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  1. Fake news! It was a perfect renewal! Absolutely perfect. In a world where even my fridge can give me reminders, I still managed to forget. Luckily Capn was able to social engineer his way through my answering service who sent a page out to me stating "CAPN REFSMMAT - RE: WEBSITE". They even listed a hospital he was calling from 😂. I wasn't on call today so when I heard my answering service text me I about lost my mind until I saw who it was.
  2. ewj

    two forms of time 1. temporal in a universe where matter exist, and 2 actually primary time where matter does not - which is homogenous time i.e before str and gtr. Energy does not conform to these affects of mass and exist in a realm of 0 or 1 across the entire universe.

  3. I am not being permitted to reply to threads.

    Please respond to my email at:



    Beautiful website!

  4. His youtube videos seem to suggest paranoid-type schizophrenia.
  5. Watching the entire internet blame Sarah Palin for this is really quite amusing.
  6. Dear Blike,

    Many years ago you helped a physics student by offering them material on the human bone - notes about young's modulus of bones, compression, stress etc. I was wondering if you still have this material and if you could send it to me also? It would be a huge help with my coursework. Thank you.

  7. John

    It's time to update your profile, Mr. Medical Student.

  8. Dear Blike,

    I would like to introduce a new concept called Proto-space, which is a new foundation to base the volume composing the universe upon. You can review my website Epluribusunum56.com (specifically “The origin of the Universe)”to see the nature of my opinions on physics and cosmology. I am not published other than my website, and have no degrees, but I have spent more...

  9. You have lost the game.

    1. ydoaPs


      nu uh. I won. xkcd told me so.

  10. You can actually take in so much free water that you drop your serum sodium level. In fact there is a condition called primary polydypsia (also called psychogenic polydypsia) in which this occurs. Serum sodium levels, however, are carefully regulated by your kidneys. It's very difficult to outpace a healthy set of kidneys (as John noted).
  11. In my opinion the only time a physician has the duty to do so is when the physician knows and has documentation that said treatment is against the wishes of the patient, or in the case of withholding treatment from children. These are the only two circumstances I have ever seen physicians act against the wishes of a family. And believe it or not, even in the case of children, it usually goes through ethics committee channels first. Physicians rarely act solo on these matters unless its an urgent decision. And there is the missing piece of the puzzle. A senile woman is not competent to make her own medical decision, and since she has no living relatives, there is no one to make the decision to stop using the life-saving intervention. You would be hard pressed to find a physician who would actively stop this life-sustaining treatment just because it was uncomfortable for her. That is very shaky grounds. There is also the question of whether or not she chose to start dialysis while she was competent, or whether or not some relative at some point made the decision to start dialysis. In that case, the physician may be ethically obligated to keep providing treatments.
  12. Nice work, alex.

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