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  1. As a Star Wars fan myself I will say that yes people do take Star Wars very seriously but we all know its pretend. As for applying physics to Star Wars I know its not going to go well what with Star Wars being pretend and all, so that's why I posted in The Lounge.
  2. True, but the part about Samuel Jackson playing Mace Windu and using a purple bladed lightsaber was obviously not meant to be taken seriously, unless lightsabers are real, (and sadly they aren't.)
  3. My post was supposed to be humorous and not taken too seriously, that's why I posted it in The Lounge but for some reason it's been moved to the Physics section.
  4. I briefly talked about this before on this forum about the process of how a car works, gasoline burns and in doing so gives off kinetic energy which goes through a bunch of processes (pushing pistons, turning gears, ect.) until finally it gets to the wheels and serves its intended purpose, moving the car forward. Anyway I believe it was mentioned here that about 80 percent of the energy is lost, its lost in the form of heat and friction. If only 20 percent of the energy is used to make the car go that's quite inefficient, can we make cars more efficient?
  5. What I learned in physics about visible light is that the shorter the wavelength the more energy it has, thus red which has the longest wavelength is the outermost color on the rainbow because it bends the least, colors with longer wavelengths bend less and also have less energy. Likewise, violet has the shortest wavelength and that's why its the innermost color on the rainbow, because it bends the most with its short wavelength. Also since it has the shortest wavelength it has the most energy so therefore violet lasers are the most powerful. So this being the case I would like to say that Samuel Jackson is smart. Samuel Jackson who played Mace Windu wanted a purple lightsaber. George Lucas said he could have blue or green but Jackson insisted on purple so Lucas gave him what he wanted. So Samuel Jackson was smart to want purple since violet has the most energy and violet lasers are the strongest, so Samuel Jackson AKA Mace Windu has the strongest lightsaber.
  6. Yes, a fictional and very funny character.
  7. So are you saying Howard Wolowitz isn't a scientist?
  8. An engineer is a specific type of scientist. The term "scientist" is very broad, an engineer is just a specific type of scientist, there are many different types of scientists. Not all scientists are engineers but engineers are all scientists, of a type.
  9. An engineer is a scientist. The Wright Brothers were engineers, so there you have it, an engineer is a scientist, a type of scientist. And I do believe the Wright Brothers did become relatively wealthy from their airplane inventions. From early on Jeff Bezos displayed scientific interests and technological proficiency and he graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree in electrical engineering and computer science. Elon Musk graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in physics. Bill Gates took computer science courses. I would say all three had some training in science in their educational backgrounds. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard because he didn't need to go there anymore, he was ready to start his career in computers.
  10. For somebody with a passion for science, it can, in my opinion, be a very rewarding career. Also, there's lots of wealth in a career as a scientist, indeed you can make mountains of money. Something that is inaccurate, I believe, about the fictional character of Sheldon Cooper, is that he isn't rich. He lives in an apartment that he shares with Leonard. A good scientist should be rich enough to be able to live in a mansion. Im not saying a scientist necessarily would live in a mansion, just that a good scientist should be able to afford to live very well if one wants to. Take for instance Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates. There you have it, scientists make mountains of money.
  11. Who would've thought that the inventions of Charles Babbage and Alexander Graham Bell would be merged and miniaturized. Now, if we could only do the same thing with the inventions of Henry T Ford and the Wright Brothers.
  12. So having electric engines would be less polluting, not just in terms of emissions but in terms of other factors such as friction.
  13. Motors for any kind of gas or electric machine be it a car, lawnmower, ect.
  14. Well I don't see why such pollutants would be any worse in an electric motor than they would be in a gasoline motor. So is there any point to having smoke stacks?
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