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  1. Aww...is that why you gave me a minus point...poo poo... 🙃
  2. Charity is not exclusive to the church. The Salvation Army are opportunists, they recruit people, by helping the destitute when they are at their lowest point in life. If you have not eaten for six days and someone throws a hot meal in front of you, you will say and believe anything to get that meal. These charities all utilise human misery to increase their ranks and virtue signal that they are doing 'god's' work. God has nothing to do with this, it is mere exploitation to fill empty church pews. An interesting story about your beloved Salvation Army.... https://www.thestar.com/news/crime/2017/04/26/salvation-army-executive-guilty-of-massive-toy-for-profit-fraud.html
  3. The Romans were meticulous record keepers, especially when it came to taxes in the provinces. There has never been any record of any Jesus character who called himself the 'Messiah' existing in any capacity until hundreds of years later when this character appeared in a fictitious book called the bible. He exists in the bible certainly, and he exists in the minds of people who believe without question any old tales told to them generationally. We are talking about generational mind control, that these people cannot get out of, it is engrained in their minds so much that their insanity would increase ten-fold if they are told otherwise. It is best to leave these people alone, because they are dangerous, in the sense that they believe without question, and are irrational unstable pitiful lemmings. Not writing a dissertation here, only distinguishing between 'your' and 'you're'. It seems you have a corn cob firmly jabbed up your rectum......calm down sir..it's not that important........
  4. "WARNING ...Participation in topics I start can seriously affect you’re grades... WARNING" If you're such a 'genius' at least utilise the correct grammar..it is 'your grades' not 'you're grades'.
  5. Jesus did not exist. There is no record of this fictitious person ever existing, especially in the capacity of a supernatural being that could come back from the dead and walk on the water. If you call yourself a scientist and believe in Jesus, you should book yourself into a mental institution, because the things 'Jesus' did in the bible are physically and scientifically impossible.
  6. Agreed, utilising a single example to exemplify the vast chasm of religion is not scientific. However, I was not approaching the subject as a scientific study, merely as a forum topic, which is limited. My concern is with organised religion, especially Christianity, which people do take literally and not metaphorically. For example, if you live in America you can go and visit the Ark, and also visit the Garden of Eden replete with dinosaurs. The Christian church mercilessly punished scientists for centuries, and their sects claim to have their own scientists, but not in a convincing manner. Believe the words of bible without question, and you will go to heaven, is the hereditary mantra passed down through the generations. Not believing in organised religion however does not mean a scientist cannot be spiritual in some capacity, due to being aware of universal energy and little that we as humans really know about the vast blackness of space. How did the flightless cormorant fly to the Middle East from the Galápagos Islands to join the other animals during the great flood, or the kangaroo from Australia. If God is all seeing and spoke through the Christian bible, how come he did not know about America, Australia or dinosaurs? The Epic of Gilgamesh written approximately 1500 years before the bible, described a great flood, and no doubt those who wrote the Christian bible adopted the story for themselves. Christianity is thus a charlatan religion fabricated over the centuries to bring in a form of control over humans to supersede the dying embers of the Roman Emperors. If a scientist wants to call themselves a scientist and believes in the bible, that is their prerogative but real scientists stand apart from these people because they do not believe in nonsense like the bible.
  7. According to the bible Jesus Christ was a supernatural character who could walk on water, occasionally talked to Satan, and could turn water into wine, amongst many other marvels. Can you be a scientist and still believe in this stuff? As far as I am concerned, you should not be called a scientist or be allowed anywhere near any scientific endeavour if you believe in fictitious myths. Am I being too aggressive in my attitude? Probably, however science and the scientific approach to research application is a serious technical field that should not be sullied by ridiculous fairy tales. >Please move to the Religion section..
  8. Shame that we are still in the infancy of nanotechnology as I feel the future will be a better place to live regarding disease and viruses.
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