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  1. Good information as usual... From all of you.
  2. You are a thinker Strange, even more so than a learner... a question for you: quantum physics I have seen described as seeking the smallest of the small, the quanta... isn't it more correct today to describe it as seeking the threshold between existence and nonexistence?
  3. Just a matter of amplitude and peridocity, the earth's gravitational field is not static. Gravitational waves are a phenom in the gravitational field... You get the point. What is the nature of the effect, not the amplitude of the effect. Good link! Comes very close to unifying am and g does it not? Again what is the nature of the effect, not the amplitude... Perhaps I should not have stated such a relationship.
  4. Replace "fact" with "logical belief". You could say that for flat earth believers, that their science is lacking in evidence. Columbus speculated that the earth was round because of his observations, there could have been alternative explanations... However he had the interest and intellect to pursue evidence to further the logical belief.
  5. "weakly" is subjective, ask some one who falls off a ladder how weakly they hit the floor... The question is not how much matter is affected, but rather ion what way? The Ghz range wave would have a much different effect than earth's gravitational field did on the man falling off the ladder. It is good enough because of the size of the system, a system generating gravitational waves in the Ghz range would be incredibly small and these calculations are no longer good enough... But like I said, let us leave this discussion for later. True and we can discuss this later. The magnitude of the effect would depend on amplitude, not the nature of the effect. Come on Swan, your mind can do better than "No idea". Indeed! Do we know of any other forces that have such an effect on matter?
  6. Yes, a very simple calculation? No... at this quantum level time is subjective. It can be said that t =1/g. But before we get into that discussion... Let me simplify the question... What effect would a gravitational wave with a frequency in the Ghz range (unreasonable as it may be) have on matter.
  7. First off, there is no truth... Nothing can be proven, that is the nature of science, there is only logical belief. Those that are limited in understanding, for whatever reason, be it intellect, interest, or religious belief... whatever, cannot or will not pursue the logic, they build a framework that works via trial and error. If believing the world is flat works for you, go with it. Indeed you do!
  8. Ahh, I agree! What if the orbiting system was smaller than a light wave?
  9. Okay, I know... No such thing, but just for the sake of discussion, let's entertain the idea that there was such an entity and it was oscillating in the range of say 50Ghz and that the affected entity had a mass of say 10 million times that of the average apparent mass of the affecting entity. What would the affectation be?
  10. If a region of space had an oscillating gravitational field, how would this affect a massive body in it's proximity?
  11. A field is something, even a "flat" field has propertie(s), granted the field must be affected for evidence of those properties. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
  12. Before we are born a myriad of variables are manipulating the basic design presented by DNA, indeed even the DNA of the gametes is undergoing some modification prior to conception.
  13. What constitutes a field?
  14. Quantum physics attempts to describe physics at the smallest level... Ultimately aren't we seeking the point at which there is something from nothing, the edge of existence?
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