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  1. First the bond is not broken. H2 will be adsorbed on platinum. The same alkene does. There will interaction and hydrogen will bond to alkene. On the surface Pt-H and Pt- C bonds will built and in further reaction new C-H bonds will developed and the meralbond will be broken again.
  2. It is one option. But why not use BrCl.
  3. In English its silver hydrogen dithionite. In German Silberhydrogendithionit.
  4. ide is only used for single anions, like flouride F-, chloride Cl-, etc. ite and ate is used for more larger anions like sulfite SO3 2-, nitrate NO3 - etc.
  5. You can do, but the (I) is not necessary, because silver normaly is Ag+. But I don't think this is existing. Dithionite is a strong reducer and would reduce silver immediately.
  6. GASOLINE contain hydrocarbons. These are able to work as a sweller. The fuel compounds petrate the molecules of the plastic and expand them. In some cases it can dissolve them. Alcohol would be the better choice. Because it solouble in water. Or any commonhoushold cleaner based on water.
  7. Yes thats right. But with the additional CH2 need different way or extend the chain.
  8. What is CH2COCl C6H6 => C6H5CH3 => p-NO2C6H4CH3 => NO2C6H4COOH => NH2C6H4COOCH3 => HOC6H4COOCH3 => CH3OC6H4COOCH3 => CH3OC6H4COOH => CH3OC6H4COCl
  9. Maybe can use Strecker Amino acid synthesis.
  11. It is at the limit. Its like a surfactant. The Hex- group is non polar. The oxyethanol is polar.
  12. I dont see generally a problem. The main compounds of both coolants are the same. But I would test first a small amount in a beaker to see there is no precipitation. To mix borate with benzoate is maybe a problem.
  13. CuCl is easy. Add sodiumchloride or hydrochloric acid and a strong reducer like dithionite or Ascorbinic acid to the coppersulfate. You will get a white precipitate. Manganesechloride : Add sodiumhydroxide first to manganese sulfate , you will get a sludge of manganese hydroxide. Filter it and wash it. Then neutralize with hydrochloric acid.
  14. Of course these are not healthy. I dont think in food toxic carbo hydrats added. I added this post to mention, which compounds fit to (CH2O)n.
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