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  1. Preparation of Buffer system

    We aren’t here to do your homework for you. Could you please detail where you are stuck and show your attempts at this question?
  2. ! Moderator Note This being a science forum means you should probably keep the outside-of-the-doctor explanations elsewhere.
  3. Is my answer correct?

    It’s just moles per litre, it’s perfectly fine and very commonly used. Edited: I kind of see your point about brackets, but I also don’t think it’s at all ambiguous as written. There’s nothing wrong with the way you wrote it, I don’t think. Got it. Normally these sorts of questions try to step you through the calculations by asking for each bit separately, so I had thought maybe it should have been 250 mL. Did you see what I meant by the calculation being mucked up in the calculator? I think you were out by a factor of 10.
  4. Is my answer correct?

    I assume there is a typo in b (i) and that you meant to say 250 cm3? If so, then this looks fine to me, except that I think you mucked up your calculation in part (i). If you fix that your numbers should work.
  5. Banned/Suspended Users

    inSe has been suspended for 1 month for sock puppetry, an inability to act without aggression, and for posting a lot of nonsense.
  6. The New Guy

    ! Moderator Note Your OP has been asked and answered. Since this is also now delving into other territory, consider this closed.
  7. If civilization falls, will people go back to their natural habitat?

    ! Moderator Note Since the OP is unwilling to engage and clearly has nothing of substance to add here, this is closed.
  8. It depends on whether or not the post has been given rep points and then had them cancelled out or not. If no one has up or down voted the post, then you won't see any number. If someone has up or down voted, and then someone else counters that, it will show up as 0. The posts you are talking about that show a 0 fit into the latter category.
  9. Australian Politics:

    It's harder for them to get away with Medicare because they don't have an easy scapegoat to pit the middle-class against to make it seem as though someone else is taking advantage of them. With dismantling welfare, they can sell it by convincing your average working class person that the people engaging with the system are sitting around, insidiously mooching off your tax dollars with no regard for a hard day's work. They do a very good job of making their platform issues of us vs. them.
  10. Australian Politics:

    I would have been on board for Tanya Plibersek myself (or better, Penny Wong, although she wasn't in the running at the time); I still don't think I would have voted for Labor without a serious change in their policy platform away from appeasing the right, however. I have had the pleasure of watching Bob Hawke speak on several occasions at Woodford, which he attends almost every year. He always has a lot of interesting opinions on the future of the country, a lot of them I tend to agree with. He's a funny guy. My main problem with the LNP is their callousness towards the middle class and the disadvantaged, and their short-sighted economic and environmental policies, all of which seem to be par for the course in right-wing politics these days.
  11. Banned/Suspended Users

    Achilles has been suspended for 1 week for insulting behaviour and using the forum as a personal soap box.
  12. The up and down voting options don't ever appear on your own posts, which is what you appear to have linked to. Editing for Senior Members is set to a 60 minute time limit.
  13. Australian Politics:

    Are you referring to Labor as the "left wing" opposition party? I think I agree with you, in that the term could not be further from the truth. They have been so interested in trying to pick up votes from and placate the right that they have alienated the very ideals they used to champion. I (for example) could never (and will never) support a party who actively pursues the offshore / indefinite detention Australia has engaged in as a solution for refugees who arrive by boat. I would love for Shorten to be ousted and someone else to take his place as I think he's nothing less than a vapid waste of space with no courage of conviction, and no real opinions of his own. Unfortunately, I suspect Labor is very keen to appear cohesive in the wake of all of the turmoil within the LNP ranks ahead of the next election. If ever there was a Steven Bradbury of Australian politics, it is Shorten. I can't totally decide what I think about it. I do think that having the extra check in place is a good thing least the party leader goes rogue upon being voted in. That being said, if the party in question was able to form government, then they have the votes to challenge anything the PM would try to pass on his own anyway. As well, having the leadership role cemented upon being voted in might help to stop all of the self-interested rubbish that has led to recent turmoil. Or maybe not, I can't quite decide. I am very okay if the LNP doesn't achieve any of their often reprehensible goals, but it might be nice if they spent time more time governing and less time plotting. I do think that 3 years is too short a time, and that we should increase it to 4.
  14. Have I screwed my upcoming future months?

    There's always other routes to your destination, some of them just take a more scenic route. Don't stress. A few extra months, even a few extra years, is nothing in the grand scheme of things.
  15. Would it be possible?

    I'm nothing if not resourceful. Just now I forcibly opened an elevator door that had myself and 10 other people trapped inside with my bare hands.