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  1. I have had an email conversation with an elderly person that i know and she has told me that she has already had Covid19 and that her symptoms were mild. She says that she has not had a proper test for Covid19 but her doctor diagnosed her with Covid19 based on her symptoms. Could her doctor have got it wrong?
  2. Hi Zapatos Thank you very much for your reply. They are saying that a vaccine for Covid19 is still a year away which I think is too long for the economy. I hope you are right about it ebbing and flowing so that restrictions can be lifted when it first ebbs. I then very much hope that the next flow will be much smaller than the first. Is it possible that artificial intelligence could massively speed up the progress towards a vaccine?
  3. Hi StringJunky Thank you very much for your reply. I think that I agree that it needs to be graduated to some extent in order not to overload the hospitals but there does need to be some infection between non-vulnerable people in order to achieve herd immunity. However, the longer it takes, the worse it is for the economy and therefore the greater is the risk of a dystopian collapse of civilised society as we know it.
  4. EDIT: Please note that I posted this message as the first in a new thread I created. However, soon afterwards, a moderator merged it with this thread. Hi Everyone To begin with, some people in the UK Government were saying that we need to achieve "herd immunity" in order to eradicate Covid19. However, recently, they have gone off the idea and are increasing the restrictions somewhat. However, I personally can't actually see how Covid19 will ever be eradicated without herd immunity. My reasoning is as follows: Let's say, as a result of really tight restrictions, we get to a situation whereby we believe we have eradicated Covid19. We then, as a result of believing we have eradicated it, lift all of the restrictions. As a result of the restrictions, most of the population will still not be immune to Covid19. If we truly have eradicated Covid19 then this is not a problem. But what if we are mistaken and there is still a small amount of Covid19 left? As soon as this hits the general population (who mostly are still not immune) it will cause a new surge in infections. What do you all think? Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  5. Hi Everyone If you are asked to assign the colours red, yellow and Blue (listed in no particular order) to the shapes triangle, square and circle (listed in no particular order), then which colour do you assign to which shape? You may at this point wish to pause reading this post while you consider your own personal answer to this question. I personally, strongly believe that there is no "correct" answer to this question and it is purely subjective. However, the teachers at the Bauhaus believed that the following correlations are the correct correlations: Triangle = Yellow Square = Red Circle = Blue My personal answer (which I came up with before knowing the "correct" Bauhaus answer) is as follows: Triangle = Red (sharpest shape, sharpest colour) Circle = Yellow (like the Sun) Square = Blue (boring shape, boring colour) Would the fact that my answer is different to the Bauhaus answer make me a bad Bauhaus student? Does anyone here know of any neurological, psychological or any other scientific reasons why the Bauhaus answer is the "correct" answer? Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  6. Hi everyone. If the entire Amazon rainforest burns down, will we all find it noticeably harder to breath? Will it be like we are all at a higher altitude?
  7. Hi Phi Thank you very much for your reply. Correct me if I am wrong but what you generally seem to be saying is that salt has a tendency to dehydrate you. Am I correct? Is it perhaps the case that there are some circumstances when salt dehydrates you and other circumstances when salt aids hydration?
  8. Hi Phi Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately, I can't find the original article I read but I have just found another one which says something similar. It basically states that as a result of osmosis, extra salt in your blood sucks water out of your cells. The other article went on to say that you pee out the water that has been sucked out of your cells. You can see the article I have just found here: https://sciencing.com/drinking-salt-water-dehydrate-you-6454208.html
  9. Hi Everyone There is something which confuses me. I have read that if you add salt to water, it helps with hydration. I have also read that adding salt to water makes you pee more. Wouldn't this cause dehydration? How can both of these statements be true? I would be very grateful to anyone who can remove my confusion about the relationship between salt and hydration. Thank you very much. Kind regards Tim
  10. What if i want to be as close to 100% as i can get that none of my data will be corrupted? Surely If I just backup to one other drive, I am still a bit vulnerable?
  11. Hi Koti Thank you very much. Why do you think that RAIDs are useless in home environments?
  12. Hi Koti Thank you very much indeed for all your help. I have just one more question: If I was to create a RAID 1 array with four hard drives and I was to use the btrfs file system, do you think that this would be pretty bulletproof against data corruption or can you see any potential flaws in this set-up?
  13. Hi Koti Thank you. Do you know if there are any circumstances whereby an error (such as a single bit flip) can develop on a hard drive without the hard drive detecting it? Or do all of the latest hard drives use mechanisms such as checksums to detect errors?
  14. Hi Koti Thank you very much for your reply. I was not actually meaning the other way round. Can RAID 1 systems detect all types of errors that can occur on a disk or are there some types of data error it can't detect and therefore wrongly think it is the correct data?
  15. Hi Koti You seem to be implying that the RAID 1 system can always detect if it is attempting to read data from a bad sector and if this is the case, it will get the data it was attempting to get from the other disk instead. Am I correct?
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