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  1. My assumption is that it is asking you for the masses of each individually to make up a litre of solution with those concentrations and that the first number is meant to be in M. The last bit is an assumption though so I would check that. How much is also kind of vague and not stated but the only way I can think to answer it (it isn’t even really a question it’s just a statement) with that information is with masses.
  2. What reactions have you learnt about so far that might fit? Can you identify where the fragment on the left appears in the product?
  3. While this thread is closed and (I think) being the only person who identifies as female in this thread, I just wanted to provide a little food for thought. Of all the women in my life with whom I am close to, I can't think of a single one who hasn't been sexually assaulted or raped by a man at some point in her life. I cannot say the same about the men I know wrt to false accusations. Anecdotal I know, but something to think about.
  4. I think it’s also important to note that we don’t always agree on a particular course of action such as banning every time it is suggested and will make compromises that everyone can agree to regularly. Conferring with one another isn’t merely an exercise in box ticking.
  5. What, you don’t like rolling 3 month contracts completely contingent on obtaining a portion of the ever-dwindling pools of grant money available? Weird.
  6. After some further discussion, staff have updated the above to now read:
  7. I’ve met a couple of members IRL when I’ve been in the US and have considered them friends at various points. Others I knew digitally when IRC was a thing, and a few I am friends with on FB. These days I generally avoid crossing streams. Difficult to forget that one.
  8. You will need to attempt this yourself before we can help you. What are your thoughts?
  9. Solubility in barium chloride as well.
  10. I agree with Sensei. Get a model kit or even just some tooth picks and blu tack. Make something with four different substituents and make its mirror image, then try and rotate the mirror image so that it is identical to the first molecule. You’ll find that it doesn’t work because they are not superimposable. If you repeat the process but with two substituents that are the same, you should find that you can rotate them to look identical (hence it is not chiral). The example you gave doesn’t work since by your own logic, the two mirror images are superimposable.
  11. You mean by their chemical shifts etc? There are many resources online that will go through it.
  12. It doesn’t. The stereochemistry and how they occupy space is what matters. A good illustration of why this matters in drug design is your feet. They are mirror images of one another but nonsuperimposable in the same way enantiomers are. You will probably know from experience that if you try to put your left shoe on your right foot or vice versa, it won’t fit very well. The same is often true for chiral drug molecules and their molecular targets (eg. enzymes). In the drug world, the quintessential example of why chirality matters a lot is thalidomide, which I’ll let you look up.
  13. I am unsure of what you are wanting to know here, so forgive me if I am off base. The l and d notation refers to the direction a chiral molecule rotates polarised light. To my knowledge, this property doesn't really affect stereochemistry, it's more that it is a consequence of it (i.e. only chiral molecules are able to do it). The reason molecules are able to exist as either l or d is because two enantiomers will rotate polarised light to the same magnitude, but in opposite directions. For example, if one enantiomer of a molecule rotates light by +10o (d), then the other enantiomer will have an optical rotation of -10o (l).
  14. ! Moderator Note I looked at their Google scholar page, and while many of the publications are in Russian, it is pretty clear that this person is not in the business of aerodynamics. Expert? Maybe, but not in the area you are writing in. In any case, as you do not seem to have any new data I see no reason why this should remain open.
  15. Daniel Waxman has been banned as a sock puppet of drumbo.
  16. Sometimes I think about removing it, but I just can't bring myself to pull the trigger.
  17. This is a very good point! I am currently reading a lot in relation to some new (and generally awful) reforms to our higher education sector that were just passed here in Australia. In some of the submissions to parliament, it was highlighted that one the key factors leading to under representation of Indigenous people in universities is that they often don't know what they have available to them. As such, the prospect of enrolling and relocating seems financially daunting and confusing. It is also one of the things that can lead to low levels of retention. Students who live in more metropolitan areas (and more likely to be white) are much more exposed to university life, either through linkages in their school or because someone in their family has been, etc.
  18. ! Moderator Note Unfortunately, we are not in the business with helping with such questions. I also do not believe that squaric acid itself has any medical benefits, so it is not clear what this would achieve.
  19. Yes, sorry, I was writing on my phone so I didn't have time for a full reply. The two exceptions you mention are actually a little misleading. I believe that in reality, they do fill the 4s orbital first, then as electrons start filling up the 3d orbitals one of the 4s electrons moves into the 3d to give 3d54s1 / 3d104s1. It is not a case of only putting one electron into the 4 s and then filling up the 3d orbitals, which is maybe where you are confused with Zn. The reasons for this come down to stability, as you mentioned. It is more favourable to have a completely full or half full set of d orbitals.
  20. Actually, the 4s is filled before the 3d. I suggest looking at the Aufbau principle to help with this, but you can also figure out out by looking at the periodic table if you know where the s, p, d and f blocks are.
  21. I have changed it to match other user groups, so you should be okay now.
  22. I'm actually not 100% sure how it deals with PMs. I would have thought that those would have been hidden as well since that would fall under the umbrella of "content". However, we have spam posts set to be hidden rather than deleted and hiding posts isn't an option available even to me in PMs. I do know that if it does happen, it doesn't happen immediately. Posts get removed in batches.
  23. I was more talking about the coverage of the article. However, they discounted the possibility of SO2 because in order to observe the results they got, it would need to be a bit hotter (about double) than what is measured in the upper clouds. Surely the simpler explanation is that they detected SO2 that was a bit hot, as opposed to phosphine?
  24. I’ll admit this isn’t an area I know much about but the results seem a bit (a lot?) overstated. They aren’t even completely sure it’s phosphine. I read somewhere that the rotational transition they measured could also be within the same region that SO2 might absorb on a planet with H2SO4 clouds. Is this accurate?
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