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  1. hypervalent_iodine

    Creatine - creatinine conversion

    It’s just basic kinetics. Reactions occur when molecules collide at particular trajectories and with sufficient energy. If you have more molecules of a reactant around, you are more likely to get collisions more frequently and thus, the reaction occurs faster.
  2. hypervalent_iodine

    Creatine - creatinine conversion

    The second step you have drawn out is incorrect. It should look like this: As to why it occurs faster, think about what happens to the carbonyl carbon when the oxygen is attatched to when it becomes protonated. There are two resonance structures of the intermediate that forms, and it has a very big impact on the carbonyl carbon’s reactivity. The H+ you’ll notice is regenerated in the course of the reaction, which makes it a catalyst and is why we say it doesn’t formally participate in the reaction (since it isn’t consumed).
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  4. hypervalent_iodine

    how does chlorine trifluoride work?

    ! Moderator Note You already have a thread on this.
  5. hypervalent_iodine

    how does chlorine hexafluoride work?

    What do you mean by work?
  6. hypervalent_iodine

    Fluorine vs hydrogen

    Yes, although it is worth noting that a hydride is, as far as I understand, more reactive (and thus less stable) than H+. You could not, for example, have something like NaH just sitting out in the atmosphere without it being protected in some way by paraffin or some such. As I said, I believe this due to electrostatic repulsion of the two electrons, and possibly something to do with nuclear charge. Anyway, point being that as you and I have noted, hydrogen has the capacity to act as either a Group 1 or 7 element to some extent, and is kind of in its own special category within the periodic table.
  7. hypervalent_iodine

    Fluorine vs hydrogen

    Technically, hydrogen can behave as either a halogen or an alkali metal, though it fits neither category completely and tends to be more of the latter. I would say one of main differences, and probably the most important one, between it and the halogens is in the fact that hydrogen only has an incomplete s orbital. This means that in its ground electronic configuration it only has 1 valence electron. Halogens have incomplete p orbitals, and have 7 valence electrons. A halogen is much more able to grab one single electron to fill its outter valence orbitals than it is to lose 7. Hydrogen, having only one valence electron, can go either way, but prefers to lose one. Couldn’t tell you why losing one is more energetically favoured than gaining one, though I guess it could be due to an extra electron resulting in additional repulsive forces (or maybe not, I’m no physicist).
  8. hypervalent_iodine

    Thermodynamics Question

    Is this homework? Could you share your attempts at this question and where you are stuck exactly?
  9. hypervalent_iodine

    How do I improve my reputation?

    Much of it comes from ~2015, when you made posts like this: Also worth noting that you have been given good advice on this previously.
  10. hypervalent_iodine

    Bedside Bioprinter:

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  11. hypervalent_iodine

    Am I losing my mind ???

    We don’t delete posts. We do hide them. I’d rather not give RC the air time, personally.
  12. hypervalent_iodine

    Banned/Suspended Users

    RenaissanceChemist has been banned as a result of being a likely sockpuppet and a definite pest.
  13. hypervalent_iodine

    Am I losing my mind ???

    It was little more than a poorly veiled attempt to snipe at / about swansont, and clearly not posted for the purposes of genuine discussion. Such threads do not belong on this forum.
  14. hypervalent_iodine

    Am I losing my mind ???

    It exists, but has been hidden.
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