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  1. ! Moderator Note One thread per topic please. See your previous thread here:
  2. hypervalent_iodine

    How to improve efficiency of the diamine synthesis from fluorescein?

    Does the carbonate dissolve when you add it to the reaction? I am not familiar with its solubility in DMA or DMF. If not, perhaps you could consider adding crown ether or switching to Cs2CO3? The latter is reasonably expensive, but if you have it on hand it might be useful.
  3. hypervalent_iodine

    How did homosexuality evolve?

    ! Moderator Note Do not copy paste entire articles. If you wish to make a point using them, quote relevant sections and cite where you got them from. Also, mod notes are not open for conversation within the thread. If you have a problem with one, report it or PM staff.
  4. hypervalent_iodine

    The Special Theory of Relativity - Special Relativity - SR

    ! Moderator Note Since the OP hasn't come back with anything to back up their wild claims, I am closing this.
  5. hypervalent_iodine

    Chernobyl and the After effects:

    ! Moderator Note I am not entirely sure if this thread is supposed to be about the HBO series or the actual event, but whichever it is, I think we can dial down the pedantry and stop with semantic arguments.
  6. hypervalent_iodine

    Banned/Suspended Users

    PervPhysProf has been banned for after a stream of incoherent and also some weirdly racist nonsense.
  7. hypervalent_iodine

    The inevitability of evolution?

    ! Moderator Note Polinski, you are being obtuse and dragging this thread off topic. Please stop. If you have nothing relevant to contribute here, you are welcome to either find a more appropriate thread or create your own.
  8. hypervalent_iodine

    How did homosexuality evolve?

    ! Moderator Note Stick to the topic, and quit the straw man arguments, Polinski. This isn’t about abortion, nor is it about selling children. Please try and approach your posts with a little more scientific rigour while you’re at it.
  9. hypervalent_iodine

    Precipitating Silica from solution

    ! Moderator Note One thread per topic, please.
  10. hypervalent_iodine

    Members in the Mod Queue

    thethinkertank has been placed in the queue for spamming the forum with an impressive amount of nonsense.
  11. hypervalent_iodine

    Members in the Mod Queue

    Some of you may not be aware of the mod queue feature, or have seen it mentioned but do not know what it is. It's a new toy we received in one of the last major updates a while back, which allows staff to mark all posts made by a member as unapproved until staff are able to review it. We use this for a number of reasons, usually as an alternative to suspensions. The time limit we set on these is not set in stone. We can remove it as soon as we think the issues are resolved, or if this fails to be the case, we will either extend the time frame or suspend / ban the offending person. Since we have a thread for banned and suspended users, and since we have started using this feature more in recent months, it seemed prudent to create a thread for those in the mod queue. To start things off, elizsia has been added to the queue for 21 days for spamming the forum with preachy nonsense.
  12. hypervalent_iodine

    Well, I emailed CERN

    ! Moderator Note Lord. You’ve been here what? 3 days? You’ve posted nothing but unabated nonsense, and you refuse to accept that maybe your ideas are not scientifically sound. Your grand proposal is to pump a gas into salt water to solve global warming. How do you propose it stays there? It won’t all turn into carbonate salts. And do you really think that destroying entire ecosystems is a good solution? You need to put at least a little thought into your posts, and a good deal more into your ideas. I am closing this thread since you have virtually nothing to support your hypothesis and you refuse to do anything to change that. You may not reintroduce this topic on this forum.
  13. hypervalent_iodine

    Im a bit concerned about 28 minus points

    You don’t get banned automatically for having a certain number of negative rep points. However, it is my experience that members who manage to acquire nearly 50 neg reps in less than a week don’t stick around very long.
  14. My previous post was a gentle reminder to you that if you wished to discuss specifics on some of your ideas (as requested by MigL), that you should do so in another thread. I am not a climate scientist. I have no interest in trying to decipher your ideas when all evidence suggests that you've barely thought them through yourself.
  15. Please don't. I am not interested.
  16. hypervalent_iodine

    Here's an infamous brain teaser

    ! Moderator Note Is this actually a brain teaser / puzzle or just some ill-defined question you've come up with?
  17. hypervalent_iodine

    How to patent an idea or invention?

    I believe you would be best to seek the advice of a patent attorney. I am personally not very familiar with the process.
  18. In an appropriate thread, of course (i.e. not here).
  19. That's not our job, it's yours. If you're the one coming up with the ideas, you're the one who needs to be able to support them with evidence and to provide some sort of rational framework for building upon them. So far you have failed to do this on all counts. Please be aware that it is in fact a rule of this forum that you comply with these mandates. We are a science discussion forum, not a place for people to offload their unsupported and unscientific dreamscapes.
  20. hypervalent_iodine

    prove a property

    ! Moderator Note We do not do other people's homework for them. Please show some attempt at an answer and explain here you are stuck.
  21. hypervalent_iodine

    Was Jesus and Muhammed the same person?

    ! Moderator Note Alright, we're done here too.
  22. hypervalent_iodine

    The earth was created INSIDE the sun?

    ! Moderator Note Yep, we're done here. This is a science discussion site. We expect that you support your ideas with actual science, not nonsense anecdotes.
  23. hypervalent_iodine

    producing Koh from k2SO4

    That didn’t answer my question. Why didn’t it work when you tried it? What happened?
  24. hypervalent_iodine

    Banned/Suspended Users

    ginaboyle275 has been banned as a probable spam bot.
  25. hypervalent_iodine

    The earth was created INSIDE the sun?

    ! Moderator Note thethinkertank, unless the very next post you make in this thread contains scientific evidence to support your idea, then this is getting closed.