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  1. Hmm... In this case, I wonder if freedom of speech includes a right to create spamming bots. After all, spamming bots are just an information technology that I should be able to use to spread my speech. Or otherwise, where is that important line between spamming manually and making a script that does the same - I guess, they didn't explain this in their proposition? ... (Btw, maybe we should also take a quick look at search engines and rights of their owners to moderate search results - like result ranking. I just read Google did something particular in Australia.)
  2. Did you measure already how much and where the energy is being lost in your car? If you are studying you should have some picture how much energy is lost in batteries (charge/discharge cycle, self-discharging), how much is lost in inverter (if any), how much is lost in motor (resistance, eddy currents, hysteresis), how much is lost in transmission (if any), rolling resistance, air resistance, accessories power consumption... If you have this data then you can compare with other electric vehicles and check where you should be able to make an improvement. If you didn't do such part-by-part measurements already, then I think you should.
  3. My understanding: the way a privately controlled company moderates its social platform is a from of speech - that is, moderation is speaking. Companies are responsible about their moderation policies in the same way as speakers are responsible for their speech. Companies should have freedom in choosing their moderation policies under same rules as for the public speech itself. (Btw, I am not that much impressed with actions big companies did last few days... I hope you also agree that these came too late to be praised for either bravery, morals or foresight.)
  4. Is there such thing as a paint that looks like a glossy metal (like stainless steel or nickel-plated steel). For example, a cheaper sink tap might have a plastic handle, but 'painted' to look like metal - is this a paint or what? Is it something that I can simply buy in a store (I have no experience... maybe it is just that easy)? I need to make some ordinary carbon steel parts look shiny. I am thinking about nickel-electroplating but it seems a bit expensive where I am (and I am also afraid that there are different steel grades welded together in these parts and I am not sure if this can cause problems when electroplating). So, do I have a paint or some other option instead? (to be used indoors, occasionally touched by hands).
  5. I actually prefer chairs without armrest - so I guess it is individual (It is because I tend to pull my legs up, sit on a leg and perform other unsightly poses - armrests limit this. Another unhappy thing about armrests is that I sometimes like to pull myself and the chair almost under the desk, and armrests prevent this. In any case, I am a person who constantly wiggles on his seat.) Fiveworlds, I wouldn't dare to buy an expensive chair without testing it. It is one thing that you should not choose by just surfing the web (and/or asking other people - chairs are individual). But if something (corona?) prevents you from going out and testing chairs, I am pretty sure that whatever you choose it will be much better for you than a kitchen chair. So, go for it in any case.
  6. lol, anything discussed on this forum has a purpose... to be discussed on the forum. Seriously, don't you think the word 'purpose' is has a funny purpose - it is a word that actually tells something about a subject, while disguised as if it tells something about an object.
  7. I think that the strongest benefit of modern renewables (solar and wind) is that these technologies are compatible with private entrepreneurship. This drives efficiencies and lowers prices. Likewise, the biggest weakness of nuclear (fission) is that this technology is inherently under heavy government control (among else, due to possible plutonium production). For most countries this almost guarantees sluggish development, inefficiencies and high prices. I personally would accept to have underground nuclear power stations so that the surface remains uncluttered with wind towers and solar panels. At the moment it is not at all bad, but erecting 10 or 20 times more wind towers is a worrying thought to me. Can you be more specific on the Switzerland example. Is there enough wind power? Is there enough infertile land for solar power? I ask because Switzerland is not a very large country, yet it uses about 35MWh per capita (if I found correct data). Makes me wondering if Switzerland at all has a non-nuclear option if it would want to achieve energy independence?
  8. Yes, this is also my understanding. In fact, as I understand, the PingTang telescope can never use its whole dish to listen a single (point) source. But I don't understand what is the advantage, if any, in comparison to a synchronized array of small movable-dish telescopes? The price?
  9. Thanks.... Can you hint a possible mechanism? Just to get an idea. I understand a vaccine shot can protect from multiple strains of viruses, but I guess this is not the case with the corona vaccine.
  10. I still didn't read anywhere if we have an estimation how long the vaccine protection might last(*). Do you know? More generally, is it at all possible that a vaccine protection lasts longer than the protection obtained after getting over an actual illness? Finally, the controversial question, do manufacturers have a technology to program vaccine protection time? You know, like when you buy an iPhone and then it slows down once it suits the manufacturer. (* It does happen to me that sometimes I expect some information to have high visibility, but newspapers do not show much interest in it.)
  11. I guess there is some hope that some hydrothermal vents organisms from Earth could find a nice spot also in Europa ocean. Sure, I would support doing this only if we prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that the chosen world is sterile. And I still very much hope that Europa is not sterile. Another guess is that organisms that are left to evolve on another planet would soon turn inedible* - or better said, not directly edible, but with some advanced scientific cooking we should still be able to derive some nutrients and energy from them. (* pigs probably can never turn inedible, no reason to panic. But other, less palatable animals, probably will incorporate some poisonous chemistry into their metabolism as an adaptation to foreign worlds)
  12. I would much prefer a modern telescope than the wall between USA and Mexico. But i guess the US congress could still find valuable to debate about it.
  13. I don't assume malice, but I would accept only few reasons for the wreckage: - an earlier decision that maintenance expenses are too heavy and the telescope is to be left-on-its-own - a beyond-design-basis event If a maintenance program was in operation, then it was inadequate. Maintenance should maintain. The reason I mention this is because the above photo can be used by anti-scientists for their agenda ("look how they spend your money"). If the telescope was intentionally abandoned, that must be clearly communicated to the public.
  14. Why the antenna broke - funds withdrawal or incompetent/malicious management? It does not look like an accident to me.
  15. After how long? I guess they have reason to believe that the protection is not only temporary?
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