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  1. thank you all for the answers, I didn't think so many people would answer
  2. this how looks most of stats whenever you look
  3. I wonder why alcohol which is a heavy / middle drug is legal and light drugs are banned such as LSD, mushrooms, weed, also the country could earn a lot to sell MJ, Phi saw that banning is not a solution, people will continue to take, of course but in smaller amounts, if it is not common, there will be no such damage as to the rebellion, I don't know, alcohol is deeply rooted in culture, people can perceive it not as something for their good but as another "muzzle", there is also the second the option that they can accept it, after some time and after protests, as it was in Poland a few months ago when the government wanted to tighten abortion laws, every day there were several thousand women on the streets in each large city, especially near the parliament, but later it was Covivivivi, now this things with Ukraine, and peoples stopped talking about it, the topic is almost completely dead. Anyway I think that prohibition will not come back, it would be too controversial, unless alcohol is something completely normal everywhere, who even care about people who suffer from it, as I mentioned, pathological families are very common in Poland, neighbors will not even call the police because they will not After all, it is more important to run away and have fun at the party. and of course that dont solve all of this problems, peoples be using drugs even when they be illegall but well maybe in small amounts, so the problem will be smaller ??? and of course alcohol is not a problem in itself, but there is a problem in people, but they don't seem to care about hurting other people, they just want fun and escape. that's how I see it. I'm sorry that I write such a font, but I write from the translator that it will be just faster than looking all the time so that I can translate one word every moment. this dont work like that, maybe in Us where the govermnet has more respect for peoples yeah that's what I wanted to emphasize by this, but what do you mean saying this strange "color commentary"? oh now i know what to do to make the font normal heh
  4. One of the reasons why drugs are illegal and in my opinion the main reason is that they are a threat to society and cause unethical behavior of addicts or people using drugs occasionally, such as car accidents, home abuse, theft for drug funding, for drugs like meth, you may be bolder to rape or kill someone, upbringing disorders of children when parents are addicted, giving birth to handicapped children while the mother is pregnant and taking drugs or taking drugs before pregnancy etc. maybe I'm stupid but I really can't understand what makes alcohol less harmful to society than the rest of drugs, here in Poland it is very common alcohol using, its like culture if you don't drink you are strange, most families are brought up in pathologies, there are many accidents because the driver was drunk, I even have some friends who said they were beaten by their parents, one had a broken arm when his father got pissed, and beat him all over, one of them committed suicide. What are your thoughts? if you are for or against banning alcohol, if not why?
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