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  1. Still, you occasionally need some window heating during winter. Do all electric cars have heating mesh also in front window?
  2. Ok - this is somewhat possible. It can be that AstraZeneca spoke about predictions, but EU politicians presented them as actual promises to public (for example my prime minister would use the wording 'we secured xyz doses from AstraZeneca'). But is still puzzling... There are many prime ministers in EU - somebody had to misinform all of them because they hardly ever cooperate (even in a misconduct). This somebody, I guess, could be the team that negotiated with AstraZeneca. The team members either had to be villains or dumb enough to misunderstood AstraZeneca predictions as promises... On
  3. (I don't know wood.... It is not probably the best thread, but I didn't feel like opening a new one) A small solid wooden beam (about 0.1x0.1x1.5m) is fastened at one end to metal plates (by screws); the other end is free. The sideways force acts on the beam. Is there any preference how I should place the screws (perpendicular to force direction or parallel to it - see sketches A and B below)? It is an oak beam. The force is impulse-like (not steady) - like if someone step on the beam from time to time.
  4. Not sure what an evidence would be... I found the following passage on wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxford–AstraZeneca_COVID-19_vaccine) : "On 22 January 2021, AstraZeneca announced that in the event the European Union approved the COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca, initial supplies would be lower than expected due to production issues at Novasep in Belgium. Only 31 million of the previously predicted 80 million doses would be delivered to the European Union by March 2021." On the same page there is following data (indicating that indeed the number of delivered vaccines by Mar
  5. Knowing myself, I would probably do nothing. I am not an activist... But I would be interested to learn if a simple sales lie caused the distrust avalanche that will eventually kill people.
  6. You are smart.... Did you ever work in sales? Fine, we don't have enough information. Should we demand it?
  7. Somebody powerful enough that has some interest (revenge, perhaps)... Sorry, I have hard time finding the right words or terms in English and so my writing might not always be clear (I might use terms that are too narrow or too wide).
  8. Do you think their wrong estimation was a honest mistake or do you think their estimation was basically correct but somebody inflated it when presenting to EU public?
  9. But this is my whole point. The numbers presented to EU public were not just slightly higher than was actually realized. They were outrageously higher. How came such a large mistake? What is your explanation, then?
  10. Hmm, because otherwise I have to believe that pharmaceutical companies were not capable to estimate their own production capabilities, not even close. And this is hard to believe for such experienced companies. (Yes, it can be that evil EU politicians fabricated and influenced all of it... companies were really careful when making promises, but EU politicians presented overinflated promises to the public... then companies made clear public statements that they never made such overinflated promises... but evil EU politicians managed to suppress such statements and even rewrote them to look
  11. I fully agree. And I think EU failed big time... (and it will fail every time a quick decision must be maid). Still, I would be surprised if companies were honest when they made initial delivery estimations - this dishonesty now opens a space for EU politicians to clear themselves of their own guilt. Sadly.
  12. I am struggling to find good media articles in English that mention official statements given by AstraZeneca that AstraZeneca will not be able to keep up with their delivery promises to EU... here is one that I just googled: https://www.sortiraparis.com/news/coronavirus/articles/241757-astrazeneca-vaccine-new-shipping-delays-in-the-eu/lang/en "...this reduction could reach 60% of doses secured in the first quarter of the year, for a total of 31 million doses instead of the 80 million doses expected in the EU..." Here is another article (but without numbers): https://www.cnbc.com/2021
  13. I don't understand this part. The quantity and schedule of vaccine shots promised by politicians was clearly much more optimistic than actually realized - are you saying that politicians lied about what they agreed with companies (and somehow intimidated companies not to deny such lies)? Or are you saying that politicians somehow managed to extort such unrealistic promises from sales departments of those companies? Maybe, but imo the simpler explanation is that the promises politicians obtained from companies were already inflated. (European politicians might be too dumb and incapable to
  14. But when companies started making delivery deals, they somehow overestimated their capabilities by a large margin. Where was all those great experience and knowledge then? I am not buying it - they knowingly overstated their delivery capabilities only to get contracts. Now people feel betrayed and then any irrational behavior is not unexpected. I honestly believe that in continental Europe people feel betrayed by AstraZeneca (being it for righteous reason or not). Media sense this and cherry-pick the stories to publish. I think this is all that there is, but AstraZeneca is not withou
  15. Who knows (But If you love conspiracy theories, here is a pet of mine -> AstraZeneca promised vaccine shots to Germany, and Merkel promised this to German people... then AstraZeneca sold vaccines elsewhere... Merkel waited to slap them back and the opportunity came quickly .)
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