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  1. ! Moderator Note This is not an appropriate outlet for this topic, this being a section dedicated to mainstream and accepted science / math. Conjurer, since you insist on arguing alternatives, this thread is closed. I would recommend you take the time to review the posts here and go away and review some basics.
  2. I assume you mean μM (micromolar) and not μm (micrometre)? To answer your question you need to understand the concept of moles / molarity, and related equations for converting between them and mass / volume. I would first suggest looking up what a mole is and how molar mass and molarity is calculated (if you aren’t already familiar).
  3. ! Moderator Note In the spirit of the other thread of yours on stalking, this too is closed.
  4. ! Moderator Note Art man, As I suggested in PM, your best course of action if you believe you are in danger is the police or any other people local to you who can help. I don’t think this exercise in paranoia is helping you, and it is not appropriate for this forum. Please seek whatever relevant help you deem necessary wherever you live. This thread is closed.
  5. ! Moderator Note I am closing this pending further review. Edit: staff have agreed that this thread has well and truly run its course. Discountbrains, this topic of conversation is now closed and you are not permitted to reintroduce it.
  6. Silent and squiggle have been banned as sock puppets of Art Man.
  7. I mean, citations are definitely needed here.
  8. ! Moderator Note Tautologies aren't exactly discussion-worthy topics. Thread closed.
  9. But your first attempt with 5 steps was wrong, and you still haven’t really shown that you understand why. That’s why it’s important. The person from the other forum won’t be in your exams to do them for you, so you need to understand how to get to the solution by yourself.
  10. By which you mean someone from another forum gave you the answer. Not exactly helpful as far as you learning how to do it yourself is concerned, but sure, looks fine. Did you happen to figure out why FC was a bad choice in your first attempt?
  11. You might want to rethink that first one and maybe have a look at what substrates you would generally perform FC reactions on. Could you draw a scheme out?
  12. Is this a homework question? Could you possibly share your own thoughts on where to start?
  13. I don't know where you're based, but there are a lot of suppliers you could try (MedChemExpress has a much better price https://www.medchemexpress.com/Ademetionine.html). I think your first port of call should be to speak to your school, since they will know more about where they can buy from and how much they're willing to spend. You should have an idea of exactly how much you will need also.
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