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  1. Your gonna need some math to go with this buddy. How have you come to your conclusion, what makes you think it's correct?
  2. Sorry, but I think your just going to have to accept your going bald. Hair transplants work but aren't cheap. Wayne Rooney :- Of course there are other methods :- Im starting to thin a little myself (down the middle). I'll just cut it short it when it gets too thin. Can't you just do the same? it's really no big deal you know. Sometimes trying to fix it makes it worse (see above). But if it's really bothering you, you should speak to a dermatologist, but again, it won't be cheap. Like mistermack says, if you can find something that works and is cheap, you'll have so much money you won't give a crap about hair loss.
  3. It's exciting, but I think the previous OWL would have been much better. Just imagine the images from a 100 meter mirror! Still, I can't wait for it to be built, the images should be amazing.
  4. Ok, I'm no mathematician but wouldn't it be either 3 or infinity? I probably shouldn't do this, but Mordred is an excellent teacher, maybe if you PM him he will help you.
  5. Your probably correct, and you probably know a lot more about it than me, but I don't agree that Obama is entirely responsible, there's a lot of people with blood on their hands over this, not just Obama.
  6. Nope. I put this war on terror and all the stuff connected to it on those two. Not all but the biggest culprits are these two. So it was Obama then, nothing to do with Isis, Russia, UK, Al Qaeda, as well as several other terror groups and probably more. It was just Obama, of course it was.
  7. Don't you mean before and after Bush and Blair. It's these two that started this in the first place with the Iraq invasion. You can't dump this on Obama, he might have handled it poorly, but he's not responsible.
  8. They could of been https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stun_grenade, special forces generally use these in operations like this to disoriente the enemy, or a similar type of non lethal weapon. I can't see the US using an airstrike in this situation, it would be far too dangerous, like the video shows, they would of wiped them out.
  9. Found this, not sure if it helps. (Artificial preservatives). There's another 3 category's on the site (Antioxidants, sequestrants and FDA regulation). Not sure about copyright so didn't post them. Here's the link.. https://bakerpedia.com/ingredients/artificial-preservatives/ Category 1: Antimicrobials1,2,3 (there was meant to be some information here, but it won't post it, maybe to big).
  10. Found this, apparently google is my friend too More at link if your interested... https://www.youredm.com/2015/10/13/a-sound-of-1100-decibels-would-create-a-black-hole-larger-than-the-universe/
  11. I thought this forum sucked? Why can't you download graphs? Just save the image and post it. If your using it to make claims, the mods would rather you posted it so they could see where your getting your info from.
  12. Just read this on quora, Can someone tell me if it's true, seems abit far fetched to me. Is 1100 dB really that loud? Ok, found this on the same site. But can sound really create a black hole? Or is it just 'in theory' , i.e. On paper yes, but not in real life.
  13. https://www.ibtimes.sg/charles-darwin-wrong-research-suggests-life-might-have-formed-hydrothermal-vents-deep-sea-33979
  14. https://www.space.com/universe-may-be-curved.html
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