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  1. We have gone through epidemics before...we even had the great depression. Some businesses will go to the wall, others will flourish...some airlines will cease to exist, others will return, take up the slack, and be far better off...some countries will need to become more self sufficient with reduced imports...The most likely effect imo, is the growing distrust with China. In more recent times, we [the world] overcame 4 years of Trump, and in time, this pandemic and its seriousness and current impact, will also be a memory. Some things may change forever, but as in the past, we'll all mak
  2. The important thing to remember is that most analogies will have limitations. eg: The blowing up of a balloon analogy [with dots painted on the surface representing galaxies] illustrates that it is spacetime expanding, not the dots [galaxies] flying away from other dots [galaxies] It is a 2D illustrataion representing 3D space, or 4D spacetime. The better analogy [but still with limitations] is the raisin loaf analogy. The 3D dough representing 3D space [or 4D spacetime] and the raisins representing galaxies. Both analogies of course fail at explaining the gravitational effects of closely
  3. Another silly baseless conspiracy. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-09-polio-vaccine-crossfire-misinformation.html
  4. Theories are our best estimates at any time, supported by the observational and experimental evidence. You don't have a theory, only a "fairy tale " idea that any person can pull out of his or her arse. It may give the Grimme brothers or Hans Christian Anderson something to think about, but at this stage, that's as best as it will get.
  5. Absolutely! Most people follow long held scientific principles and knowhow everyday of their lives without giving it too much thought.... By the same token, many that are in reality, selfish and self-centered at heart, may see a need to ignore climate change for example, as its effects are generally long term....or the lame brain red necks that chose to ignore the science of social distancing, wearing masks, sanitisation, lockdowns etc with regards to covid19, because of probable temporary adverse personal affects on their wealth, or comfort zone. I'm not specifically speaking of t
  6. My first in depth knowledge on Richard Feynman came from reading the best book I have ever read, "The Making of the Atomic Bomb" by Richard Rhodes. Everything you have mentioned, certainly would have [and did] put him in the spotlight to anyone with a passing interest in science. The book itself is probably more a history of late 19th century/20th century physics and science, from Bequeral, Rhotegen, Curie, through to Zsillard, Rhuterford, Fermi and Einstein, up to the likes of Feynman and Oppenheimer and company...fantastic read, giving a great rundown on the achievements and personalities
  7. On June 7, 2021, NASA’s Juno spacecraft flew closer to Jupiter’s ice-encrusted moon Ganymede than any spacecraft in more than two decades. Less than a day later, Juno made its 34th flyby of Jupiter. This animation provides a “starship captain” point of view of each flyby. For both worlds, JunoCam images were orthographically projected onto a digital sphere and used to create the flyby animation. Synthetic frames were added to provide views of approach and departure for both Ganymede and Jupiter.
  8. That's simply false. Unexplained refers to something that at any particular time, we lack the observational data to explain properly...eg:There was a time when we lacked the knowledge to explain the forces controlling the Sun, or even the fact that the Sun is simply another star. Dictionary: not described or made clear; unknown."the reason for her summons was as yet unexplained" not accounted for or attributable to an identified cause."cot death is still an un
  9. Spiritual basis, or bias? Wiki gives some views on it as follows...... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conscience#Secular "Conscience is a cognitive process that elicits emotion and rational associations based on an individual's moral philosophy or value system". Further, and more aligned with your own bias....."Religious views of conscience usually see it as linked to a morality inherent in all humans, to a beneficent universe and/or to divinity. The diverse ritualistic, mythical, doctrinal, legal, institutional and material features of religion may not necessarily cohere with ex
  10. That has been the case overwhelmingly in Sydney's current outbreak with the delta varient...Vaccinated, even partly vaccinated [one dose] of close contacts have tested negative.
  11. 10-43 seconds rather then 10-45 seconds...I need to remeber that. Thanks.
  12. I often copped six of the best with a 1 inch square, 18 inch long leather strap! And I was also an Altar boy at Sunday mass and needed to answer the priest in latin. eg priest: "dominis vobiscum" Me: "Et cum spirito tuo" First and only job I have ever been sacked from after found drinking the Altar wine behind the altar! 😁 Getting back on subject, If I was confronted by any Alien, I would simply utter those age old words, "take me to your leader"
  13. The quantum foam is a reasonably scientific speculative explanation of spacetime before 10-45th seconds. Lawrence Krauss sees it as the nothing that we generally define as nothing, that has existed for eternity. Still it is speculative. And that is the main relevant point. I often use it in debates without IDers and creationists, but it is still speculative and I make sure they understand this as speculation just as there own IDer/creationist is also speculative...and unscientific speculation.
  14. With you 100% on that Ken!
  15. As an old fart still driving, this certainly interested me. Let me first say that in Australia, once a person reaches 75 years, he or she is required by law to undergo a medical examination every 12 months, and of course attain the required standards, otherwise your lincense is cancelled. Once a person reaches 80 years, he needs to undergo and pass the same medical, plus a driving retest. Of the situations listed in the article, yes, I certainly drive "slower" always sticking to the speed limit and adjusting according to conditions, and keeping as much as possible in the left hand lane [r
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