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  1. Can you cite examples, or have you made that up?
  2. You can have photon emission noise too if you need a third option.
  3. LOL If, in spite of the rules, you are going to call people stupid, at least get the grammar right. A lot of things, including the use of apostrophes.
  4. If the question is "hwy don't proteins form perfect crystals" then the answer is "The same reason other things don't; the laws of thermodynamics". There's nothing special about proteins in this regard.
  5. Practically no crystals are prefect. Proteins, and even entire viruses can form pretty good crystals. So the opening post makes no sense. It's like saying " how come we can't build brick walls/" Andyet, rather than saying - "we can build them", people don't bother to check. They draw up elaborate explanations for things that are not actually true. Hence my questions Why do people insist on trying to explain things that don't actually happen ? Why do people insist on trying to explain why things that do happen, can't happen?
  6. Why do people insist on trying to explain things that don't actually happen and why things that do happen, can't happen?
  7. If it was completely Earth like, it would have completely Earth like temperatures.
  8. This reminds me of the old joke about the boy who says he can't go to school because he's too busy. You know the one... There are 356 days in the year. But 104 of them are at weekends and there's no school then That leaves 365- 104 i.e. 252 days And I'm asleep for 8 hrs a day so that's a third of the time which is another 122 days. That only leaves 130 days. And so on... It adds up to an unreasonable total. And the reason it's silly is that he's double counting. It doesn't take account of the fact that you sleep at weekends etc. And the OP here is so enthusiastic about his point that he's overlooked all the double counting. For a start he's got factory workers and office workers on the list twice. (items 6,7 and 28,29 if I counted right) And then there's the fact that "office workers" and "factory workers" are typically in one or more of tehotehr groups. e.g.maintenance workers, other skilled people and blue collar workers, maintenance workers and so on are likely to be factory workers.
  9. This reminds me of the old joke about the boy who says he can't go to school because he's too busy. You know the one... There are 356 days in the year. That leaves
  10. The use of "not once" is unhelpfully ambiguous. Do you mean zero times- which is "not once" or do you mean many times which of course is also "not once"?
  11. Have we ruled out trolling as the cause of the problem? Anyway, it seems that nearly everything can change- everything except Farid's mind.
  12. If you are inside a conductor- like your power line workers- the pattern of voltages in the outside world can do as it pleases. None of them will affect you. They may induce currents in the suit when they change. In particular, no DC arrangement of potentials fields, or voltages outside the conductor will affect you if you are inside it. That's the sense in which a Faraday cage works just fine for DC and the sense in which the thing you're sure of is wrong. You were simply mistaken. It would have been better if you had asked for help, but you went off on some daft tangent about Now, what was that about rhetoric?
  13. OK, fair point. I should have read it more carefully. However there's still a difference. An army of people have been trying very hard to find problems with GR- and they have not. (Not yet, if you insist) They have made measurements to lots of significant figures and GR seems to work. So, to the best of our (current) knowledge, GR gives the right answer. So, (to the best of our current understanding )anything that disagrees with GR by more than the tiny experimental uncertainty is wrong. So either those early papers agree, or they disagree by some tiny discrepancy, or they are wrong. In which case the answer to the OP's question is "they are subsumed (if they are right) or superseded (if they are wrong) or the difference is so small that we can't measure it"
  14. So, when I address the dog from the Magic Roundabout, I risk having my message listened to by Google. What are the chances of that actually telling Google anything "interesting"? OK Dougal?