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  1. Javascript syntax? I never knew it had syntax. I thought it was loafpinch named after another loafpinch which was marketed to impress those who were interested in yet another (pseudo) loafpinch which was created to impress those who used a somewhat decent programming language. Why ? Music!
  2. Wow. The moderators here are quite passionate.   No. If you don't have the care for your program to not reflect your anxiety then unit testing is not absolutely imperative for developing software. There is no good fucking strategy. Most strategies are coool and interesting and clever and respectable. Specification? What the fuck?I hate people who learn how to program from 'university.' Pretentious fucks If you care about what you're doing passionately, advice is not necessary for you to complete your job.
  3. I found this somewhat exciting. http://flint.cs.yale.edu/flint/publications/smc.html I'm not well acquainted with Coq -- and I never intend to be -- but this paper is exciting nevertheless due to its moderately landmark-sized accomplishments. Cool! Hope you enjoy looking over it.
  4. I can't find anywhere to hide from sour ludicrosity. I have a pretty rotten attitude around here because a focused and small constituency of this community is top-notch while the rest is just as trashed as everywhere else -- this is not reasonable behavior, but it is the simple truth behind my behavior. Isn't there a better place to hide?
  5. Learn C first. C++ and Java are not too similar.Learn C first. Do some crazy shit with it before you go anywhere else. Learn about C++'s polymorphism and template features to satisfy your curiousity -- then turn away, run as fast as you can and never look back.
  6. It seems unrealistic. We'll always have soap (it removes bacteria, doesn't kill it), refridgeration, boiling water, alchohol, Ultraviolet sanitization, microwaves (yep, radiation in general) and most importantly: biological engineering and accelerated evolution. So, we're to blame for "anti-biotic resistant" bacteria. I'm sure we can also be to blame for evolving better "anti-biotics" if we tried. That seems very vague, anyway. Doesn't she mean anti-bacterial rather than generic anti-microbiotics? It seems she must only be talking about antibacterial medicine, because I'm strongly doubting the idea of bacteria that is so well-evolved, it can never be destroyed. The details "An organism that rejects every kind of antibiotic" seem pretty ambiguous to me. Besides that, this article seems to have the same speculative manicness of the classic paranoic super-epidemic news headline. "It lacks substance." It seems reasonable to be skeptical. I'm aware there's extreme habitatual bacteria that can survive immense heat and radiation, but I'm quite sure we (humans) haven't driven them to evolve that way. Does anyone know of better sources regarding this? I couldn't find any, which is the reason I was perplexed.
  7. What? http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2013/11/end-abx/ What is she talking about? I've never heard the phrase. When I searched for it the top result I found was also from Wired.com What do you make of this? Also, New Zealand. Something about New Zealand. Yeah...
  8. Is it possible to define asininity? There are no limits.
  9. I find this engaging.

  10. Ben Banana


    Stop being useful! Everyone here is a useless sack of wine.
  11. Ben Banana


    Nice try at trolling me, sociopath.
  12. Ben Banana


    Is magenta. Don't try to make this topic useful by trying to discuss qualia. Just hit the -1 button. (I'm serious, this isn't sarcasm)
  13. I think Obama care is indeed a terrible idea. Nevertheless, your argument is very weak. Are you just being blatant? This is hideous sarcasm. Be serious about this issue if you actually believe it.
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