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  1. Like if your life depended on it to survive. Deez is said to be scientifically proven but is only know by a small group of people.
  2. It's not delusional to have alternative theories to what is happening in the world. I'm not a conspiracy theorist because I don't come up with the theories but I believe in the possibility of alternative theories being true. Like I said maybe not solid evidence as I explained above but interpretations of evidence given by mainstream media which is the only source of evidence to go by for a conspiracy theorist. That plus connecting dots. I don't think it's all black and white... @swansont just answering his questions that's all
  3. I would but youtube and google seemed to have removed all the different theories/evidence videos by conspiracy theorists from 2013. Now if you google those two and add 'conspiracy theory' or 'alternative explanation' at then you just get what researchers have to say or the news report on it or some other bs
  4. Boston Bombing. That and Sandy Hook I think based on what I seen on YouTube and me using google pre censor era were fake.
  5. Sorry my mistake, they were saying it was a drill about to occur/then a drill occurring then next you thing you know its a full blown bomb attack on the news lol But one more thing, sometimes you got to sift through the obvious sht and find the gems. Yeah possibly but its hard when you are just one person or small no name group with a view point (and a good view point at times) going against big corporations/media and government and bigger powers in general that control the flow of information and what most people think. The censoring of this stuff doesn't help. I think
  6. People obtain information illegally and spread to the public. Do you side with the whistle-blower or not and why? People like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange
  7. Ok sorry about that. But on topic about conspiracy theories. What else can you do but interpret evidence given by media (and if you look for anything else where it may be you get called a law breaker for whistle blowing)? Solid evidence can't really be attained if the conspiracy is possibly true and there are higher powers like the government that orchestrate everything so that people remain not informed of the truth/reality of events. I am talking about false flag operations mostly when it comes to conspiracy theories (like mass shootings, or bombings). I seen some YouTube videos that had "in
  8. Ok another question. What are your thoughts on whistle-blowers, people who actually do have solid evidence of what goes behind closed doors like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. Some people see them as patriotic heroes and others as traitors. What are your thoughts?
  9. Recently bought some 10 x 42 binoculars to have a little gaze around my neighbourhood and I already have a multimeter to test out voltage in my house and in batteries. What are some other fun not to pricey gadgets that are fun to have around? I was also thinking of getting some night vision goggles...
  10. Well we can't always rely on what is given to us directly for facts right? Because it could be twisted truths or outright lies. If the source of everyone's facts is major new corps then how do we know when they are lying or not? How do we question it? Which is what I think conspiracy theories aim to do (most of the time).
  11. To question what the news and media tell us and to investigate ourselves what may or may not be true. I use to watch conspiracy theories on YouTube as a kid and some seemed real 'out there' but others seemed some what legit based on evidence they examined and provided. Now I just recently read that YouTube started removing these conspiracy theory videos for some reason... do you think that is a good idea (all I see is what the major media companies have to say)? Don't you think we should have different opinions out there and stop putting an imagine on the world "conspiracy theories" to mean "c
  12. I remember reading a small physics book on light and Einstein when I was a young boy which was pretty much where it all started. Then I went to high school learnt about basics of electromagnetism and thats when I was most passionate. I read up on Nikola Tesla about his inventions such as the AC motor and fell into the trap of wanting to know more about "free energy" that Nikola Tesla may have done work on and that kind of spiritual mix of science stuff as well . Then I got psychosis and stuck on antipsychotics which make me feel like a zombie. And that's my story. What's yours
  13. I am wondering what do you think about physical torture being used on criminals. Would painful torture as a punishment scare people away from committing crimes? Why would it be a good or bad idea to torture criminals as punishment.
  14. So it is right to say in simplistic general view that the reason why we have physical features we do is because they are simply carried on from survivors who had a chance to reproduce (pass on their genes) + genetic mutations etc and just constant repetition of that.
  15. What limits the human body to running above 9 seconds and/or not even faster? I once saw a documentary about ancient aboriginals who lived in Australia, some guy said based on the footprints left behind he said that the aboriginal could run faster than Usain Bolt. Makes me wonder about whether people out there could exist that are faster than Usain Bolt or more generally what kind of people are hidden away that have hidden talents. But basically my question at the top! Thanks in advance Can't edit my answer for some reason, just has a small blank box that doesn't open bigger w
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