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  1. ! Moderator Note I have removed several posts from this thread. If anyone wishes to discuss the minutia of climate change beyond the scope of the article beecee linked, please open a new thread.
  2. ! Moderator Note I suggest that if you want to speculate on the existence of climate change, that you open your own thread and kindly stop hijacking this one.
  3. ! Moderator Note Since your intent here is consume these nanoparticles, I cannot in good conscience allow this thread to continue. I recommend that if you have medical problems to seek the advice of a medical professional, and not strangers on the internet.
  4. ! Moderator Note I think emotions are a little high in this thread, so I am closing this for now. If anyone wishes to continue discussion of the science in a reasonable manner, feel free to open a new thread.
  5. What is this logical fallacy called?

    ! Moderator Note Please return to the topic of this thread. If anyone wishes to discuss the details of POC and the criminal justice system, I would suggest opening another thread.
  6. Has science failed to recognize morality as lifesaving?

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  7. Methylmercury

    In that case, the onus is on you to come up with the ideas, not us.
  8. Methylmercury

    I can't think of any way to remove it without it ending up as tasteless mush. Detecting and quantifying it is more straight forward though; you should be able to find something to suit your needs by simply Googling it.
  9. secondary alcohol substrates

    Have you considered the structures of all of the options? You’ll notice that one of them is missing a crucial aspect that the others all have if you do this.
  10. Science, truth, and knowledge

    ! Moderator Note Koti, beecee, and Francis: in case I wasn’t clear before, kindly stop hijacking this thread with content from closed threads.
  11. Science, truth, and knowledge

    ! Moderator Note Let's not stray into closed-thread territory with the evolution talk.
  12. Are 2 acids symbiotic or independent?

    Are you familiar with what pH is a measure of?
  13. Is it possible to activate your chakras using CRISPR?

    ! Moderator Note A science forum is not the place for discussing chakras.
  14. False Equivilence and Logical Fallacies.

    ! Moderator Note Once again, I would ask that you all please return to the topic outlined in the OP.
  15. False Equivilence and Logical Fallacies.

    ! Moderator Note I think we can address the questions in the OP without this becoming a GOP vs Democrat argument.