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  1. The vest way to 'remedy a flood' is to use salt, or, a derivative of salt, maybe a new chemical, that sucks it up quickly? I figure this would take about a week, tops to get right. Then, in frequently flooded areas, they could have fire trucks that spew this stuff, or, those big road sweeping trucks dealing with the problem? Should take a week to get the chemicals right, or, less. I figure maybe some cation based natural stuffs... negative charge to attract the mass, into it?
  2. Take all that 'junk' and put it to a cross section, and reverse the point to point scales.
  3. Yes, I have answers, having thought about the same thing, as you, I and everyone else... [1] It simply was. Instead of not being, there it was. Instead of nothing, something, yes? [2] The big bang was a result of 'realization,' things struggling to be. As soon as they conceived of a thought, there it was. This was like a spark. [3] The gases of nothing were compressed, and, they exploded? [4] There is a manic cycle of repeated 'universal heartbeat.' This resembles a star emerging, becoming a black hole, and exploding into a star again, through a heart beat function. This is
  4. [#1] I think your velocity equation is easy to understand, but, you need only subtract the mass from the velocity, okay? [#2] For the levers, you need only use a 'tap rotation idea,' okay? Have them spin down like that, looks better too,. Naturally, it will lift up again through pressure applied from the bottom, where a spring can push it back up, and, then repeat process?
  5. Adding heat from the exhaust would result in used fuels mixing with unused fuels. This will replenish the used fuels, as they cool, and then there will be homeostasis. Very good idea! This will result in getting more fuel out of the engine, and, reusing old fuel. To make it even more useful, you could 'condense' the used fuel to create a permanent fuel cell, like a rechargeable battery, yes? Be careful, there might be too much density build up, but I cannot see that going on for a while, but, it will heat up the engine as it purrs along...
  6. Well, my answer sees the gases having too few electrons to polarize, so they travel through the atom, making it a gas.
  7. The electron is pushing against the other electrons like a 'fullerene.' This is where they would enter the proton, except that there is another electron pushing against it as if it were a another negative charge trying to enter. A you can see, it pushes against it, like that. This gives it structure and support, so that the atom does not implode.
  8. Dumbest fuck I ever read about.

  9. With the foundations for maths out of the way, it is time to teach children to read and write. With the basic skills needed for progressing to higher grades being founded upon counting and literacy, they also need to be able to write, yes? Yo see those patterns they make in grade one and two - do away with them. This is training them for cursive, and, that is harder to understand than print, okay? Basically, the patterns teach kids fluency with the pen so they may make good characters, easily overcome by using s stencil, in fact it is far quicker to train the muscles to remember the strokes wi
  10. Man, it is hard to get hold of an administrator here! Anyways, I have ideas for your forum!

    To attract new traffic to your site, so that more people want to advertise, you could include a new forum called 'bright sparks' or 'patents by law' or something? If you get the people posting their ideas here, like new products they want to perfect or assemble, but need help, they will all run here! This will be where you will need a simple contract written up by the court, through a lawyer, costing about a hundred dollars, where if it is posted here, it remains your property, and the rights of those posting on it, if you will?

    Then, as an aside, you would get more traffic if you had two more forums, humanities, like for psychology and culture, and language and teaching and stuff, and, one for finance, hey?

    Thanks for reading this, sorry, you seem to be the only one around at any given time...

    1. hypervalent_iodine


      Could you please send me PM’s in future. I don’t look at my profile often and don’t get notifications when people post to it.

      Thank you for your suggestions.

    2. Strange


      There is a thread specifically for suggestions like this: 


      Generally, the reason there isn't a section for X is because not enough people are interested in X, or the same thing can be discussed somewhere else on the forum.

      In the case of your "inventions" suggestion, anyone posting their ideas on a public forum would invalidate their chances of patenting it (in most countries) and so it would be a really stupid thing to do.

  11. Previously, I found that we can remain young by inserting a woman's ability to generate egg cells into our bodies, to blend the cells of the young with those of the person. This will replenish the youth of the individual and make them get younger, maybe ideally to the point of twenty five or so? ~ Obviously, this is truly sought? Maybe I will get a patent and grant for this notion? Then, the balance comes from your organ, built from nano bots, as, this is a new organ, which generates egg cells constantly, broken down and not classed as foreign, so as to not be identified and secreted
  12. Thanks for the help. Yes, well, I have trouble finding a term for these, as I find them very soluble, as in a new classification of something between gases and metals.
  13. The human body and that of all organisms is where we find that it is merely something that reacts - matter that is less dense than that of metals yet more dense than gases. This is because the semi metals comprise life, and, they will always. True, that some metals are also there inhibiting us, but, these are there for gentle dissolving, where they slowly dissolve in our bodies and get a lot of influence due to their magnetic fields, of course. These fields will give off some form of radiation, warming the body, as, that is what they are there for. ~ This is like a floating pool cleaning
  14. The basics of chemistry are made easier if we observe that the periodic table is scary when it hit's school kids, no? If we know that, then maybe we could observe that we will need to learn the chemistry song as a school motto, if you do science, and, why not do science? Learning the order will for example tell you how many protons and electrons each element has, besides the orbitals, which I am still working on finding a formula for, and, before that we can observe what molecules are, to get kids interested in what they will be applied to, of course? This will ignite the interest, or, dismiss
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