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  1. I think you have to test it. Also to Check if Dimethylcarbonate dont harm the poly styrene. I would start with 10 %.
  2. You didn't Download the right document. On the first Page blue Button 473 PDF Here the right document synthesis of benzyl.pdf
  3. Did you Download the PDF, there is ammonium nitrate used.
  4. Cu2+ works as oxidiser. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benzil https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/ed065p553 Download the PDF from there
  5. Neither nor, the volume is given of the container and is constant. The volume of the salt calculate before explosion.
  6. Confusion with K equilibrium constant and k constant of rate law.
  7. Without watching the movie, it is not possible to answer. In my opinion rule 2.7 has some nonsense. On one side people should not click any link and watch movies, on the other side it is told that videos should accompanied with enough text to set the tone of discussion. How to discuss a movie it its not allowed to watch. I think you have to check the rules for reasanable using. Or you are saying its not allowed to post any videos. Especial the topic of ways to dying.
  8. The bandages were soaked with a highflammable substance, so the spark of the cigarette ash ignited it. Told at 1.30 min. He burnt alive. So don't smoke if you work with high inflammable substances, like fuel, ether, acetone, paint thinner, etc. Especially the cloth or gloves are contaminated with it.
  9. Yes from the mole of the ammoniumnitrate you have to calculate according the chemical reaction of all gases. Additionall you have to add the air.
  10. First convert the 577 g Ammonium nitrate into mol. You need molar mass for it. n = m/M From the chemical equation you see that 2 mol ammoniumnitrate refers to 2 mol nitrogen, 4 mol water and 1 mol oxygen. From the calculate mole above get them for the gases. look up specific gravity of NH4NO3 calculate the volume. From the given volume of the container subtract it. This volume is air. With the given pressure, temperatur and calculated volume use ideal gas law before explosion and get mol of air. Separate this to 79% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Add all moles Mol fraction is Mf = nN2/(nN2+nO2+nH2O)
  11. From the given equation calculate the mole of all gases, water is steam. Second from the given volume of the Container minus the volume of the solid salt calculate also the mole of nitrogen and oxygen of the air. Summarize of all moles and build the quote of nitrogen to the summery.
  12. You have to use glass or ceramic material . Best is to use a vacuum fritte. https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritte_(Filter)#/media/Datei%3ASintered_glass_funnel-02.jpg
  13. Definition here: https://energyhq.com/2017/04/upstream-midstream-downstream-whats-the-difference/
  14. chenbeier :What kind of Butter, Almond Butter ? Rapeseed Oil left me a little uneasy after reading how it is made : https://www.smartholistics.co.uk/news-blog/the-dark-side-of-rapeseed-oil/ I mean normal butter made from milk from cow what you put on a bread. Also magarine is possible. Instead of the raps seed oil every oil made from plant is ok, so you found already oleate, made from olive oil or cocoate made from coconate oil. You can also melt candle wax mix with Soda.
  15. @Erina , Alkalinity is not enough to have good Washington results. You need surfactant, add Butter, Raps oil to the Soda and boiling the solution.
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