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  1. https://www.livescience.com/mars-doorway-not-for-aliens The 'doorway' seen on Mars is not for aliens. Here's how it really formed. No, this is NOT a doorway for Martians. Although the internet erupted on Thursday after a photograph from NASA's Curiosity rover appeared to show an "alien door," experts are pretty sure it's just a natural feature of the Martian landscape. "This is a very curious image," British geologist Neil Hodgson, who has studied the geology of Mars, told Live Science. "But in short – it looks like natural erosion to me." Curiosity snapped the image with its Mast camera ("Mastcam" for short) on May 7, and it was released by NASA later in the week. more at link.............................. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: reminds me of........
  2. I think that is part and parcel of what I was saying. Men will obviously be better at some sport, then women, simply because of their generally greater strength and size. They may also in other sports be more skilled, simply for the reasons I have stated in experience, and also opportunities. Womens Rugby League, Union, and Soccer are becoming a regular thing now in Australia. In fact in junior Rugby League girls and boys play together in competition up until about the age of 10 or so......... https://www.playrugbyleague.com/laws-of-the-game-community/junior-league-laws-6-12s/ https://www.playrugbyleague.com/laws-of-the-game-community/junior-league-laws-6-12s/ We also have Rugby League (the greatest game of all) played by those with disabilities......https://www.nswrl.com.au/competitions/community-and-affiliates/nsw-physical-disability-rugby-league/
  3. Ahh yes, we in Australia call those that push this so called entitlement and individual rights issue with guns, drugs, no mandatory injections, etc etc "snivel libertarians". The same snivel libertarians that are the first to call the police or authorities, when something goes amiss in their lives. In Sydney at this time, we have had an outbreak of gun violence and killings. The guns are obviously illegal and the killings are a tit for tat thingy with opposing bikie/drug syndicate orginisations. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-05-12/gangland-power-struggle-fuelling-violence-in-nsw/101058848 While a police taskforce has been in operation in trying to contain these tit for tat killings and the increasing possibility that an innocent bystander may be an unattended victim one day, many are of the opinion that we should let them simply kill each other off. On the continued American mass killings and gun availability, isn't this due in main to your NRA? How can such an orginisation become so powerful? It seems to me that it is these "snivel libertarians", that cling to the old west days, that are running America? Or is it because, (as I would guess most likely) that many of your senators and government officials are also members of this NRA?
  4. Probably a minimal effect. I did find this though.............................. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0012825220302257#:~:text=If the tidal forces influence,of the baselines of Figs. Tidal modulation of plate motions: Abstract: While mantle convection is a fundamental ingredient of geodynamics, the driving mechanism of plate tectonics remains elusive. Are plates driven only from the thermal cooling of the mantle or are there further astronomical forces acting on them? GPS measurements are now accurate enough that, on long baselines, both secular plate motions and periodic tidal displacements are visible. The now >20 year-long space geodesy record of plate motions allows a more accurate analysis of the contribution of the horizontal component of the body tide in shifting the lithosphere. We review the data and show that lithospheric plates retain a non-zero horizontal component of the solid Earth tidal waves and their speed correlates with tidal harmonics. High-frequency semidiurnal Earth's tides are likely contributing to plate motions, but their residuals are still within the error of the present accuracy of GNSS data. The low-frequency body tides rather show horizontal residuals equal to the relative motion among plates, proving the astronomical input on plate dynamics. Plates move faster with nutation cyclicities of 8.8 and 18.6 years that correlate to lunar apsides migration and nodal precession. The high-frequency body tides are mostly buffered by the high viscosity of the lithosphere and the underlying mantle, whereas low-frequency horizontal tidal oscillations are compatible with the relaxation time of the low-velocity zone and can westerly drag the lithosphere over the asthenospheric mantle. Variable angular velocities among plates are controlled by the viscosity anisotropies in the decoupling layer within the low-velocity zone. Tidal oscillations also correlate with the seismic release.
  5. The first BH candidate was Cygnus X-1. Simply put, one would need to be able to describe the observed action of the accretion disk associated with it, and the fact that matter was appearing to disappear into nothing....BH, or a gravitationally completely collapsed object was the best scientific theory we could have. Considering that a BH of sorts was also possible under Newtonian mechanics, called a Dark Star and proposed in the late 1700's by a bloke called John Michell. Jocylin Russell and her little green men!
  6. Practice makes perfect? Men traditionally are generally more sport oriented then women, and generally experience far more competition which has been handed down through the evolutionary ages, and obviously are generally larger and stronger.
  7. The WNRL (Women's National Rugby League) has become quite popular in the Eastern Australian states in recent times. They played with great passion, skill and pride. I would have loved mixing it with some of them!!πŸ˜‰
  8. Drunk or sober. Instead of pontificating on my position and age, I would be more concerned with your own generally unworkable life philosophy, and that position never being able to be achieved, along of course with your condescending nature. That imo points to a wasted life.
  9. This was a joke told by the late, great Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, after the winged keel Australian yacht won the America's cup for the first time ever.......
  10. No of course not. I was simply trying to add more information. Tetonic action is of course more due to the extreme pressures and temperatures deep within the Earth's crust and the convectional magma currents.
  11. Despite the antics of Crocodile Dundee (alias Paul Hogan) and Fosters Lager, VB is the most popular in Australia followed I think by XXXX Gold. I still drink Fosters when VB maybe unavailable, but my Son drinks Asahi, (despite my threats to disown him πŸ˜‰) an imported Japanese Lager. In recent times there is now a heap more variety with many imported types on the market. πŸ˜… If that's what makes you happy. One of our greatest Prime Mnister's Bob Hawke was well known for being a drinker and was at one time when President of the ACTU (Australian Council of Trade Unions) photographed drinking a yard glass... The big bloke to his left is imo Australia's greatest ever PM's Gough Whitlam. Bob Hawke on being elected then swore of drinking for the term of his prime ministership and was true to his word. "Mr Hawke explained why it was so important he gave up the beers. β€œI said to myself, β€˜If you are going to become prime minister of this country, you cannot be in a position where you can make a fool of yourself in front of the country’,” he said. β€œI never had a drop for the whole period I was prime minister.” https://www.news.com.au/national/politics/bob-hawkes-complicated-relationship-with-drinking/news-story/f1e3e06cc2d0826f30f6a8c4a7bd9cc3 The member's Bar in Parliament House......
  12. If anyone served me a beer above 10C, I would throw it back at them...either Ale or Lager. I have already given token support for decriminalisation. Isn't it? You seem to want free reign on the legality and availability of drugs in society from where I am. But if I am wrong, then please explain yourself, in simple language, without any of your jibes or condescending, and I will gladly retract.
  13. You wish! 😁 Full flavoured, full strength beer; the gentle fruitiness of the aroma compliments the sweet maltiness in the mouth which in turn balances perfectly with the clean hop bitterness of the finish.
  14. A suggestion. In this age of political correctness, I recommend that we drop the name "Black Hole" to a more acceptable and correct title, such as "Gravitationally Completely Collapsed Object" or a GCCO ☺️
  15. Not sure if it has been mentioned yet, but the tidal buldge of the Ocean's when the Moon is overhead, is also actually slightly ahead of the overhead Moon, a result of the rotating Earth, and the fact that some of that energy is transferred to the Oceanic tidal buldge via friction.
  16. So, we can expect you from this moment on, to only comment on posts directly addressed to you? Social norms (with regards to alcohol) yes. Pressures such as advertisements about "it's man's drink" and similar, probably could be. I saw somewhere where you don't like beer? That's OK, but next time, as we down under do...make sure it is VB and chilled. Pommies and other places I hear don't have it chilled. Nothing worse then a warm beer!! πŸ˜‰ And you would be entirely wrong. It's even better not to hide behind any political and/or philosophical bias. I have nothing to hide ol mate!
  17. πŸ˜… You actually speak from a position of ignorance. Far from being conservative, I akways try and speak from a position of political neutrality, or perhaps irrespective of any political movement or position. As a union delegate as a young bloke, I was well in line to progress to organiser and further up the union ladder. Over time though, and not fully adherring to established union policy, I was by-passed. I have also been called a dirty rotten commo c***. And I assure you age has not diminished that. My moral standings havn't really shifted, and I still reject and abhore some of your philosophical positions, particularly on punishment, torture and of course the legality of current illegal drugs. Instead of pontificating on my position and age, I would be more concerned with your own generally unworkable life philosophy, and that position never being able to be achieved, along of course with your condescending nature. That imo points to a wasted life. And of course, for any Idiot to claim sarcastically stupidly or otherwise, that the elderly should not vote, shows the mentality of some, that believe that because they themselves had moments of weakness in the past to dabble with this illegal crap, we should give everyone else that same choice, is selfish at best and criminal at worst. Sort of bringing as many as possible down to their level. ps: And yes, you did twist my statement, to suit your own agenda. But unlike you, and your philosophy, I have some sympathy towards the Hitler youth, rather then the monster Hitler himself. Let me refresh your memory of how this furphy you seem so obsessed with started.. You then went on and said...... I replied.......................... And then your obsession started. Much of your claims against prohibition were personal thoughts and imo no more the propaganda to suit your agenda. Another relevant one was with regards to a poll in WA confined to that state, and confined to school kids. I pointed out the short comings in that poll. Then with regards to your's and TheVat's idea about reduced or no governments and government controls, I showed that to be the furphy of which it most certainly is......You dear Peterkin, and I, would probably not be here for a number of reasons if it were not for some form of government control or legislation. The furphy that governments should not prohibit you from doing what you want, despite the chances of it being harmful to you, sounds strangely a lot like Jordan Peterson and Trump. I'm in favour of drug prohibition as it stands in my country. I see acohol as an accepted social necessity in all walks of life and society. I don't see any benefit of adding any other mind altering drug to that list. I could though support decriminalisation for perhaps the milder forms such as cannibis. That's not the same as making it legal. I challenge the various examples and articles claiming legalising of drugs that are currently illegal, as morally wrong.
  18. When will you ever get over this obsession you have with proof? Or is this just more of your usual condescending? My claim of fabricated propaganda is highlighted in the following. See above. It appears to be the position that you are advocating. Or conversely mount a fabricated propaganda campaign against prohibition and the furphy of government control, and some, (the more gullible) will approve of being able to do what ever we want. And to (shock horror!!) repeat myself again, you have openly expressed your philosophy against government control. You see what you need to accept is that perhaps in some circumstances there maybe too much government control. See the difference? My apologies if that sounds condescending. I have yet to see any example of it though in this thread...I fully support government control on dangerous illegal drugs, and the fact that adding more to the legal list is defeating the purpose...The same way I support government control re the other situations I have mentioned and you have side-stepped...here's somemore...mandatory vaccinations in certain industries...mandatory lockdowns when deemed necessary.
  19. Sorry, I misunderstood. False propaganda? sure, your own sometimes naive political ravings for example...You know about the evils of authority, and such. It appears to be the position that you are advocating. Go look and check out many of your own posts. Me three for my own Son...then driven him back next day to pick up his car.
  20. Great stuff! hope some of our anti relativists are taking note. That's the way I read the report also. The following is an interview with Professor Katie Bouman. Bouman spoke with AFP shortly after the breakthrough announcement. https://phys.org/news/2022-05-milky-black-hole.html Why was it harder to see Sagittarius A*?β€” "We collected the data for both M87* and Sgr A* in the same week in 2017, but it took us so much longer to make a picture of Sgr A* than M87*. "Sgr A* has a lot of other things that are going on that make it a lot more challenging for us to make an image. We're actually observing the black hole through the plane of the galaxy. And that means that the gas in the galaxy actually scatters the image. It makes it look like we're looking at the black hole through, like, a frosted window, like in a shower. That's one challenge. "But I would say the biggest challenge that we face is the fact that the black hole is evolving really quickly. The gas in M87* and Sgr A* is moving at roughly the same speed. But whereas it takes days to weeks to make a full orbit around M87*, for Sgr A*, it's evolving from minute to minute."
  21. OK, accepted. Government laws and prohibitions are necessary for any society to succeed and beneficial. I would have though that was obvious, but of course sometimes people are just blinkered. Let me count the ways...traffic laws and prohibitions, DUI, compulsory super, compulsory health levies etc etc etc. As usual you are playing games and being condescending. The statement stands. The only unworkable societies are the one's you pretentiously push, over a few threads, as amply shown. Except you twist the meanings to suit your own agenda. I fully understand the dangers of excess alcohol drinking and the need for education. You also despite your pretense, should understand the acceptance of alcohol being a social necessity in all forms of life.
  22. Likewise, proof of the above....you show me your's and I'll show you mine. Remember you demanded proof, not isolated bits of evidence.
  23. Or conversely mount a fabricated propaganda campaign against prohibition and the furphy of government control, and some, (the more gullible) will approve of being able to do what ever we want.
  24. And simply an accepted part of society protocol acceptance and necessity. That is the crux of my argument with any silly suggestion of trying to ban alcohol. Unlike others here, you have put a concise argument for decriminalising cannibis and even making it legal. The figures in Australia are "Attitudes towards legalising recreational cannabis in Australia have shifted over the last decade, according to the NDSHS more Australians now support legalisation of cannabis than remain opposed; 41% of Australians now support the legalisation of cannabis, 37% remain opposed, and 22% are undecided". WIKI I would though question the poll again, on the premise of whether those taking part were thinking decriminalisation or making it legal. My opinion remains as is though, and I simply don't accept that making another mind altering drug freely available is not the way to go. And possibly neither will anything else.
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