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  1. Vasectomy question

    ! Moderator Note This has been asked and answered, and so I am closing the thread. Ausguerila, in future, please note that we aren’t going to indulge you in make believe. Pigs could fly if they had wings and hollow bones. However, they have neither, and so there’s hardly any point in discussing their potential air speed velocity. Catch my drift?
  2. A Discovery that Shook the World:

    ! Moderator Note You’ve stated your point, so perhaps you could return to the topic.
  3. How to Clove Steam Distillation?

    All the OP would distil is ethanol in this case. Greater solubility doesn't necessarily help when you are distilling. You are thinking of other extraction techniques. Steam distillation in this context allows for (I believe) azeotropic removal of desired components, which otherwise have very high boiling points.
  4. Banned/Suspended Users

    Mehmet Saygin has been banned as the result of some rather abusive behaviour. Mehmet Saygın
  5. I can't be the only one.

    ! Moderator Note We're clearly done here. Thread closed. You are not permitted to reopen discussion on this topic.
  6. Hello Hypervalent_iodine,

    I owe you and the moderators an apology as I did a bit of experimenting last night and it looks like the issue is to do with a teething problem after the latest upgrade, as I pasted text with URL tags in it.

    I came across something similar around 16 years ago where I fixed one part of a multi use function only to have another issue pop up and vs a vs, just like an unruly seesaw. Considering how much effort has gone into sorting out these issues it's probably easier for the developers to just copy the function so that the preview and post options are separated, and they can tinker with each side without upsetting the other.



  7. I can't be the only one.

    ! Moderator Note I am telling you, as an administrator of this forum, that it is your responsibility to back up your (frankly outlandish) claims.
  8. I can't be the only one.

    ! Moderator Note Actually, it’s on you. You’re the one making claims running counter to mainstream and accepted science, so you are the one who needs to start ponying up the evidence. YouTube videos don’t cut it. If you can’t do this, the thread will be getting closed.
  9. Should I be worried? Potential chemical contact with eye?

    You’re probably at that concentration. Continue to monitor your situation, see a doctor, and start the paper trail. In my lab, as with many other organic labs, we only use full face shields when handling certain chemicals, such as strong acids. Doing so for everything is a tad excessive. It’s risk dependent, and something that the OP should be analysing with every new task they are performing.
  10. Hi Hypervalent_iodine,

    The other 3 science forums below that I posted this on didn't get linked back to the OP, especially as I tested all the links before I posted on all 4 sites. 

    Can you please restore the correct links in the OP on the following thread and ask the moderators not to change them. You can remove my reply after the links are restored if you like. 





    1. hypervalent_iodine


      Sorry, I only just saw this. It is better that you report these things or PM staff in future, so they aren't missed. 3

  11. Tramadol HCL

    That’s a shame. Our rules prohibit helping you in this effort.
  12. Yours is fixed too.
  13. Cancer cured?

    Have you given any thought to the logistics of performing surgery on a brittle, human-shaped block of solid ice? And how do you imagine the body would remain cryogenically frozen during surgery? Not to mention the obvious concern: we don't yet know how to re-animate people who are cryogenically frozen. With all that, how do you imagine that your proposal is really any better than performing normal surgery?
  14. Banned/Suspended Users

    OlegGorokhov has been permanently banned for spamming the forum with closed topics of conversation / nonsense.
  15. Incorrect. There are two above Genius. SuperNerd is at 10000 posts (iNow has this), and Postcount Hacker at 65535 posts. No problems. I’ll expect the Cheese Nips in the mail.