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  1. I guess if you believe, in the afterlife, heaven etc.. then death is not the end but the beginning. Which can be why many extremists see death and sacrifice as no big deal. Since God is the creator (if you believe in such) of all things then he/she/it is also the destroyer of all things, maybe the only entity who can justify such acts. Personally I don't believe in God or an afterlife, so for me this life is a gift to be cherished, since it will come and go in a blink of an eye.
  2. I'm not arguing anything other than why would the Earth be a target for visitation unless there was something special about it or happened just to be on route? It's like walking on a beach and aiming for a particular grain of sand that's of interest. Unless you already new about it and specifically aimed in that direction then the likelihood is you would never even notice it, unless by shear chance you happened upon it and was looking for something in particular that the grain of sand possessed. Now it might turn out that the Earth is special and as a result we are being noticed. In this case stealth maybe a preferred option from outside visitors, and for reasons not known or understood by us.
  3. Yes, I just couldn't remember his real name, Thanks No offense, but what a crock of shite...
  4. How many rocky planets are there with liquid water in 10 light years of Earth? I only know of one so far but it could be more. However 10 light years is a small region relative to the size of the galaxy so the question would be how many technological species are there in a region of 10 light years of the Earth, existing at the same time? There are billions of choices of paths, what are the chances that Earth happened to be on one of them?
  5. I get your point, however rocky planets similar to ours could be quite common. Indeed current observational data suggests that many, if not the vast majority of stars with solar systems contain at least one rocky planet. Earth may well be on the list of targets, but if nothing special and quite common, then out of the billions of choices there is no reason why we should expect Earth to be picked out of the bunch. Based on this premise, I would assume the Earth would be chosen purely based on its accessibility/location, i.e. along the path of "potential fuelling stops."
  6. Earth may not yet have been noticed anyhow, even with the radio signals broadcasted over the past century, maybe no one has seen us waving?
  7. Because they can..., who says they are hiding? we might be just too blind to see.
  8. Forgiveness and judgment can be 2 different animals, there is no requirement for a judge in a court of law to forgive, only to serve justice based on the law. Yep, Jesus was full of nice sentiments, if people actually followed his example in many aspects of life this world would be a better place. Unfortunately, a child murdering rapist, especially repeat offenders are not likely to "go and sin no more" and if not dealt with are highly likely to commit further atrocities. "We shall not cast stones because we are all guilty of sin, therefore non are qualified to cast judgement on this poor soul, so we forgave him, we let him go, and told him not to sin again" Good luck with explaining that one to the parents of the victims.
  9. Some crimes are unforgiveable, The kidnap, rape torture and murder of an innocent child springs to mind. But there you go... maybe that's just my archaic view point, and not PC.
  10. My apologies, this is one of a few words I always mix up, sometimes along with "were and where". I also regularly get letters in the incorrect order in words. If it wasn't for spell check my sentences would read rather amusing or irritating, depending on your OCD. I'll drop it then.
  11. Do you find peace on this merry go round of a thread?
  12. Peace from not acting in a way that makes me feel bad, or peace from knowing that my actions may result in prevention?
  13. Possibly, I can't argue against this since I haven't (fortunately) had to experience such. Though PTSD takes different forms in different individuals for many different experiences, so there maybe a chance, but its not a given. I may suffer PTSD from the experience of losing a loved one at the hands of a killer, by which any further PTSD from seeking personal justice maybe be negligible. Who knows?
  14. I'm a little archaic in that I'm quite a firm believer (to a degree) in an eye for an eye and all that... I don't believe in god/s, heaven or hell and I don't really believe in souls per say.
  15. Justice is an ideology, there is no such thing as one "true" justice. Ordinary folk are chosen so you (ideally) get an objective view from a variety of differing individuals, that as a collective agree upon a course of action which best suits. A collective which aims to make society a safer and better place for themselves and others. What qualifications are required in a jury? The professionals are called upon to give their opinion based on their expertise, this is not required for judgement but rather medical evidence to aid in that judgement. Professionally qualified people can be prone to biases towards what they have been schooled on, rather than what they experience in life. We all suffer mental "illness" some more than others, dependent on your point of view.
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