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  1. QM and Singularities

    Thank you, I knew I would have to be looking at field interaction, I fear the complexity of this might overwhelm me, but I am the one who wishes to peak over the edge... How closely do you believe we can approach a singularity(in terms of it's effect on em)? Once again, thank you all very much! Time to go stretch some fish lips!
  2. QM and Singularities

    Not saying that charges are oscillating, just that they are properties of a point source field. Sometimes when I post such thoughts I am directed to links that support and even clarify them. If so, then it follows that everything is em, no?
  3. QM and Singularities

    What are fermions made of? The picture that I have is a particle being the point source of a field... One little part of my mind is working on charge(and other considerations) but I do not have enough information yet. I don't think of em as just + and -, I think of em as fields that can have perturbations that might be neutral, charged or oscillating... What if a field we're oscillating at a frequency approaching infinity? What about oscillation approaching 0? You are preaching to the choir, hence the time and effort I put in here, and on study.
  4. QM and Singularities

    I agree. I agree, however quite often(if not always) abstract ideas are the starting points.
  5. QM and Singularities

    Battery dying, I hope you enjoy our discources as much as I. Thank you all very much I agree.
  6. QM and Singularities

    It does not surprise me that you feel that way, abstract thought is quite important... Literalists like you, however are quite important to keep us in line(which of course you do an excellent job of.). Ok, what is matter, is an electron matter?
  7. QM and Singularities

    Yes, after all there are much more important directions to take.
  8. QM and Singularities

    I don't think so, Einstein has always interested me greatly. What brought him to GR was wanting to peek over the edge. The question that he pushed was "If I traveled at the speed of light and turned on a flashlight...? The same question grade schoolers ask everyday. I disagree, it was his education that put the question in his mind, and the solution was an abstract image... Then came the math(Which he did need a little help with, and many thought him a fool to pursue something so much on the edge, when there was much more important work to do, after all Euclid certainly knew better.).
  9. QM and Singularities

    Then what are they? I can "see" mass as em, as moving the center of charge in a universe filled(I did not say flooded) with em would meet with resistance.(Just an example of a possibility).
  10. QM and Singularities

    Ok, excuse my ignorance... If it is not em, what is mass, matter and charge? Well, this is one of the bleeding edges, I recognise that and I understand why... I don't mind being thought a fool... Those of you old enough will understand that. I just see the edge and have a strong desire to peek over it. It was not math or education that took Einstein to GR, those are the things that allowed him to share it with the world. What brought him to GR was his ability for abstract thought... I do have that ability(it makes me a very good fisherman.). I can see some things with my mind's eye, I do have some formal education, I obviously need more. If indeed em is everything we perceive, we can go to the singularity of the black hole and perhaps beyond... If we cannot agree that em is everything, we can at least pursue a singularities effect on em(I believe to the singularity itself... or even beyond that). Ok, lash me more if you wish.
  11. QM and Singularities

    Have I been mislead? Just looking for an approach to a singularty that we can go further with. https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/113717-particle-nature-an-illusion/
  12. QM and Singularities

    Not possible, it is a relative thing...
  13. QM and Singularities

    Ok, consider this... My education in qm is very short, however I have gleaned the idea that all the forces... Indeed EVERYTHING... Is the result of em. What happens to electric fields as we approach the event horizon? Taken even further(I think we can do this Swansont) as we approach (calculus fish again) the singularity?
  14. What is Time?

    I would say that time is a frame of reference... We measure it with a "clock" a clock being a reference standard, that could be anything which has a constant period. Indeed they do, they also measure things that are not periodic. https://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/meter.html