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  1. I'm not sure if I mean matter or the entire universe in general since I lack the technical knowledge to really understand what I'm asking but I'm going to ask anyway. Thanks in advance!
  2. The topic by OP is about religion/Christianity since he mentioned Jesus which is why I mentioned God.
  3. We will never really understand the world we live in because there is no universal truth. And because there is no universal truth then a belief in God doesn't seem as silly since what do we really know besides what is accepted by majority belief.
  4. Because there is no universal truth only that which is accepted by the majority.
  5. Yes there are many throughout history and still living now that have contributed to science. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Christians_in_science_and_technology And no it's not silly to believe in God because we will never really understand the world we live in.
  6. Don't waste your time with some of these guys. They use fancy wordplay to disguise their horse shit opinions and lick each others asses with a an upvote so the same group of cucks with high points remain arguing pointlessly to feed their big egos.
  7. What do you mean by science? Do you mean real scientists who make mistakes with medication that give fucked up side effects and even lead to death or do you mean internet forum scientists who contribute nothing. Science seems to be whatever you want it to be you just science is this and science is that changing it to whatever you feel like.
  8. What a pile of horse shit. What a pile of horse shit
  9. There are only 2 genders in science: Male and Female. Scientists to the layman with common sense knows born men who identify as women have an advantage and born women have a disadvantage against men in sport that test physical strength including contact sport and running. If you can't see that clear fact then no one can help you.
  10. I don't really have an opinion on those people and I am just explaining the obvious about gender. Seems like genders that aren't either female or male are just labels society choose to create with the evolving times. If we talk about biological constructs of humans which I am pretty sure in science has states of either male or female then that is stating the obvious. What we think of ourselves doesn't matter in science. It's like saying I don't like gravity existing so I am going to say I am not bound by gravity. Unscientific.
  11. I don't see how it is some kind of scare tactic but ok I guess. If we had to cite everything that everyone ever said in this thread or in life then we wouldn't go anywhere. Some stuff you just have an opinion about, like generalizations of the world and people in it. You can call your opinion more educated than mine but there is flaws in it somewhere and at the end of the day it's basically just an opinion. But maybe I am full of shit, it's my opinion though.
  12. The problem is that people think of themselves too highly and think that not being a male or female or being a male when they are a born female and vice versa is some kind of statement to the world. I googled it and maybe there is some rare disease that mis shapes the penis or vagina but biologically you are either one. Isn't science about the concrete stuff you see through evidence (penis = man, vagina = woman) or is it just a floaty term we use that changes with society and we want to fit in society?
  13. Cmon seriously, people saying at the start there are more than 2 genders? Wtf one has penis other vagina, and you can get surgery but still doesn't change how you were born. Also I think even scientists agree and swans agreed also that people born male are generally stronger than those born female so it makes it only fair with how the system of sport was made (category separation) that they are separated and transgenders compete in what female/male category they were born in. Or if the system was different and categories didn't exist we could just have a bunch of females coming last all the time. Dude it's called a thought experiment
  14. True but I guess it depends on whether they are born with disability or not. If they were born with it then I guess it would be easier to live with because a blind life is all they know but if they lost it but once had it, that desire to want to have sight again would cause them suffering.
  15. I was thinking about how cool it would be to have super human abilities like super strength or teleportation or flying etc. and it made me think well if I had it then what then? I have that now and I can do these cool things but after that short period of time of being excited of stuff you can do then it's going to become something you consider a norm about yourself. I guess you can apply the same for a utopia/a perfect world, people would just get bored of the norm and want more and more Idk, just random thought I had Thoughts?
  16. I am thinking that theoretical theorists analyse scientific journals and theorize an explanation for the experimental results and make predictions also. I looked on arXiv and saw that people already uploaded theories related to the recent muon g2 experiment and said that dark matter had something to do with it. So is this what theoretical physicists can do in their spare time or for their job, look at scientific journals/experimental results and try mathematically explain it? Also what is the learning process like? For example if someone who did specialized in condenesed matter physics wanted to work on high energy physics, what would be their way to do that? edit: sorry if stupid but hey I don't know much besides google searches
  17. Wikipedia says the results were published on April 7th but I can't find it online with a google search. Which leads me to question, where do most scientists (mostly physicists) publish their experimental data and theories?
  18. "Westernization" - yeah that seems like the proper term
  19. I remember asking this somewhere on the internet and people said that Einstein had a lot of help from other people in formulating his theories (that's all I remember). Is this true or not? Can't find much information online or don't know exactly what to search for.
  20. Do you ever feel like people who are non white trying to fit in a western country feel like they have to put on a fake act of trying to be "white". I'm a non white person and I couldn't imagine myself working in an office or being in a meeting where professional white people are discussing things or even worse having an opinion expressed in front of them. But lucky the internet exists and seems to bring us all together to get a taste of what people can be like. Some of my feelings towards this is instilled in me through my father who always talks about how this is a "white mans" world and we have to live like them in order to survive in this modern world.
  21. Like if your life depended on it to survive. Deez is said to be scientifically proven but is only know by a small group of people.
  22. It's not delusional to have alternative theories to what is happening in the world. I'm not a conspiracy theorist because I don't come up with the theories but I believe in the possibility of alternative theories being true. Like I said maybe not solid evidence as I explained above but interpretations of evidence given by mainstream media which is the only source of evidence to go by for a conspiracy theorist. That plus connecting dots. I don't think it's all black and white... @swansont just answering his questions that's all
  23. I would but youtube and google seemed to have removed all the different theories/evidence videos by conspiracy theorists from 2013. Now if you google those two and add 'conspiracy theory' or 'alternative explanation' at then you just get what researchers have to say or the news report on it or some other bs
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