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  1. We are all speculating....I see the chances of communicating between advanced intelligent alien species as reasonable speculation. Plus of course the other life forms on Earth only have limited range of vocalizations, and do not fit into advanced civilisations catagory.:
  2. Terrific!!! a link at last!!! Of course though it is just one, and I have given others just as reputable. from your link.....""There must be some commonality between the sender and receiver in order for communication to occur". And mathematics and descriptive geometry could be that commonality. from your link again....."The solution? Computer technology. Raybeck believes the common ground (which is essential for communication) may be as minimal as the ability to process information. Computers could provide a solution, if they can receive and generate complex messages in a human language and could be programmed to create a common language. Given their learning capabilities, computers should refine and improve the process over time." Didn'tthink of that, but hey! worth a try if all other means fail. thanks dimreeper.
  3. I regret disturbing and upsetting you seriously. The point I'm trying to make is that perhaps octopuses and their close cousins, are not as smart as we generally give them credit for. That along with the Hawaiin trap seems to indicate that. Plus of course they still are a staple food diet.(plus it was a reaction to the irrelevant peanut cartoon ) I'm not saying that they are dumb, I'm simply saying to claim evolution could result in them becoming space farers, is nothing but ignorant fantasy, particularly when the party pushing it, fails to acknowledge any of the links supporting my case, refuses to answer the OP question, as you yourslef put, and continues on his weird and wonderful inexplicable irrelevant nonsense.And then gets all pretentiously upset and claims vicitm status.
  4. We have our own thanks...Bernard Tomic, and to a somewhat lesser (well reformed sense) Nick Kyrgios. And really, I do not have that much sympathy for people, (for whatever reason) that chose to ignore the science and medical advice, in favour of something they heard Trump say, or what silly unsubstantiated rumour they heard on facebook from some friend, or any number of the other crazy, looney, Qanon type societies infesting democracies today. Not much sympathy at all.
  5. If I seem angry, you are correct. Myself, the wife and Son have all tested positive, with mild symptoms, although now out of isolation. My wife does have underlying conditions,(asthma) but seems to have recovered OK. I also thought my so called assertions were pretty well supported by the photos I linked to, and I don't believe I said anything about it being exclusively all of them...some are just misguided.
  6. Sorry your highness, I'll try again....I don't believe all the news and reports and photos are fake...I don't know any anti vaxxers personally. EG:the Melbourne march and desecration, the conspircy signs and photos I have linked to...the white house desecration and news and photos. Does that suffice? You think the photos supporting the conspiracy nonsense are fake? What more do you want? A personal interview with one of these nuts? Sorry your highness, here again.... Thankfully, in Australia, we do not now need to worry about these nutbags, as 95% in NSW are fully vaxxed, 93% in Victoria and overall Australia is now in excess of 90% fully vaxxed. Probably the most vaccinated country in the world. Agreed about the generalisation...obviously though, they have been grossly mislead. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/nov/14/qanon-how-the-far-right-cult-took-australians-down-a-rabbit-hole-of-extremism After the US, Britain and Canada, Australia was the fourth largest producer of QAnon content worldwide By 2021, those wanting to believe that QAnonism had mostly spared isolated Australia had an increasing amount of evidence to ignore. Australia’s experience of the coronavirus pandemic between 2020 and 2021 was dominated by a series of rolling lockdowns that trapped Australians at home with a lot of frustration – and the internet – for months at a time. The preponderance of anecdotal accounts detailing encounters with QAnon online could be written off as unrepresentative of what may have been going on in the broader community. Accumulating statistics, however, were a far harder boulder to shift. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: https://www.crikey.com.au/2021/05/18/australians-are-embracing-anti-vaccine-facebook-groups-filled-with-conspiracy-theories-and-lies/ The number of Australians joining anti-vaccine Facebook groups filled with COVID-19 misinformation and conspiracy theories has exploded in the past year, with their membership nearly tripling according to a new report. This drastic increase from groups spreading potentially harmful medical misinformation and conspiracy theories has happened despite the platform’s repeated promises to crack down on such content.
  7. You think the news is all fake like Trump does? You think the white house desecration was an illusion?..the melbourne ANZAC war memorial was an illusion? What do you think? Does it matter? Why the third degree? Do you agree with these anti science, anti establishment, anti vaxxer nuts also? I'm against anyone ignoring the overwhelming scientific conclusions and vaccination requirements. People/generations have been vaccinated all their lives. In certain states in Australia, parents that don't vaxx their kids against whooping cough and other childhood diseases, are not allowed to put their kids into kindagarten, and social welfare payments can also be stopped. It's my right not to be confronted by some fucking unvaccinated infected idiot, that could pass on the disease to me. Thankfully in many areas of society now in Australia, its no vaxx, no job. Djokovic tried to rort the system. He got caught and thankfully thrown out of the country. Plus it now seems likely that the other grand slams ( the French next) will also require him to be vaccinated. He has shit in his own nest.
  8. Like the nut carrying the sign from the Melbourne anti vaxx march.... He has said it himself. I didn't say all of them, but a big majority of them yes.... Yes, yes, the one's crying out freedom!! freedom!!! but at the same time chose to disregard the science and health edicts and law of the land...you know, like obeying red lights, and such.
  9. Not directly, no, but again, if the cap fits and all that. Who were the anti vaxxers???probably the same group amongst the anti vaxxers that raided the White House, and the copy cat mob in Melbourne that desicrated the city war memorial, and the larger part of the majority that have taken part in marches both in my country and the US.
  10. That it is. Did you watch the video from a group in Fiji taking photos when the explosion occurrred? About half way down this link.....third video down....https://www.universetoday.com/154063/tongas-incredible-underwater-volcano-eruption-seen-from-space/
  11. I didn't say he was being childish, I agreed with the gist of the post by Arete thus... But of course Djokovic was known for his rhetoric against vaccinations, and his railing against being forced to align with public health orders and mandatory vaccinations...so he fabricated an excuse. So while I wasn't inferring to Novak directly, just the anti vaxxer hypocritical nutballs, it seems to be a case of "if the cap fits Djokovic, he should wear it" Bingo!!
  12. 100% agree as already noted. Just to elaborate, I'm not saying that advanced intelligent life does not exist, just that the results of abiogenesis that we should eventually find, will be of the most basic and fundamental examples.eg: seaweed or fungi like structures, perhaps in the Oceans of Europa, or the geysers of Enceledus. Perhaps even on a comet or asteroid, or inter-stellar interloper. Or perhaps on Proxima b?
  13. You have a great style! 🤣 Adding to all that of course is the vaccinations we receive as infants and as children...whooping cough, Polio etc. The anti vaxxers childish actions seem to pretend that vaccinations are some sort of new form of non tested or researched, insidious government attempt at mind control or conspiracy.
  14. Moving away from fanciful suggestions regarding octopuses and tomatoes evolving into space faring entities, and considering the possibility of comparable intelligent or advanced life existing somewhere beyond our solar system, probably the most important issue is communication. As mentioned many times, any advanced or comparable intelligence should be familiar with mathematics, (that discipline many orders of magnitude beyond the intelligence of an octopus...or tomato to understand) Probably the closest reasonable intelligent Alien species could possibly exist on is Proxima b, although some anomalies that may prove difficult for life do exist. It orbits Proxima Centauri, a class M red dwarf star that undergoes flaring and extreme magnetic activity, that would not be condusive to life, as we know it, and on the surface. The other known planet orbiting Proxima is a "super Earth" called Proxima c. Proxima b is within the habitable zone, (where water maybe found in liquid form) and Proxima c is at 1.5AU, well beyond. Despite the problems that do exist, perhaps extra effort/s should be made to attempt some communication? Even if they lived underground. (remember, we are talking about comparable beings or advanced...not octopuses or tomatoes) https://www.space.com/38449-how-would-we-talk-to-aliens.html "Most thinkers, including famed astrophysicist Carl Sagan, agree that mathematics could serve as the foundation for our discussions. With that in mind, British scientist Lancelot Thomas Hogben rafted a language system called Astraglossa. Communicated over radio signals, short pulses called "dashes" would represent numbers, and longer batteries of pulses called "flashes" would represent mathematical symbols like addition or subtraction. Once the basics of arithmetic are established between our species, Hogben imagined moving the discussion on to astronomy, a hobby we would obviously both have in common. After all, two aliens species talking about space would probably be like two Earthlings talking about the weather". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arecibo_message This is a demonstration of the message with color added to highlight its separate parts. The binary transmission sent carried no color information. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communication_with_extraterrestrial_intelligence Communication with extraterrestrial intelligence or CETI, is a branch of the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) that focuses on composing and deciphering interstellar messages that theoretically could be understood by another technological civilization.[1] The best-known CETI experiment of its kind was the 1974 Arecibo message composed by Frank Drake. There are multiple independent organizations and individuals engaged in CETI research; the generic application of abbreviations CETI and SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) in this article should not be taken as referring to any particular organization (such as the SETI Institute). CETI research has focused on four broad areas: mathematical languages, pictorial systems such as the Arecibo message, algorithmic communication systems (ACETI), and computational approaches to detecting and deciphering "natural" language communication. There remain many undeciphered writing systems in human communication, such as Linear A, discovered by archeologists. Much of the research effort is directed at how to overcome similar problems of decipherment that arise in many scenarios of interplanetary communication.
  15. Anyhow, he has now well and truly left the country. It appears after all the curfuffle that other nations, (and their tennis grand slams) will be applying the same no vaxx, no play rules.
  16. Well said. Addressing none of the evidence, ignoring the OP as usual, and continuing being obtuse.
  17. I have read with some of the research I have done, that due to the remarkable intelligence of our Oceanic octopuses, that they be banned from dining room tables and restaurants. While I love calamari I would support such a move. Interesting to not that the ancient Hawaiians (probably still doing it) used the following to help capture these creatures...... "This octopus lure called a leho he`e is a tool of trickery. The octopus is attracted to the beautiful cowrie shell and the promise of a tasty meal but upon attack they are scooped up by Hawaiian fisherman. The lures are hung to 480-720 feet (146.4-219.6 m) and shaken up and down to entice the octopus. Not only did fishermen catch octopus for food, the practice was also a sport for the aristocracy. (Smithsonian Collections)" from https://ocean.si.edu/ocean-life/invertebrates/cephalopods
  18. If I can add another...a book entitled "Longitude" by Dava Sobel...a story about solving the greatest scientific problem of the time, and the carpenter that took up the challenge creating the first working chronometer that could be used at sea on an unstable surface, and away from any observational land forms. His name was John Harrison. The problem was monumental and the cause of many tragedies at sea in that age of Oceanic exploration. So much so that King George 111 offered prizes and rewards worth millions today. Even the great Sir Isacc Newton thought it impossible. Another great and learned read.
  19. Not quite as sillier a hair do as the two above, but an illustration of what our Prime Minister is about. The photo was at some pentescostal service he attends every Sunday, affiliated with the Australian Christian Churches, the Australian branch of the Assemblies of God.
  20. Not sure if the following meets your criteria, but by far the best book I have read, was literally a history lesson on 19th century/20th century science. The book was "The Making of the Atomic Bomb" by Richard Rhodes, detailing the work of scientist from Curie, Bequeral, Rhotegen, to Szillard, Bohr, Bethe, Fermi, Einstein, and Feynman, up to Oppenheimer and the Manhatten project. Literally far more a great history of science, then the actual making, and dropping of the bomb and its after effects. Great read!!!
  21. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-60007119 Videos on social media showed traffic jams as people tried to flee low-lying areas by car. One resident, Mere Taufa, said the eruption had hit as her family was preparing for dinner, and her younger brother had thought bombs were exploding nearby. "My first instinct was to take cover under the table, I grabbed my little sister, and screamed at my parents and others in the house to do the same," New Zealand news site Stuff.co.nz quoted her as saying. Ms Taufa said the next thing she knew, water was rushing into their home. "You could just hear screams everywhere, people screaming for safety, for everyone to get to higher ground," she added. The plumes of gas, smoke and ash pouring from the volcano reached 20km into the sky, Tonga Geological Services said. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> https://www.9news.com.au/videos/world/fiji-feels-effects-of-underwater-volcano-eruption/ckygxi5i5000u0jnaiy6z7go0 Fiji feels effects of underwater volcano eruption Villages in Fiji have gone underwater after an underground volcano eruption near Tonga sparked a tsunami.
  22. Well the five test series has concluded with the Aussies giving the Poms a 4-0 drubbing with one test drawn. A poignant and touching moment occurred during the celebrations. Usman Khawaja, ( a muslim who are not allowed to drink alcohol) who scored a century in both innings in the 4th test is also a muslim. The usual cracking open bottles of champaign began on the podium and Usman quickly dismounted the stage to avoid being sprayed. The captain Pat Cummins, noticed him leaving and quickly told his team mates to put the bottles down, and recalled Khawaja to the celebrations. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-17/why-australias-cricket-team-stopped-ashes-celebration/100761016 Why Australia's cricket team stopped their Ashes' celebrations after popping champagne Usman Khawaja (right) jumped off the stage to avoid the champagne spray from teammates amid the Ashes celebrations in Hobart "Spotting his departure, Cummins was seen interrupting the spray and signalling Khawaja to come back to the podium so he could be part of the team celebrations. Khawaja joined the fray, and the team celebrations began anew. Cricket fans spotted Cummins' call and praised the skipper for showing a more inclusive approach to the post-match festivities. Before the series started, late last year Khawaja told the ABC about growing up loving cricket but struggling to identify with an Australian team that had a very different background and experience to him. "I struggled as a young kid to support Australia because I just didn't see any connection between myself and the Australian cricket team," he said. "I felt like they were totally different, white-dominated, the VB-drinking larrikins that I really struggled with in Western Sydney for a long time." The captain’s call shows the team is aware of the need to change its behaviour. There’s been several challenges to the team’s culture in the past few years, with the team in flux after the resignation of Tim Paine after a sexting scandal last year. Cummins' on-field acumen was rarely tested in his maiden series as captain, with a slightly late declaration in Sydney the sole blemish since he took over." ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Beautifully done Pat, and an example of how peoples of different cultures, are able to enact together in the discipline of sport and its great unification ability. I was going to continue about how test cricket compared to baseball, is similar to comparing chess to draughts, but I don't want to upset my Canadian and American members. 😉
  23. But none of the answers given in any link even goes close in supporting your fanciful thoughts. And still far less problem then your own approach of making uninformed way out statements, without any references supporting such...coupled with your emotional reactions and accusations of hypocrisy, plenty of rhetoric, no substance....weird irrelevant videos.... whinging about condescending....eventually admitting I am right, but not admitting I am right ☺️....claiming I am prejudice...claiming I am bluffing...irrelevent "poker" analogies...a general weird cryptic style in answering/avoiding answering, and as has been noted by others. All in all, scraping the bottom of the barrel, in a vane effort to promote your life philosophy. 🤭😆That's exactly what you don't do my friend! Childishly refusal to answer the OP, childish accusations, no references, no links. But just in case you keep missing my links for some unknown magical reason, here we go again..... https://www.quora.com/Could-octopuses-theoretically-evolve-to-become-a-space-faring-civilization-If-yes-what-do-you-think-it-could-look-like https://www.researchgate.net/publication/303652521_Beyond_the_Octopus_From_General_Intelligence_Toward_a_Human-Like_Mind https://next.voxcreative.com/sponsored/11387354/here-are-5-things-serious-scientists-believe-about-extraterrestrial There just the references and links on this page...too lazy to go back further.... See the previous links, and if you are able, post references supporting your stance. Your pretense is not very convincing. 🥱 You forgot my prejudice and my bluffing! 😄 Yes I reject your fanciful proclomations/claims, and support those rejections with links and references. So why didn't you say that? Instead of beating round the bush, essentially trying to make yourself something you are not? ( I'm not pretending to be a scientist or a philosopher; just saying what I see.) I didn't say it would be easy either. I said "universal" mathematics and descriptive illustrations and geometry, would likely be a means of communications, with advanced beings, not with octopuses and tomato plants. eg: our own Pioneer and Voyager probes. Since it seems it has gone over your head, my mention of spiderman and sandman was to illustrate the fanciful nature of your own predictions. Again, from a previous link...."The problem with the “Is it possible?” class of questions is that our explorations of the world have taught us that it is unwise to put constraints on what is possible. It may be more useful to address the probability of this happening." Reminds me of a time in the forties during WW2 when they commenced the Manhatten project. The probability of a fission bomb igniting the atmosphere and destroying the world was raised. It was discarded by the scientists, and many many explosive fission devices since have supported that. Agree with you, and invoke the same clause..."The problem with the “Is it possible?” class of questions is that our explorations of the world have taught us that it is unwise to put constraints on what is possible. It may be more useful to address the probability of this happening." In essence, DM is nothing more then a source of gravity, and life (as we know it) interacts with the other known forces via chemical reactions, which obviously DM does not..
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