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  1. Fake news! It was a perfect renewal! Absolutely perfect. In a world where even my fridge can give me reminders, I still managed to forget. Luckily Capn was able to social engineer his way through my answering service who sent a page out to me stating "CAPN REFSMMAT - RE: WEBSITE". They even listed a hospital he was calling from 😂. I wasn't on call today so when I heard my answering service text me I about lost my mind until I saw who it was.
  2. His youtube videos seem to suggest paranoid-type schizophrenia.
  3. Watching the entire internet blame Sarah Palin for this is really quite amusing.
  4. You have lost the game.

    1. ydoaPs


      nu uh. I won. xkcd told me so.

  5. You can actually take in so much free water that you drop your serum sodium level. In fact there is a condition called primary polydypsia (also called psychogenic polydypsia) in which this occurs. Serum sodium levels, however, are carefully regulated by your kidneys. It's very difficult to outpace a healthy set of kidneys (as John noted).
  6. In my opinion the only time a physician has the duty to do so is when the physician knows and has documentation that said treatment is against the wishes of the patient, or in the case of withholding treatment from children. These are the only two circumstances I have ever seen physicians act against the wishes of a family. And believe it or not, even in the case of children, it usually goes through ethics committee channels first. Physicians rarely act solo on these matters unless its an urgent decision. And there is the missing piece of the puzzle. A senile woman is not competent to
  7. Nice work, alex.

  8. First let me say that I am a physician, so I do have person experience with ethics committees, ethical issues in medicine, being utterly naive with respect to "sophisticated decision making", competing fanatically to get into medical school and not "growing up" in the process, being wholly uncreative, and hating human beings in general (as evidenced by your anecdotes which most certainly represent all physicians). Many ethical committees, including the one at my own training university / hospital system, are composed of multidisciplinary teams which include a physician, nurse, chaplain, l
  9. The launch pad was constructed for about $60 total. Instead of using a launch rod, we used an 8020 aluminum rail system. This is basically a slotted rail, which launch buttons that are attached to the rocket can slide into. The launch rail was bolted into PVC, and a PVC base was constructed. We weren't happy with the stability of the PVC base alone, so we added some steel struts for stabilization. The blast shield is aluminum. I'm curious to see how it holds up under the heat.
  10. We also built a new test stand, as the bicycle pump / PSI gauge stopped functioning properly. The PSI gauge would not reset to zero after the test fires, and eventually started sticking. This test stand uses a scale and has a mount for the camera.
  11. Picture of the body tube with motor mount in place:
  12. The motor mount was made from a cardboard tube. We took some plywood and cut out three fins. After several simulations we determined that the fin shape isn't that critical, as long as they fall within certain parameters. The centering rings (which center the motor mount in the main body tube) were made from epoxy. These epoxy centering rings were epoxied on the in front of and behind the fins, to add stability. Because the PVC motor didn't fit exactly into the motor mount, several layers of poster paper were glued into a tube, which filled the gap. Fin slots were then cut into the bottom of th
  13. We built this device to measure thrust from a standard bicycle pump. The hose and bottom portion was removed and replaced with a pressure gauge. The pump was then filled with water and mounted to a piece of plywood. The motor was then fixed such that it could push against the pump handle. The pressure gauge was filmed during a test fire, and the PSI was plotted against time. Knowing the area of the piston, PSI was converted to pounds of thrust, and ultimately into average and total thrust. Attached is the thrust profile of our second motor (the first went unmeasured). A little disappointing as
  14. Nozzle: We spent two weekends coming up with a workable motor nozzle design that was both practical to make and able to be made consistently from motor to motor. A well designed nozzle can add to the amount of thrust a rocket engine is able to generate, but for our purposes the small inaccuracies in our convergence/divergence angles from ideal models are insignificant. We made the main divergence nozzle from epoxy which was cast into a waffle cone (yes, a waffle cone). It was sanded down and remove the ridges formed by the cone. The throat mold was also cast from epoxy which was poure
  15. For the past two months my brother-in-law and I have been working on a scratch built high-powered rocket. (By scratch built I mean it was not built from a kit.) It is 100% designed and constructed by us. I did purchase a few pre-fabricated parts: the nosecone, body tubes, the altimeter, and electronics bay. The motor was designed by us, though we initially started by experimenting with some designs on the internet and modified it with trial and error. The rocket fuel is homemade as well. It will have a dual-deployment recovery system (i.e. a drogue chute will deploy at apogee, and a main
  16. I admit it -- I have a nasty habit of arguing with fundies of various sorts on the internet. There is a particular breed of fundie on a particular forum in a particular thread who keep going on and on about relativity just being an issue with the clocks (i.e. gravity is some how affecting the clocks, not time). Unfortunately my knowledge of relativity is really very superficial, and so despite my best efforts, I'm running into brick walls left and right because I really don't have a good grip on the math involved. The essence of their argument boils down to: The change in gravity aff
  17. Those are not synonymous.
  18. I think there should have been renegotiation of the contracts with AIG, but it should have been done before the money was given to them. I agree. Had someone been doing their job (and I'm not pointing any fingers or implying any specific person), this wouldn't have happened.
  19. Apparently not in AIG. Because when said employees signed up to work for AIG, they were contracted to receive the bonus apparently irregardless of AIG's financial situation. A company should honor its contracts, right? There is no "supposed to". A company is allowed to make its own compensation rules. I have absolutely no problem with AIG honoring it's employee contracts. This would be a non-issue had it been considered before throwing taxpayer money around. But it was an emergency.
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