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  1. In essence what you are saying is that despite inevitable technological advancements, new knowledge etc etc, we should sit on our hands, stagnate on planet Earth, and not explore anymore. The same reasons European man discovered the Americas and Australia, the same reasons we established the ISS, the same reasons that man climbed Mnt Everest, the same reasons we explore the Antarctic and the bottom of the seas, will be the reasons that in time, we will go to the Moon again, we will land men on Mars, we will establish bases there, we will leave the solar system and we will land on an extra solar planet. That's the reality, that's what will happen, and my only regrets is that I wont be here to see and marvel at such endeavours. Please note, I put no time on when I believe these things will happen, but given the time, they will.
  2. Planets Magnetic fields

    [1] Mass/energy warps curves, or changes the geometry of flat spacetime. [2] When that happens, it is felt as gravity. [3] When spacetime is warped in the presence of mass/energy, light from a distant object will follow geodesics in that warped spacetime. [4] Even light itself will warp or curve the spacetime it is traversing but by an infinitely tiny amount not worth considering. [5]Earth warps/curves the spacetime within its vicinity. [6] We on Earth are caught in this warping/curving of spacetime.
  3. Planets Magnetic fields

    Light slows down in a medium and we see that as an apparent "bending"" eg...a straw in a glass.... Light follows geodesics in spacetime. While spacetime is not a physical entity, it is real enough and that is apparent in observing it to be warped, bent, twisted and waved. I believe this is now simply trolling and denying the obvious.
  4. Planets Magnetic fields

    At this stage it is obvious you are not interested in astronomy or cosmology and the observations of gravitational lensing, frame dragging and gravitational waves. All these are overwhelmingly supported by the evidence, despite you refusing to recognise that fact.
  5. Planets Magnetic fields

    Both correct and both resulting from logical mathematics, or the language of physics, certainly not your unsupported, unevidenced mythical claims.
  6. Planets Magnetic fields

    Rubbish.....spacetime is seen to be warped, bent, twisted and even in the forms of undulations which we call gravitational waves. Your mythical claims are just that....mythical.
  7. Planets Magnetic fields

    Drafting in no way supports your claims. Gravity is the dominant force and is the one responsible for shaping the universe.
  8. Planets Magnetic fields

    That in no way supports what I think you are claiming....not in the least. Again, it does not support what you seem to be saying. Don't be so naive and obtuse. A body will stay in its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted on by a force...A law as proposed by a guy called Newton. Nothing to do with density. No, gravity/spacetime curvature is always the dominating force that is shaping our universe. Admittedly there is not much more I am able to add due to the total confusing and contradictory nature of your mythical claims.
  9. Planets Magnetic fields

    Venus has a dense atmosphere but no measurable magnetic field. Lightning also goes from the ground up. It doesn't have an atmosphere either. A body will stay in its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted on by a force...A law as proposed by a guy called Newton. Nothing to do with density. No, gravity/spacetime curvature is always the dominating force that is shaping our universe. Nonsense...
  10. Planets Magnetic fields

    While all matter at the elementary level have magnetic fields, these for all intents and purposes are far to weak to measure, whereas gravity has a far greater effect as more mass/matter is evident. "In the sense that all matter is made up by elementary particles which have a spin, there are magnetic fields for all matter, but it is only if the molecules are organized that it can build up to a value to show large scale magnetization, as with ferromagnets. For the great majority of matter the directions of individual fields from the nuclei and electrons and atoms cancel each other and one has to go to smaller than nanometer distances to see any effects".
  11. Planets Magnetic fields

    Because not all astronomical bodies are magnetic? But all have gravity?
  12. Planets Magnetic fields

    It appears he is asking why you accept as valid what you say, just because you happen to use the scientific method, and that the figures support it.... I mean how illogical!!
  13. Perfection in Nature and Frank Sinatra

    The highlight of silliness is only evident from your quarters, not just in this thread but the others you have made outrageous and incorrect claims in also, and I'm fairly sure by his responses so far that Eise's also agrees with that. I have previously hypothesised based on your posts and threads that you may be a god botherer of sorts...that hypothesis is looking more and more concrete, the more you continue to misinterpret and make your false claims, despite your poor efforts to remain closeted. And that inference has been totally refuted for many reasons, not the least of course being the overwhelming numbers of examples to the contrary every day, every week and every year. There is not any discipline in the world that can lay claim to every one of their members always being of the same mind...The otherwise great Astronomer Fred Hoyle is an example...They are the exception, not the rule....When we get down to the nitty gritty, you have been preaching this sort of unsupported rhetorical nonsense since at least 2015....When will the penny drop?
  14. What is movement?

  15. What is movement?

    Umm, no...spacetime is warped/curved by mass energy...when that happens we get the sensation of gravity is curved/warped spacetime. Space as Strange said, is the measurement of distance, while spacetime is the 4D framework within which it is possible to locate events. The concept of spacetime follows from the observation that the speed of light is invariant, that is it does not vary with the motion of the emitter or the observer. Spacetime allows a description of reality that is common for all observers in the universe, regardless of their relative motion. Intervals of space and time considered separately are not the same for all observers. Space, spacetime are not physical entities, but in my opnion still real.....We feel the effects of warped spacetime as gravity, just as we see the effects of a magnetic field which also is not a actual physical entity. No, mass energy does the warping.