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  1. I agree that one should remain sensitive where possible and there is no need to express your feelings unless asked to. But what then, if someone asks me a question do I answer honestly, even knowing that it may offend, or do I try to be sensitive and considerate if that means lying? The trick, obviously is to answer honestly in a subtle, sensitive and inoffensive manner, however this is not always possible. I wouldn't say I was proud of having or expressing offensive feelings, on the contrary, I would however prefer to stay true to myself. I guess for me personally I often get conflicted, since being honest is important to me be it given and/or received. Being sensitive is also important especially with those I care most for. However, I prefer to be honest and prefer honesty returned at the cost of my own feelings, so be it. Maybe this is my flaw and one I should endeavour to improve on, I'm open to that.
  2. I try to remain honest, in fact I even try to be bluntly honest which often gets me in a spot of bother, especially with my partner when out shopping! Such that she often states that I'm unkind and have no regard for her feelings, maybe she is correct? I think honesty, should prevail where possible, even if that means offending someone in the process. I think this is one aspect that people dislike about JP.
  3. That's on my menu for this evenings dinner - grilled bacon medallions, poached eggs, large field mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, fresh avocado, baked mature cheddar and spinach. My stomach is rumbling as I post this and dinner is 6 hours away yet!!
  4. You have damaged my feelings, or have you? Maybe I am offended maybe not, just being polite and courteous so as not to return the favour? There can be many reasons, depends on your interpretation of what one says that would determine to you whether it be an excuse or not.
  5. Call them "ni" for all I care, just don't shout about it... 😉 If no one cares why whine about it then? Excuse for what? For my own feelings?
  6. Would you say that this is the reason why gravity is modelled in 2 ways - spacetime warping and/or particle exchange?
  7. Strawman? I made a genuine remark indicative to my original argument. I often wonder whether people who are keen to cite and make a big deal out of such things, to stir the hornets nest, are just bored. Maybe some folk should stop wasting their precious time and make actual use of it towards something productive, instead of just poking their sticks. You know, my grandfather served and fought in the second world war. He saw many horrors and suffered much pain and anguish. What always struck me though was that he mentioned to me many times, for all the terrible loss, devastation, pain and suffering that war brings, it also brings comradeship, focus, care and commitment to the weak, elderly young and vulnerable... Some of his stories and what he and his generation endured often shamed me into realising how lucky we are and how well off and fortunate we are in modern Western society. So yeah when I hear people whine over calling a black berry a black berry it sort of gets my back up a little.
  8. I rinse my gym bottle out pretty much as stated so far. I do on occasion rinse it with boiling water, the down side being that the plastic goes soft and I have to hold the bottle using a towel. Not sure whether this has any benefit? On the odd occasion I let it soak in detergent for a day or two then give it a thorough rinse out, same not sure if this has any benefit?
  9. No big deal then, it seems people who insist on the ridiculous are doing the same, no? You are kidding right? So I should now be expected to refrain from calling a black berry what it is and has always been referred to, just in case it may offend someone? This is the sort of ridiculous clap trap that fuels people to come up with more and more excuses to point the finger at those that dare speak out, rather than those shying away in fear of being offensive, which has nothing to do with courtesy by the way, but rather, cowardice. Curtesy works both ways, along with respect, equality and acceptance. At least in this thread, we agree on something +1
  10. There is no difference, however your example is not reflective of the point being made. The professor in your example has clear intent. Intent on being subtly racist, purposefully demeaning, until Paul complains (absolutely rightly so!) it may not appear that obvious, which was also the intent. I was focusing more on things that have or originally had, no intent towards harassment, racism or discrimination, but are made to appear to be by the extreme activists. For example - I over heard just the other day in a conversation that someone had made a comment that "black berries" should be re-named as the current term is racist. Should we seriously consider this?
  11. This was the focus of the points I was trying to convey earlier in the thread, though not as obvious and bluntly as you have expressed it. When I have listened to JP this attitude seems to be the vein in which he debates such ideas. However, the argument made against this is, who are we to judge who is delusional, nutbars etc... and what is ridiculous or petty.
  12. My father beat me with his belt strap because I'd swore at my mother. She nursed my sores and swellings better. I never swore at/or in front of either of my parents ever again, or since. At the time I thought my father was very strict and harsh, maybe (at least compared with modern times) he was. As I grew older and then had children myself I slowly realised and discovered that my father was actually a very caring and loving person. I never laid a finger on my own children as punishment, I did however allow them to get "burned" once and a while. I love and respect both my parents and learnt a lot about life from both angles.
  13. Why does there have to be a purpose? Which by I mean - a fundamental purpose. Purposes can be assigned and not necessarily intrinsic to existence. But if we insist on assigning a purpose to life then, My favourite idea is that, the ultimate purpose of life is to evolve so that the universe can experience and wonder on itself.
  14. I don't think we have much different views in reality. I think I probably air on the side of tough over soft and you the other way. But I think we both agree on the end goal, just slightly different paths to it. I can't say if my life experiences are any worse or less than others, including your good self. I don't consider myself to have suffered really bad, I'm alive, I'm generally healthy, I have good friends and a loving family, I earn a decent enough living to get me by and a roof over my head. Regardless of my struggles and adversity through the years gone by, compared to most I see myself as very fortunate . In my mind this is just the way the cookie crumbles and I (hope) have learned from my past experiences good and bad, and appreciate my position in this life. Thank you for an informed and interesting post. I have no comment to make, other than I enjoyed reading this and found your personal experiences interesting. This is one of the things that does irritate me about internet forums. Its easy to form an opinion and then judge a person by how and what they post from which is often mis-interpreted, whether that be due to culture differences or the difficulty in expressing emotion through just words or writing style. I'm very often guilty of all this and then realise afterwards I have fallen into the very trap I try to avoid. However I do enjoy these types of discussions, I like to read and try to understand other people's points of view and experiences. Hopefully I can be educated from this and learn to write better. I don't intend to be either offensive or irritating during these debates.
  15. No not necessarily, I think you ned to experience some pain, like I said its about balance. I don't think we disagree with each other on wanting to improve society and acceptance, I just think we share different views on how to go about it. I think this is also the problem with JP in general. Like I have said previously I don't agree with everything JP states, however I don't think he as any particular agenda other than trying to make society better through education, I guess from his own perspective. Yes it may have evolved into "preaching" or at least the perception of such. But I think this is partly down to the media, his new found fame and other influences (maybe financial). You are quite correct, my empathy runs limited, certainly for what in my opinion is over sensitivity. (yes opinions are like ass holes...) You have formed an opinion on my personality however, based on just a few posts on a thread subject that we share slightly different ideas on. Yet you have no idea of my own personal experiences and why I have such a stance. Though its not arrogance, this is a mis-interpretation, maybe I'm to blame for this, due to the style in which I post.
  16. I was referring to your statement rather than the video - "we've all had our share", "some more than others". In other words life is not fair, but that's just the way it is I'm afraid. He used this phrase on me when he found me whining about something, a little reminder that as unfair as it may seem to me at the time, there is a good chance that's its even less fair for someone else somewhere in the world. Sometimes humility can be a useful lesson.
  17. "Some more than others" as my old pappy used to say
  18. Lessons are learnt from experience, this includes hardship and adversity.
  19. I don't "believe" in God either. However, I would assume that if God does exist then why would/should we presume to know the details? A gold fish cannot and does not have the capacity to know, do... and experience all that we do yet we share a common ancestor. If God sits outside of our "reality" then how can we know anything about God?
  20. No thanks, no need to do anything, they don't require advice from me or anyone. They have handled racism all their lives, faced adversity many times. They just don't waste time whining about it feeling sorry for themselves, they act in a productive way to attempt to educate or change people's views towards them. They are my good friends, decent honest hard working people. What makes me smile about this thread is that its been suggested that: thinking I'm perfect, insensitive, uncourteous... when all I'm suggesting is that there are some cases where people are whining about things to seek either attention or sympathy therefore have mental health issues that require addressing firstly. It's a bit like feeding an alcoholic more alcohol cause that makes them feel better. I have no problem with being kinder towards people. But if I interpret you correctly I think your balance is tipped opposite mine and maybe somewhere in the middle is about right. Depends on the preacher and the intent. Of course I'm perfect, aren't we all? You are correct, my courteousness extends only to the point just short of ridiculous, so it all depends on the request and how I feel about it. I don't believe this would be any different for anyone else either. If you say different I don't believe you and would assume you are an hypocrite. If James wants to be known as James and not Sally I'm good with that, I'll do my best to adhere, however if I slip up from time to time don't whine and make a big deal out of it. The world has bigger problems to solve.
  21. And I think I don't "need" to be a bit more anything, this could be your opinion and as you stated "opinions are like buttholes..." I think in the cases I'm considering the vast majority of people (other than the extremists) would also consider the behaviour to be ridiculous. But, times are changing and I accept that moral standards and what is deemed acceptable changes with it, however - My personal stance is, I try to be courteous and considerate as and when possible, but if I get called out for something that in my "opinion" is ridiculous then I'm not going to back down just to be more "PC". I won't repeatedly intend to continue to offend someone, I will accept that we share different opinions and feelings so respectfully decline from further communication or discussions on the subject. But I won't accept that I should change my view to fit in or be accepted by someone just because the risk of offending them. All I'm saying is, where does it all end? When does it get to the stage where people are in fear of making any comment at risk of being branded offensive or a bigot? But life is unfair and tough, over sensitivity can breed weakness in people. A weakness to face up to hardships, facts and deal with issues, instead burying their heads in the sand then complaining that someone else should fix it. Like all good things moderation and balance is required. Tough love is often as productive as soft love (for want of a better term) The right balance between them is the key to success. I don't have names that you would be familiar with, my point was drawn from my own experience interacting with people within my community. I can give you an example. The company I work for produce a particular product, the product is designed to appeal to gender, age, genre... we had a large group of visitors come and as a gesture the company decided to have one product made for each member of the group. Our sales director ordered a quantity of pink hearts design and a quantity of blue star design. This in his mind was to satisfy the ladies and the men . He was called out on this for discrimination, and described as a sexist bigot by some colleagues. He re-considered his actions and decide that the easiest solution was to just offer the neutral design which is non gender specific. Now you may ask, why weren't the people offered the choice, I asked this, and at the time the gesture was meant to be a surprise gift, so asking them to choose was not an option. He realised that in the modern PC world sending the neutral design was the most appropriate thing to do. He had made an honest and reasonable mistake with a considerate original intention. Yet he is now labelled as a sexist bigot. That's just not true, On the contrary, in my experience it tends to be the middle class, white, normally abled, often privileged people who get "oversensitive" sometimes on matters that don't even concern them or affect them directly. I have a couple of friends who are from an Asian ethnic poor minority, living in a white majority area, who do experience racism and deal with it admirably without getting oversensitive.
  22. It's no problem and neither should it be. But if you made a mistake and said "while there HE bought food and supplies. I told HIM it would've been better to wait..." Which is a natural unconscious statement with no intent to offend, then why would Migl be offended?, courtesy works both ways. If Migl felt so strongly about how he is to be identified then he should kindly remind you of this and you would I'm sure show him the courtesy of doing so. However you may find yourself slipping accidentally back back mistake and unconsciously refer to Migl as HIM or HE again. It's this sort of thing that gets my back up, and what my point is aimed at. The world has gone overly PC in my opinion and people are now been called out for all sorts of ridiculous things. No, its weak to sling it around and then blame others I agree that there are people who intentionally offend then claim it to be "just a bit of fun / it was just a joke". But I think in general most people spot this. There is a difference between scientific objectivity and social objectivity. In a court of law scientific objectivity is paramount because personal opinion and interpretation is (should be) irrelevant. In a court the aim is to deal with facts, yet even in such areas, people's interpretations, feelings and context are taken into account. So though not always intentional subjectivity does exist even in courts of law. Where as, there is no place for subjectivity in the scientific method. The problem with taking the stance of total objectivity in a social aspect, is that people can become overly supressed into not speaking their thoughts or opinions in fear of offending. This doesn't mean people should not be courteous and considerate to others, of course they should, we are a civilised (one hopes) society. But how far do we go? I thought freedom of speech is a constitutional right? I don't want to be afraid of calling an apple and apple in fear that the apple actually wants to be identified as an orange. I would like to think I would be courteous to the apple and refer to it as an orange if it chose, however, the apple should not then accuse me of being discriminative or offensive if I slip up occasionally when we are taught in my culture and society that an apple is an apple. So my point is/was that the world has much bigger problems that need politically addressing. People who are (in my opinion) overly sensitive and then dramatize/blow out of context the use of grammar, are either attention/sympathy seeking or/have mental health issues that require professional attention.
  23. I'm not angry concerned or offended, I'm not that sensitive. I don't have a problem with people being sensitive towards others, I advocate such. My issue (thus my point) lies with people being unnecessarily over sensitive and then making a big song and dance out of it, when it is perfectly clear and accepted that the person doing the alleged offending had no intention to do so, or the comment/s made was taken out of context and sensationalised either for attention seeking or sympathy. People should be considerate and sometimes sensitive towards others, but over sensitivity, especially over petty issues, promotes and encourages weakness in people. This is one aspect where the "nanny" state mentality can arise from. Yet another point of view that JP and people who dare to speak out on get slated for.
  24. Yes, perhaps, my point was mainly aimed at those that continually complain about petty PC. iNow replied mainly with examples of purposeful comments that were intentionally designed and aimed at being offensive, even though some appeared to be or attempted to be jokingly cloaked. My point was aimed at the minority who just take things completely out of context when it was evident that the allegation is totally unfounded. But this seems to have gone over everyone's head. So now I'm made out to be unsensitive (which I could take offense at) by not considering everyone's perspective, the irony. There are people dying all over the world from disease, starvation, wars... I'm saying some people need to get a grip and consider those poor people's feelings. JP often takes this approach and is slammed for his opinion, and many times people are offensive towards him. Whether you agree with his claims or not, right or wrong he maybe, considering his perspective and then discussing this can be productive, especially when the things he talks on are "sensitive" subjects.
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