; before you do something that may kill a lot of innocent civilians, you should put a lot of care into verifying ID. If you don't have the data on which to make that decision, you don't shoot. Shooting "blind" is not acceptable.
  9. Only with metals. With electrolytes and semiconductors, they generally conduct better when hot. However, you may be right in thinking that chemistry gets involved, heating cellulose- a poor conductor- converts it to charcoal- a much better conductor. Also, flames are quite good conductors compared to air
  10. If 50% of aircraft with the wrong codes get shot down.
  11. Does this help? https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ellievhall/meghan-markle-kate-middleton-double-standards-royal?fbclid=IwAR3IyiVAG-yWft6jFtPtwLonUaU0VAvsx3XTRVoEiVz8SGXYl3BYDsHbbos
  12. In this case, do you consider the root cause to be Trump, his Iranian counterpart, whoever "pulled the trigger" or what? It's not clear what the aviation industry can do about this. It's not as if the Iranians had announced that they were going to attack an air base and (more or less) consequently, power up their anti- aircraft weaponry. If you are not careful, you get into the realms of "victim blaming". You can take your pick about whose" fault" this massacre was, but it's not the airline.
  13. In order for the force to "fade away" there would need to be some sort of clock/ calendar telling it to do so (and keeping synchronized across the universe). How is that plausible?
  14. Re. " there is the side that is ignorant and/or lying. " In fairness, I think you might want to consider "misguided" as a possible third option, though some would say it's a subset of "ignorant". Psychotic is also a possibility. These 4 options can be summarised as Wrong, Wrong, Wrong and Wrong.
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