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  1. Is there a link to the process in which is done for layman to read. Random thought is what if someone just fakes a result to get a desired outcome. Is there like a group of people/association that you must inform and must be there to verify everything that is done in the experiment and whether it is valid etc.
  2. Kinda off topic from op. But do those people who do experiments to validate scientific theories put out there results and data for the general public to view. Example: the large Hadron collider where they experimented for the existence for the Higgs particle. I am just curious if they do not interested in reading it that much (I probably wouldn't understand it anyway)
  3. I got spam email today from someone. Here is the email: "Hi, How are you doing today, i just came across your profile and it really interested me to contact you, i hope we get to know more about each other, share ideas, meet someday and i would like to learn more from you, please contact me back soon via deleted so i can tell you more about myself okay" Could be legit, neverknow, but if she/he has never met me before and is saying all these things like meeting up then it probably means they are trying to do something funny. Can they be banned based on me thinking she is upto somethin
  4. Just through lurking these forums I see people post their theories about what may be possible but most of the time cannot back up. I am talking specifically about physics. Has it always been something left for professionals to work on or has their ever been times when hobbyists have contributed in some way? What comes of discussing physics if you are simply a member of the general public and not a professional scientist/physicist?
  5. I have tried Bjarne Stroustrup (the creator of C++) book which is for absolute beginners but it was a mess. I looked online for reviews of the book and people seemed to share the same opinion about it though some swear that it worked wonders for them. Is C++ a good starting language? I want to possibly be a software developer in the future and from what I read they said that once you learn C++ all languages become super easy to learn and understand. So please recommend me a good book I can buy to get in depth tutorial on the language and programming. Thanks
  6. I have seen some pictures when I was in school where they used coloured balls to represent sub atomic particles. I have also seen on Wikipedia the probability clouds of where a particle may most likely be but that doesn't tell you really what a particle looks like. So what does it actually look like? How do I start thinking of a subatomic particle in my head?
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