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  1. Strong solutions of urea, glycerine, and/ or propylene glycol might be better solvents than water. It's possible that the caffeine is in suspension rather than solution. Why would you bother?
  2. Are you volunteering to go up against the guns first? If not, you understand why we are still talking about money. It's quite close to being the same thing.
  3. I don't think it will be the end of the NRA, but maybe it will be the beginning of the end. It's not my field; are there any "competitor" organisation? If there was an organisation that could say "We are a bit like the NRA, but less corrupt", they might do well enough to take over.
  4. Did the bit about not display properly, or are you just acting like an idiot? Reputation of -33 in just 75 posts hints at one of those...
  5. The same as everywhere in the civilised world. How is the woman meant to defend herself against a man who has a gun? (His is already drawn before she knows that the man or the gun exist.) What you have done there is rehash the "good (wo)man with a gun" argument, and we already know it's simply not true.
  6. Occasionally, the police manage to shoot the right person. It's also not unheard of for a citizen to do so. In fact it happens something like once a day in the US. https://www.statista.com/statistics/251894/number-of-justifiable-homicides-in-the-us/ On the other hand... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_violence_in_the_United_States says there are roughly 40 times that many homicides where "the wrong person" gets shot. And there are about 70 times as many suicides as justifiable homicides. It's likely that, at least, some of those wouldn't have died if it hadn't been for the ready availability of guns. Overall the stats show that the "typical gun on a home" is much more likely to be used to shoot a family member than a criminal. None of this influences gun supporters because they think those deaths happen to "other people". They don't recognise that the owners of the guns also thought exactly the same thing. But it would still be interesting to know what the NRA has been doing to address this.
  7. I'm intrigued; in what ways have gun makers been seeking to solve the problems- say the problems of mass shootings in schools?
  8. The site given in the OP is not science; it's not even "fringe science". It's technobabble, a gish gallop of sciency sounding words. So there's nothing there to understand. If there's any scientific progress to be made on this topic, it's in the field of psychology explaining things like : "It's also weird that people reject science in one area or for one time period.. but accept all other areas of science. " Should this post be in the Psychology and Psychiatry section? Since Paroxysm's wish is to get a better understanding of physics my advice would be to look very nearly anywhere else on the internet apart from the page he cited. Even a page about collecting soft toys will be less misleading. I don't think we can hop to offer a useful grounding in physics via this page, but somewhere like the Khan academy can. I think it might be better to try to find strategies to overcome the sort of tosh cited in the first post here.
  9. There is not enough information to answer that question.
  10. Polyethylene is essentially a long chain alkane. Polypropylene is a long chain alkane with a lot of methyl groups attached to it. Polystyrene is similar, but with a lot of benzene rings stuck to the chain.
  11. 0 K = 0 °R What charge? Bad spelling?
  12. Surely there are only so many dead cats you can throw on the table...?
  13. He doesn't have the authority to move the election; presumably he knows that. But this announcement has done a marvelous job of distracting people from the latest economic figures. He may also be setting the stage for claiming that the election result is wrong and he should stay on... forever.
  14. That's interesting. Can you cite a report of the effect plese?
  15. One known, documented problem with masks is that they don't work properly for people (like me, as it happens) who have beards- because the beard stops the mask sealing properly. So, if anything, they are less likely to reduce oxygenation. In the real world, I have a beard and I do sometimes wear a mask; I don't get dizzy.. Again, your "point" is demonstrably false. Just stop trying to repeat this nonsense. I take your point but, even if the thread was about flower arranging, it wouldn't be appropriate to let Sensei's dangerous nonsense stand uncorrected.
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