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  1. The speed of gravity = the speed of light. So if you go faster than gravity, you go back in time. The only thing that can travel at the speed of light is light, and if gravity can travel at the speed of light, then it's almost definitely the same thing as light. Also, there's no gravity or light in outer space. Almost certainly a sign that gravity and light are the same particle. Maybe gravity is light in a different form, like Jesus was God in human form. Gravity is caused by the earth. Light is caused by the sun. The sun energizes the earth while being the polar opposite of the earth. So in a vague way, the equation of gravity and light is gravity = the inverse of light
  2. In a previous post, I mentioned how gravity and light having the same speed, means they probably are the same particle or wave. If that's so, to go faster than the speed of light, i.e time travel, you just need to go faster than the speed of gravity. Antimatter is one object that cannot be controlled. Antimatter like the stuff in CERN. Does that mean that antimatter can be used to time travel?
  3. The sun is the source of all energy, and the sunlight conducts this energy. The basic energy of life is sunlight. Doesn't it make sense therefore that if you look at the sun and make a wish, it comes true? Except the sun does'nt speak english, or french, or german. The sun speaks the language of light. What is this language of light? Well, what is light made of? Photons. What do photons do? They move at the speed of c, the speed of light. Their vision and mission is to carry energy to the earth from the sun. What type of personality do photos have? The personality of an angel of the old testament! Like Hermes, the messenger of ancient greece. Basically, to speak the language of photons, you must speak Greek, or Hebrew. Given the above, is a fair enough assumption that if the angels of the bible spoke Hebrew, so do photons, the energy of the sun. So if you look at the sun and make a wish in Hebrew or Greek, it comes true!
  4. its speculative science
  5. sorry, i meant to post it in climate science.
  6. One solution to global warming could be to view greenhouse gas emitting objects as an ecosystem. In that ecosystem would be vehichles, factories, etc. Once the ecosystem of greenhouse gas waste is identified, it would be possible to deduce how that ecosystem mates wth the human race. Vehicichles, a mathematical function of the human need to travel efficiently. Factories, the result of human desire to produce goods and services quick time. Efficiency, therefore is the key propellant of greenhouse gases. There is the need for efficiency over a broad range of human activities, therefore, there is greenhouse gases. True or false? So how to maximise efficiency and minimise greenhouse gas waste? Efficiency in travel could be altered according to the above paradigm, through horse drawn carriages, like the old days. Instead of pushing for efficiency of factory produce, reusing factory products might enable factories to operate at half the present rate. The important thing is to view greenhouse gas/human desire for efficiency as the parameters of global warming.
  7. on principle, ecosystems are made up of repetitive stimuli. lifestyle, perhaps, is a good word to describe it. the lifestyle of a fashion model in NYC versus the lifestyle of a IT worker in china. each day, the IT worker is exposed to chinese type stimuli, the language, the work he does, the schedule, etc. These are repeated day in and day out until same becomes the lifestyle of the IT worker. The NY fashion model has a different lifestyle, that also grows on her, shaping her personality differently than the IT worker. Lifestyles create personalities by virtue of repetitive stimuli of social, psychological, and physical nature. Perhaps not lol. they are very crotchety, always fighting over the gaza strip
  8. if i lived in an ice cream bar or i lived in a avalanche, my personality would be cold, or greedy. thats different than my reaction would be cold or greedy
  9. According to Einstein, if you go faster than the speed of light, you go back in time. Obviously you can't go back in time in the literal sense of the word, but you can go back in time in the sense that you can enter a parallel dimension where t=-1 compared to the present universe where t=0. Is that true?
  10. I discovered on google that the speed of light and the speed of gravity are the same. Does that mean that gravity fails to have any effect on light, because gravity and light travel at the same speed? i.e is that why light has no mass?
  11. I corrected that typo! Here's my fresh theory m= w/g therefore c=√e/(w/g) in outer space, g = 0 therefore c=√e/(w/0) c=√e/infinity c=0 That means, if a light beam was passed through outer space, it would stop moving and yet exist, for energy cannot be created or destroyed. Then if gravity were thrust upon it, it would start moving, but slowly. That would explain how Einstein actually took a ride on a light beam, that's how he did it! It was a slow moving light beam
  12. sorry, that was a typo! m= w/g therefore c=√e/(w/g) in outer space, g = 0 therefore c=√e/(w/0) c=√e/infinity c=0 That means, if a light beam was passed through outer space, it would screech to a halt and yet exist. Then if gravity were thrust upon it, it would rise like a phoenix to 300,000,000,000 ms again. Isnt that an incredible idea?
  13. that doesnt explain anything! is this conclusion correct, that since c=√e/(gravity/weight) in outer space, gravity = 0, therefore c = infinity in outer space.
  14. mass=gravity/weight therefore c=√e/(gravity/weight) so c varies if gravity varies. in outer space, gravity = 0, therefore c = infinity. true or false?
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