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  1. I Persistently Repeat My Demand

    It depends on what else accompanies the request...
  2. HNO3 solution prep (split from Water has calories)

    Is this homework? What is the concentration of your stock HNO3?
  3. Review requested

    I can't comment on the content, but I would suggest that 2 references is not sufficient for any sort of substantial article that one might hope to publish in the sciences. Where exactly do you want to publish this?
  4. NMR Spectrum for Phenol

    The chemical shift is determined by the magnetic environment the atoms are in, which is related of course to their electrostatic environment and therefore, the electronics of the molecule. When determining how many signals you expect to see, you are looking for chemical equivalence - i.e., how many distinct chemical environments there are. For example, if we take this molecule (pentane-3-one): I have drawn a line through the centre of the molecule to show where there is a plane of symmetry. You can see the first and last carbon see exactly the same thing as one another, as do the second and fourth. They are in the same environments, and therefore you expect them to occur at the same chemical shift in a 13C NMR spectrum. In this case, we would expect to see 3 peaks; one representing C-1 and C-5, one representing C-2 and C-4, and one for C-3. Some molecules can have multiple planes of symmetry: In this case, all of the -CH carbons (C-2, C-3, C-5, and C-6) are all identical, and would all occur at the same chemical shift. Likewise for C-1 and C-4 (the ones bonded to the methoxy groups), as well as the methoxy carbons. In this case, we see three sets of equivalent carbons, and so we expect three peaks in a 13C NMR. Have a look at phenol, and ask yourself if there is a plane of symmetry, and how many chemically equivalent carbons there are:
  5. all time snow record

    ! Moderator Note Nope. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but you are clearly only using this thread to reintroduce a closed topic. Therefore, this too is closed.
  6. Sustainable?

    ! Moderator Note Stop. If you keep spamming this forum with this, I will be placing you into the mod queue and anything you post will require approval before becoming public.
  7. all time snow record

    ! Moderator Note Evidence, Norton, not blog posts. Last chance before this gets closed.
  8. Shooting the messenger

    ! Moderator Note This section is for science news, not links to book chapters.
  9. Keq puzzle

    I definitely agree that the questions are confusingly written. I will think on it more and get back to you tomorrow, though you may need to contact your professor or TA.
  10. Keq puzzle

    Absorbance of what, exactly? How do you figure that? They haven't said that the FeSCN2+ was made from those two ions, just that there was a flask that contained FeSCN2+. Besides, this is a reaction that exists in equilibrium and does not go to completion (in addition to the fact that they said that it was an initial concentration of FeSCN2+). Perhaps try writing the reaction in the other direction. You may find this useful: http://mctcteach.org/chemistry/C1152/Laboratory/Lab_Protocals/Det_of_Equil_Const_v.1.16.pdf

    Repetition. Nomenclature in particular is like learning another language, but it's systematic. Once you have the basics down, you'll be fine.
  12. ! Moderator Note You may not. Thread closed.
  13. ! Moderator Note Idea1234, please detail your argument here, within the text of your post. Links are to be used to support your post, not to be the entirety of it. This will be closed if you cannot comply.
  14. Carbon

    ! Moderator Note Moved to homework help. OP, please show us some attempt at solving this question, and detail where you are stuck. We do not do people's homework for them.
  15. Combining Iodine + Ascorbic Acid

    ! Moderator Note You are not healing anybody with this. Go to a doctor.