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  1. Q: Why don't blind people bungi jump? A: Because it scares the fuck out of the Dog!
  2. beecee


    Still around... 79 in July but still doing OK...love a VB or two or three... Yes, I was pretty convinced that there was one or two making a mockery of it, considering I was continually supporting the scientific view and research and obviously the lack of evidence at this time. That view is still supported and actually re-enforced...but only a small reason for my absence, as I have been in Fiji also for extended stays.
  3. 110% certainty they should be banned!!!! at least according to existing IOC and other sporting bodies laws.
  4. We did not see any light from any exploding star from 13.7 billion years ago. There was no explosion as such, simply an evolution of space and time (as we know them) an inflationary process and expansion. At that stage around t+10-45th seconds, the four forces were combined as one, and then as expansion took hold, temperatures and pressures dropped, the "superforce" started to decouple, gravity first. As temperatures and pressures dropped and the superforce separated, phase transions and false vacuums were formed and the excesses of energy went into creating our first fundamental particles. At 3 minutes post BB, our protons and neutrons formed and first atomic nucleii. It took another 383000 years for conditions to be such that electrons were captured and our first light elements took hold. The age is being revised and modified as needed, and according to data from more state of the art probes, along with other cosmological figures.
  5. How about if he is actually protecting the rights of the other citizens that don't own a gun, and are not as obsessed with them. They have an over-riding right to expect to walk the streets, go to school, and not be assaulted by some fucking nut, who can walk into a store and buy a gun willy nilly I suggest.
  6. How best to stop excluding trans kids from sports? Good question! Nothing should stop anyone, including transgenders from playing the sport that they wish. As long as of course they do not physically or biologically create an advantage for themselves, and disadvantage anyone else and follow the guide lines of the sporting administrators and scientific and medical advice to that end. The problem exists though, that scientific and medical knowledge is far from certain in this subject. Perhaps do get a clearer picture, we may need to wait a decade or two. Thankfully, though, the aspect of transgenders is relatively rare, and the percentage of those that want to take part in a sport, obviously even rarer. In summing, striking the balance of fairness and not having an advantage in sport, and the rights of the transgender athletes, will not be easy, and pleasing every one, particularly male and female competitors, will be even harder. My thoughts actually go back to the covid 19 hey days, and the screams and whinging from anti vaxxers losing their rights with mandatory vaccinations, against the rights of all other citizens to remain healthy and safe by the best means possible. I see a somewhat parallel there. As was linked to and showed as fact in the other similar thread, boys and girls play both rugby codes together up until the age of 10, where under the existing rules, following medical and scientific advice, they then separate and segregate according to sex under scientific medical advice, particularly in body contact sports. The gender neutral and selection by size and ability claim is a furphy, particularly when obtaining late teens and adulthood, and as explained and reasoned in the other similar thread. Probably the best outcome as far as I can see. Under scientific and medical advice of course, although this as yet has not not fully decided and is somewhat limited.
  7. 😁 Out of sight, out of mind! Actually the two on the left are our channel 9 sport commentators, Danika Mason and Yvonne Sampson......
  8. Generally of course, and as you well know, any preconception/assumption is well founded on observational and biological evidence, that yes in most all circumstances, a women generally speaking, will not beat a man in certain sports, as has been shown with many links. Of course though if I got on a tennis court with Ash Barty or Serena or Venus, they would obviously smack my arse in quick time. Noting of course, as per a previous link, both Serena and Venus, couldn't even come close to beating a male professional tennis player ranked 203 in the world. The same obviously applies with many other sports. Men and women, are different, and I for one, appreciate that fact. 😁😋😍😛
  9. In the meantime, the greatest sporting rivalry on the planet on June 8th at Sydney's Stadium Australia will take place. The two State of Origin teams have been selected and are now in camp undergoing medical and fitness tests. Of course the NRLW also have their own State of Origin sides that compete against each other. The Women's State of Origin side: Lucky Coach!!! 😁 Got my VB, peanuts, and position in my Lazy Boy rocker ready and waiting!!!!😉
  10. beecee

    who created god?

    It's Turtles all the way down.
  11. I certainly agree with the basis of the source, but you would also know that in all my posts, I have always used the words generally. or mostly. You already know that I suggest. But your desire for one-upmanship is noted. "The UK Equality Act makes quite clear that you can exclude on the basis of sex where sex is important for safety." Age shall not weary them. Particularly in repeating facts. Along with all the facts presented supporting sex segregation in certain sports, the transgender issue remains a problem, mainly due to the inconclusive scientific evidence that we know so far. The problem here so far is that certain individuals, that are attempting to red card me,🥱 (particularly with compulsory sex segregation) are failing miserably according to the scientific evidence, and essentially should be encouraged to debate the facts as presented and not the person, showing again that sometimes standing up to extreme PC will draw the wrath of some. 😏 With the transgender aspect, and transgender participation in sport, the reasons why this is so controversial is that there isn't any ideal scientifically supported scenario of keeping everyone completely happy, which has been pointed out in a few links, along of course with the rarity of the situation. The reality of the situation as highlighted in some of the links, is that you cannot have total fairness in all situations by lowering testosterone, and you need to show that fairness is not only done, but be seen to be done. That sadly due to the inconclusive nature of the subject and lack of total scientific verification, may see the need to exclude some transgenders or accept the undesirable and spoiling unfairness aspect by including transgenders.....particularly trans women.
  12. The problem as I see it is that certain individuals, hear that word "discrimination" and automatically, without too much thinking, see evil intent and immediatley rail against it. It could be described as PC gone mad. The facts are that in sport at least, it is justifiable, and important in many sports, particularly as has already been supported, and proved, body contact sports such as both rugby codes of football. The following is as it should be...... "The UK Equality Act makes quite clear that you can exclude on the basis of sex where sex is important for safety." Then we have that rare and difficult aspect with regards to transgenders. For that I'll gladly pass onto the experts, sport executives and medical scientists to fathom and solve.... Sorry Stringy, wrong and misplaced again. I have always said that generally speaking, men are stronger, then women. You are quoting from an article that I gave. ps: And no where in the article did they say "all" Your gross misinterpretations and bias are getting old. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/mar/21/coe-warns-transgender-athletes-pose-risk-to-integrity-of-womens-sport Coe warns transgender athletes pose risk to integrity of women’s sport World Athletics president calls for new rules across all sports Warning comes after Lia Thomas wins NCAA swimming title: Sebastian Coe has claimed that the “integrity and future of women’s sport” is at stake after the American swimmer Lia Thomas became the first transgender woman to win an NCAA swimming championship last week. The World Athletics president also called on the International Olympic Committee to introduce regulations that can be applied across every sport and insisted that “gender cannot trump biology”. Thomas, who swam for the University of Pennsylvania men’s team for three seasons before starting hormone replacement therapy in 2019, made history by winning the 500-yard freestyle in Atlanta but has faced protests since starting to compete as a woman. Asked how important the challenge of transgender women is in athletics, Lord Coe said: “I think that the integrity of women’s sport – if we don’t get this right – and actually the future of women’s sport, is very fragile.” more......................
  13. Will never change the fact that certain sports will always be segregated according to sex, and with the blessing of the majority of sports people and spectators. As already detailed. Yes rare circumstances and secondly, not fully understood and real doubts on the science available. from the link.................. In conclusion, I make the following case: trans athletes should not be allowed to compete in women’s sports because it results in a regression in women’s equality and they won’t be able to showcase their skills and style. Additionally, in certain combat sports like MMA where punches, kicks, and jabs are thrown, numerous women have been seriously injured when fighting transgender athletes. It is for these reasons and those mentioned above that women’s sports should remain exclusive to biological women. extract: This is also the case when it comes to women. Sports give women the opportunity to show the world that they too can be extremely athletic and should be given the chance to show off their skills without having to compete against men. Because science has concluded time and time again that men are biologically stronger than women in terms of absolute strength, women need their own category of sports so that they can compete fairly with one another.
  14. I see that as decent morals that have been learnt and handed down rather then philosophy, but then again, as TheVat has remarked, I aint a philopher, nor have I studied philosophy. 🥱
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