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  1. To get the Anode and cathode activ it needs charging and discharging. No use will get residius on the electrodes. Strong use charging and discharging also minimize the lifetime by dissolving of the electrodes. The longest lifetime is achieved to have small discharging and charging current. For this you can buy small rectifier to do this job, voltage controlled.
  2. This topic I on the border limit to discuss. Not so much hints about how explosives reacting please. This topic should be closed.
  3. You are right,if it is E2. I was thinking it is E1.
  4. The first molecule will be built because after Elimination the Cl. The carbanion is stabilized through the methyl group.
  5. Your photo, I cannot open. 404 file not found on unbuntuu
  6. The attachment is broken. Can not open.
  7. Neutron can be developed by reacting alpha particles with Beryllium 9 Be 4 He + 9 Be -> 13C 13 C => 12 C + n
  8. No for alcohol. But alcohol can be determined by testtube with chromium sulfuric acid. Used in tubes used by police to determine alcohol in breathing air from drunken drivers. Methanol and ethanol can divided by boric acid. First one gives boric methyl ester what burns in green flame. The Ethyl ester is only made up by adding sulfuric acid. Other test Strips are used for pH, Sulfide (lead acetate paper), oxidisers (potassium iodide starchpaper). Glucose in urine for diabetic,
  9. No, otherwise we would not have a problem with the climatic and energy.
  10. Correct. If it would so easy then it would be developed already.
  11. It will not work, a biological catalyst works different as inorganic catalyst. Only to mix CO2 and water gives sparkling water nothing else. Its not only a matter of temperature. At least it needs nature or let say influence of higher spirit like god.
  12. I think there will be no more new information so the topic can be closed by admin.
  13. Already mentioned before
  14. This I told already above in the first post of mine in this thread.
  15. I think this is only possible on or in the Sun.
  16. This probably a condition in a lightning, what I wrote above.
  17. This is a different thing. First also hydrogen is present and for making ammonia catalysts are used. So there are surface reactions . Has nothing to do with breaking up a nitrogen molecule and keep it atomic.
  18. I would say N alone is not existing. If for some reason it is present it will react directly to N2 or react with other atoms. It was reported you find it during thunderstorm in lightnings.
  19. The dilution alone will not help, to increase pH. Add some sodium carbonate carefully and get pH up.
  20. Should work work, probably need pH adjustment to 6- 6.5 first. Aqua Regina is high acidic, it will eat first the metasulfite by releasing a lot of SO2, very poison. Need good hood with exhaust. But if you close to neutral the Gold could be precipitate. I think there should be receipes in the net. I would use Vitamin C Ascorbinic acid instead to avoid the the release of sulfur dioxide. After you got the Gold, a good rinsing with slight acidic water will remove all other chemicals.
  21. It will endlich up as a stable product. By recombination, transferring ,oxidising or reducing.
  22. We give not advice for pharmaceutical Products. Ask your physisian.
  23. As I wrote to make it accurate you need specific gravity of the solution. If you have this then you can convert ng/kg to ng/l Roughly 1 kg ~ 1 l The mass you can convert to mol with n = m/M In this case for 100 ppt it is 39 * 10^-9 g/ 23 g/ mol = 1,69 * 10^-9 mol This amount is in 1 l, so the concentration is 1,69*10^-9 mol/l.
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