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  1. I don’t want to turn this into a tit for tat discussion about the emotional subjectiveness that pollutes science. I accept we are all human and being human myself, Id just like to point out that if there has been no mockery here and the emotional risk is all mine then Bruce Springsteen must be an amazing physicist? I can do sarcasm too but that’s not science! I don enjoy the banter but I’d like to stick to the issue at hand, my theory is most likely flawed, i accept the odds, can we put our egos aside and point me in the right direction? It’s clear that this isn’t the place developers com
  2. The problem with science is scientists, emotion creeps in and blurs true observation, thank you for all your emotive responses, mocking me is less productive than what I’m doing. Yes the thought crossed my mind if it’s so simple why hasn’t anyone thought of it; it’s hard finding flawed theories on the internet people tend not to post them as much. Yes I don’t have a deep background in physics but I have studied physics at university level but definitely no expert. And yes I want someone to do all the hard work I make no secret about that mainly because things are a lot harder wh
  3. I cant reveal much at all because the principal is quite simple. I understand that for every action there’s an opposite and equal reaction but all i can say is that if my hypothesis is correct then this law doesn’t apply. Its quite possible that my hypothesis is flawed in some way that I cant see, but I’m in the difficult position. If I’m right I’d need to protect my rights to the innovation but the only way i can find out if I’m right is to run it past someone who’d be able to determine if my hypothesis is sound. If I were to post it in an open forum it becomes public knowledge
  4. Hello All, I have an innovation that I’d like to patent. I believe I have conceptualised a reaction-less propulsion system that would run on electricity alone. My innovation is only in the hypothetical stage as I have no way of creating a working model. I am looking for an entrepreneur/developer to take my innovation from the hypothetical stage through to the patent stage. I would want to retain 100% ownership of the patent giving exclusive usage rights to the developer for only 1% of the gross revenue as royalty. I’m new to this forum and I apologise if this post is inappropria
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