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  1. ovi issac


    If photon has no rest mass how it could have relativistic mass which is actually apprent mass added to the mass in motion .
  2. Yes dear energy does exist independently however mass doesn't exist independly . means mass less particles may contain energy but can not exhibit particle characteristics
  3. I am well in English but yaar it seems u r not well prepared to understand physics Being Indian u is short form of you Nice dear that is what I was trying to say sofar and if rest frame for photon doesnt exist then how to explain its relative mass
  4. And f is free energy not fruquency But where u found I am feeble in English Have u found any correction in my content I posted initially
  5. If photon is mass less then it is only energy ... If we say it has particle nature then we shud say energy has particle nature ... Then every kind of energy shud have particle nature Where was that incomplete bro I am not wrong ... OK let u explain dual nature how it is possible for zero mass quantity But I am not denying its dual nature but trying to explain its existence Dear f is free energy associated with every particle in nature .. It is new term not preworked one that is why u r confused
  6. Every thing at quantum level has dual nature but photon is nothing at all but energy as having no rest mass so what about that do u mean energy on quantum level behaves as particle Nice then if it is applicable for quantity having mass then do u mean energy behaves as particle We cannot measure the lapse between transition between two dual behavior of photon as it is so rapid we pretend that both natures exist simultaneously And at highest density point it has particle nature and energy nature at threshold value density ... Energy for compression is obtained from the energy associated with its particle nature
  7. What about debronglie lambda =h/ MV it is not applicable at quantum level only hahaha Nice but where from the apparent mass of massless quantity can evolve
  8. It is wrong indeed becoz it only mentioned that photon has dual nature though having zero mass explain it in view of enistines concept Be amicable dear that is only way to reach conclusion
  9. I am claiming that eneisteins theory was lacking few concepts like relative mass of something that had zero mass OK u explain it Photons are masless but apparent mass can be defined only for those particles having definite rest mass ... If photon really would have even negligible mass its relativistic mass would be immense that we would never be able to with stand its collision despite of its minute size ... But fortunately photon actually isn't particle at all and hence had no mass but what about term particle nature of photon ... Explain it And it should be apparent weight not mass as mass doesn't change even if kinetic energy is supplied ... Mas remains constant What typing words etc are u vituperating me
  10. Yes I will but u need to let me know the content that u think is garbled
  11. Which content u think was garbled
  12. Try to ponder u will understand it
  13. I am taking about its relativistic mass which is mass due to its motion in space or kinetic energy .... If rest mass is zero relative mass has no meaning for that as energy suplied to energy will give u more energy .... But energy supplied to mass may set it in motion and hence will increase its appent mass
  14. Nice dear but I am not looking for what u said answer the content is itself a theory .... Force when applied on the ball attains motion and hence kinetic energy hence its appent mass increases but what about photon whoes rest mass is zero or its initial mass before it was set in motion was zero supplying energy to energy will give large amount of energy ...e1 + e2 not apparent mass to zero mass quantity Energy of photon doesn't change but packet within which it is packed changes its density in different points of space
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