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  1. I'm not sure how you are allowed to post any of your nonsense in any of the sciences in actual fact. You obviously have a "not so hidden" agenda in all you seem to post, evident in the fact that most of that nonsense is shut down in time. The moderators are being extremely lenient with you.
  2. Not really true. There are different sections for different scientific disciplines that are accepted mainstream science. There is also another section for hypothesis and ideas that are not accepted mainstream thinking, and those defending those ideas need to attempt to justify them there. Some ideas are silly, and some are literally bullshit, with the proponent obviously having a hidden agenda. I'm only an interested bystander also, interested in science and the scientific methodology. You have been offered some excellent advice with the following....
  3. Australia switched to the metric system in all its forms including monetary in 1966. I'm reminded that while the USA did not do this, they did lose a Mars Climate Orbiter, because those in charge failed to convert critical measurements from fps system to the cgs system...a costly error.
  4. Here is a Greek Angel, who I saw in concert in 1977 at the Sydney Opera House... Again...
  5. In 1986 when I obviously wore a younger man's clothes, I climbed up on our roof one evening, with my pair of 7x50's, to get a better view of Haley's Comet. After 15 minutes or so, a Police wagon stopped out the front and I was waived down. They told me that some woman from the four story units opposite my house, had rung them up re a "peeping Tom". It was only my Mrs coming out that convinced them of my innocent intentions!
  6. That's totally false and a fabrication to suit your personal agenda. History shows science of all disciplines to be in eternal progress when new evidence comes to light. It's not always immediate, but any new theory or model also needs to "run the gauntlet" as did the incumbent model. History is full of those examples.
  7. You keep on ignoring the answers given to you. The reason why M31 and the MW are on collision was given in the third post to this thread. Plus of course the BB is supported by the four main cosmological pillars, which was also given. I don't see your approach to this subject as honest, sorry.
  8. Stop avoiding the issue as well as questions and do what you have been asked...see NASA [ not some discussion forum where you have repeated your supposed incredulity] if you believe this is anything other then an absolute mundane non event. It is in fact, just that...a non event. Or as another seemingly sensible poster on that forum told you, concentrate on the incredible achievement with this landing as well as the others landings, something that strangely for someone denying pushing a conspiracy nonsense, you have yet even touched on. Why is that?
  9. Apologies for any confusion Alex, I kept mentioning six or so previous landings, when it has been 9. NASA certainly needs for congratulations for the time and effort needed for such momentous difficult missions. After researching some of your previous hilarious claims of utmost certainty in other threads, I find it strange that you can ignore all the other mundane, everyday reasons for your trivial claim...you know, stuff like shadows of other landforms like mountains, hills etc, the colour and content of the soil, the vivid nature of light with refractive and reflective properties, an
  10. Oh, sorry, I thought you said you had nothing more to offer this thread...not that you have offered anything at all in actual fact, other then examples of ignoring all the realistic mundane possibilities, contacting NASA for yourself for explanations, the fact that other landers have been photographed and recorded during landing phase, which you denied, and of course ignoring the facts that Perseverence has been on the surface for a number of days now, to keep the other landers and rovers company. Do you believe that is his agenda?😉 The ignorant based methodology he uses is certainly t
  11. Wheewh! Thank Christ for that!!😉 [as an aside, did you see the movie The Two Popes?] Anthony Hopkins, one of my favourite actors and certainly confirmed your info on the current pope..
  12. How far from now do you suggest? Speaking as an outsider, I see the extremes of politics both left and right as dangerous and unrealistic. While certainly the USA are being held back by the right and the rednecks of their society, does not suggest any collapse of their system. The three scenarios in my opinion that are holding America back, are their archaic gun laws, lack of a universal health care system, and action on climate change. If Biden is successful on reversing and/or modifying those three, I believe the majority of Americans will see and be beneficial of the results and their
  13. The paper is dated 2010. Here is some more recent stuff..... https://arxiv.org/pdf/0901.4597.pdf Thermal recoil force, telemetry, and the Pioneer anomaly: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology 4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, California 91109-8099, USA† (Dated: May 30, 2018) Precision navigation of spacecraft requires accurate knowledge of small forces, including the recoil force due to anisotropies of thermal radiation emitted by spacecraft systems. We develop a formalism to derive the thermal recoil force from the basic principles of radiative
  14. You don't have a model. You have a fairy tale.
  15. Yes, you are and Ghideon has given you possible answers, which "strangely" you see the need to dismiss out of hand. What are your credentials and what expertise do you have? You see anyway it would be rather difficult to give a definitive answer due to circumstances, just a variation of possibilities. Perhaps something as insignificant, trivial and mundane does not need an explanation? Perhaps it's just, you know, an illusion? not worth really commenting on? Did that ever enter into your now rather strange and weird persistence in something so trivial? Or do you have some hidden age
  16. So your saying, in your "expert" opinion, it isn't anything so mundane. So tell us, what you think it is? I mean someone as "expert" as yourself, must have an opinion. Why havn't you checked with NASA, as obviously with the multitude of tricks light can play, as evident with Curiosity and the link I gave, they would be able to give you a definitive answer.
  17. You seem to be an expert on light and its reflective and/or refractive properties. So again, why do you keep ignoring the suggestion to check with NASA, who has successfully landed half a dozen or more probes and rovers. They will probably give you a evidenced based, reasonable answer. In the meantime, I think this is relevant....... https://scitechdaily.com/curiosity-image-captures-mysterious-bright-spot/ A newly released Curiosity image shows a bright spot on the surface of Mars, which was possibly caused by the sun glinting off a rock or cosmic rays striking the camera’
  18. I was raised a Catholic and went to a Catholic school. I would imagine that if the Pope has read some of my comments re religious people that come to science forums, to belittle and attack science, I would now be excommunicated. Oh the pain of it all!!😉 Bingo!! Great answer...there are many good people that one may label believer or atheist, and many bad, evil people on both sides. I mentioned it some time ago, but I don't accept labels and see myself as someone in total support of science and the search for explanations, and the scientific method and what it entails. When we abandon
  19. Oh, OK, my apologies for my suspicious nature. it's just that there is always the ratbag conspiracy nut, all too willing to cry fake, despite the overwhelming, convincing and irrefutable evidence that NASA is the world's leading expert on Martian landings. So, as I previously suggested, why don't you approach the people who launched and landed the rover, and are responsible for maintaining contact with it? Ghideon has also explained the myriad of possibilities.
  20. Have you done as much questionable research into such mundane circumstances with the other many rovers and landers? Will you keep on avoiding answering questions re your intent? Exactly! There could be many explanations and as I have said, NASA would be the place for the correct explanation.
  21. Final paragraph in Markus' post is the obvious question to be answered. To deny something as validated as time dilation/contraction is indefensible. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/einsteins-time-dilation-prediction-verified/#:~:text=To test the time-dilation,ion research in Darmstadt%2C Germany. Physicists have verified a key prediction of Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity with unprecedented accuracy. Experiments at a particle accelerator in Germany confirm that time moves slower for a moving clock than for a stationary one. The work is the most stringen
  22. Why not tell us exactly what you are driving at? Did you notice these "fabricated mundane anomalies" with the other rovers and landers? You know, like the Vikings, Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity, and of course Curiosity...Not to mention Phoenix.
  23. strange?? Naa, not really. But hey, NASA would be the place to get that mundane answer.
  24. I'm sure there's a logical mundane answer to your rather creative conclusion...strange?? Naa, not really. But hey, NASA would be the place to get that mundane answer.
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