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  1. Hi please go read my other reply Also why do u think I'm reacting these in water? I'm using anhydrous media here... So not sure where u got the water I suggested HCl 14%+not water. Or ether or better yet chloroform with proper masks which we have. We made chloroform last month with sodium hypochlorite and acetone no problems there. Yes pls merge . Once AGAIN I'm sorry it's this lack of sleep is really getting to me. I have 14% mixed with something else. I'll ask my colleague I can't remember at the moment. I just need to know. Sodium acetate + sodium sulfate =?
  2. Hydrogen free so ethwnoic acid doesn't recarboxylate with the moisture in the air into plan useless aqueous acetic acid. I have many degrees I'm justvexhausted. Yes this is an impossible ewuatio.beofre you critizose so..... Rudley you should take some social etiquette classes. They'd do you wonders. Or are you just on the autism spectrum and are a troll? Mind your own business and let THEM REAL help come in. Once I'm ABLE to sleep I of course could do this no problem but I can't sleep and haven't for six days. Symptoms of meds that are non of your damn business but I am terminal stage 1. So please kindly fly f off and go bother someone else and don't be so useless. No I do not want hot-ice ok I need a pure enough product to use to acteylize salicyclic acid. I don't even know what 'hot ice' is but saw a lot of videos about It pop up...m what is it? Sorry I freaked out..... I'm on high dose fentanyl and it makes me irritable I'm sorry it's the pain
  3. I'm trying to avoid having the kids turn the GCA INTO acetic anhydride for aspirin. Bc ya know..... dear and all ... Propionic anhydride is a no no. But I need help with suggestions of fractional crystalization tonoure acetic acid.. help?
  4. Please excuse the appallingly incorrect chemical equation balancing it's three am (0300am) and I can't sleep... But I'm exhausted!!!! Sodium acetate + sodium sulphate = glacial acetic acid right? I just need to react both the anhydrous sodium acetate with the anhydrous sodium sulphate on a vacuum chamber right?.....while they're being agitated vigorously? Is this correct? If not pls enlighten. The product s mells like pure acetic acid so far.... At won't point do I need to distill this, can I use fractional crystalizatin to get a pure acetic acid crystal in a hydrogen free enviorment (aka reactionary atmosphere)? (,I'd use a nitrogen gas) Need help making this for my class next Monday. Will be having my students make glacial acetic acid to show them/teach them about nucleation sites!
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