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  1. I was more interested in what happened after the big bang rather than before (if there was a "before") Why is not homogeneous anymore? How did the expansion perturbate that state? MigL hypothesis looks plausible but I understand a better theory is needed before being sure. I think a unified theory will provide an answer.
  2. That's interesting, thank you Wow, I never thought about this. Is this mathematical demonstrated/demonstrable?
  3. Hi everyone, Reading other threads in this forum, like https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/120772-please-tell-me-we-have-free-will/, it seems to be well-accepted that our universe is almost completely (except for quantum uncertainty) deterministic. My question is, what determined the inital state of the universe? I mean, where did all the initial information come from? Thank you for reading.
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