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  1. chenbeier

    Organic Research Project

    In alcaline conditions also the imid group will be destroyed.
  2. chenbeier

    Fundamental question on acids/bases

    If you look from outside the electrical charges are neutral, because every H+ is neutralized by a Cl-. The reaction what is going on is solvation with the water, were H2O attract H+ to a H3O+.
  3. chenbeier

    CrO4 stability in aqueous NaCl?

    Chromate only dissolved by acidic solutions or rduction compounds. NaCl alone is not able to do it.
  4. chenbeier


    Co(NH3)62+ => Co(NH3)63+ + e- Oxidation H2O2 + 2 e- => 2 OH- Reduktion
  5. On safe side take a electrical fireplace.
  6. Then you need a lot of that stuff, the business card should be wet and the guy who hand it over had to wear gloves.
  7. Wrong. Copper is already Tetra aquo complex slight blue colour First is [Cu(H2O)4]SO4 + 2 NH3 => Cu(OH)2 + (NH4)2SO4 + 2H2O Cu(OH)2 + 4 NH3 => [Cu(NH3)4(OH)2 [Cu(NH3)4](OH)2 + (NH4)2SO4 => (Ethanol) [Cu(NH3)4]SO4 + 2 NH3 + 2 H2O
  8. chenbeier

    Mixture of Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Chloride

    That is what I meant, it is easy to separate.
  9. chenbeier

    Mixture of Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Chloride

    A part of the solvay process it can be used to get sodium carbonate back. You need only some modification.
  10. chenbeier

    Can i make explosives with my own pee?

    Peace people, anyway the topic should be locked by administrator. We should not discuss any topic about to make explosives.
  11. chenbeier

    Questions about E.C.A

    There is no redox reaction: Ag+ + I- => AgI, This will precipitate. The ions still existing.
  12. chenbeier

    how does chlorine hexafluoride work?

    It react with hydrogen for example 2 H2 + ClF3 => HCl + 3 HF It is used as rocket fuel
  13. chenbeier

    how does chlorine hexafluoride work?

    Chlorine hexaflourid is not existing. From Chlorine there are ClF, ClF3 and ClF5 existing. All are strong oxidiser chemical like the both halogene flourine and chlorine itself.
  14. It is the limit of your device and probably also the material of your quarz cuvette. It is in UV value.
  15. chenbeier

    Cupric chloride

    Boil it until all water is gone. Or put it in a ball and wait some day until the water is vaporized slowly. Result you would get nice crystalls of copper chloride