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  1. 1. There will be compounds formed. Cu 2+ is already a salt. It has an anion. Zinc will form a salt if its transformed to Zn2+. Th process goes under humidity. Its also called a galvanic element. It guides to corrosion. In your case zinc corrodes. 2. The first what you described is an simple batterie. Daniel element. Water itself has pure conductivity. For electrolysis a salt or sulfuric acid will be added. On cathode. Hydrogen will be develped. 2 H+ + 2 e- => H2 On Anode oxygen will be developed. 2 H2O + 2 SO4 2- => 2 H2SO4 + O2 + 4 e- Under aid of s
  2. This is basic mathematics .Percentage calculation. But the question is 5% w/w or v/v or v/w. The easist would be if it is w/ w weight by weight. 100 g would be 5g lipoic acid and 95 g propanediol. If you want to do the others need specific gravity to convert to volume. 100 ml would be 5 ml lipoic acid and filled up to 100 ml with the solvent. The last would be 5 g dissolved to 100 ml. Solution. All 3 are different. By the way give no receipes for pharmaceutical drugs.
  3. Adding coal (carbon) is the normal way.
  4. This is still to less information. Describe the problem more in detail. What kind of equipment, how is it working and what is not working
  5. Ammoniumchloride decompose under heat and smoke containing HCl and NH3 will be developed. In a closed oven you will find ammoniumchloride at the walls and window of it. Maybe you describe your craft work.
  6. We should not give advices, what a job of a doctor or physician is. Chlorine dioxide is poisson and has etching power. And covid cannot be cured with it. It the same if you drink paint stripper. See warnings here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_Mineral_Supplement
  7. I dont know what the teacher want to see. 1,5 mikro l is ok. But 0.003 g should be 3 mg
  8. The topic was discussed here: https://chemicalforum.webqc.org/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=20353 In the attachment it must be a mistake. All others are correct.
  9. This is the "von Braun reaction". But this substitutes one alkyl to nitril. How do you know that methyl and not the R will be substitutet. The nitril has to be treated further. Nitril to Carbamidacid
  10. You will not get a clean product. You will have a mixture of half and full nitril substitution.
  11. Draw the mesomeric structures. Acetic acid can dissociate to Acetate, what is also in the list.
  12. First the bond is not broken. H2 will be adsorbed on platinum. The same alkene does. There will interaction and hydrogen will bond to alkene. On the surface Pt-H and Pt- C bonds will built and in further reaction new C-H bonds will developed and the meralbond will be broken again.
  13. It is one option. But why not use BrCl.
  14. In English its silver hydrogen dithionite. In German Silberhydrogendithionit.
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