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  1. BabcockHall


    What do you think? Suppose you compare it to acetaminophen. What is different?
  2. BabcockHall

    TLC and polarity

    I would also consider the interaction between the solvent and the silica (the stationary phase).
  3. BabcockHall

    The synthesis of aspartame

    It is often helpful to think in terms of nucleophiles and leaving groups.
  4. Can you think of something that might precipate under these conditions?
  5. BabcockHall

    Lauric Acid Buffer Help!!!

    it is very unusual to make buffers up in anything but aqueous media. I don't know what the solubility of lauric acid is in ethanol, but whatever its pKa in water is, it will have a different pKa i ethanol.
  6. BabcockHall

    Questions about hylauronic acid

    What is BDDE?
  7. BabcockHall

    Interpretive spectroscopy

    Chemical shifts can be estimated on the basis of which phosphorus-containing functional group is present. The term "predict" may also imply that one provide the multiplicity. Can you show us your work so far?
  8. Do you know which amino acid residues absorb UV light? That would be how I would start my research into this topic.
  9. BabcockHall

    Is our Alkaline Phosphatase's Km value is high or low?

    It is higher than I have measured under similar conditions.
  10. Some filtration units are optimized for speed, as opposed to recovery. Microdialysis might be possible.
  11. BabcockHall

    Chemical bond during touching

    DNA can be transferred, and this can be forensically useful.
  12. DNA will also melt, meaning become single stranded, at sufficiently high temperature.
  13. BabcockHall

    Bio simple question

    What sources have you consulted and what have you learned about this topic, so far?
  14. BabcockHall

    PI-PLC inhibitor

    Try PubMed if you haven't done so already.
  15. BabcockHall

    Ketone bodies

    As far as I am aware, what you have written is true. The liver has a central role in both carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. The mitochondrial enzyme HMG-CoA synthase is a key player.