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  1. Unless they’ve already been banned as a sock puppet 😉
  2. Don’t know. I’m more bothered about removing bacterias such as E. coli.
  3. Vinegar is usually a mixture of water and between 4 and 5% acetic acid. This versatile acid can mix with water, oil, alcohol and almost any other kind of liquid -- even gasoline -- reaching places that other cleaning products can't. When dissolved in water, acetic acid breaks into two components, the hydrogen and the remainder of the molecule, called the acetate. The hydrogen will try to bond to any molecule that it encounters, acting like a third wheel that weakens the molecule's structure. These hydrogens are great at cleaning stains made from alkali substances, like soap, urine, and limestone. The acetate component has an extra electron that hangs off the molecule. The electron acts as a magnet to other atoms, especially metals, to make new molecules. For example, the acetate reacts with molecules in rust and grime and changes their makeup so the water can dissolve them. Acetic acid also gets rid of odors by killing off the bacteria and fungi that cause them. Its acidic nature destroys the cell structure of bacteria, and it stops fungi from turning sugar into energy. https://www.networx.com/article/the-science-of-vinegar So not by magic, no, but actually there doesn’t seem to be any hard evidence about its ability to remove residue due to pesticides.
  4. To remove the residue on fruits and vegetables add apple cider vinegar to a bowlful of cold water and submerge for 10 mins, then brush fruits/veg gently and rinse well. Obviously not with bananas though...
  5. @hydrox If you like, I can offer some help with your English. I am a qualified teacher of English to speakers of other languages. Feel free to private message me. I don’t want any money - just want to help.
  6. nevim

    Questions to Ask

    Not sure if I ‘believe’ in other worlds. I ‘believe ‘ in the universe. I ‘believe’ it created itself and that is an ongoing process. I don’t ‘believe’ it has a plan, or feelings. About the meaning of life - I prefer to stay away from that rabbit hole.
  7. FINALLY got my way after 2 years of fighting. Will have a right below knee amputation within the next few months....


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    2. nevim


      Thank you zapatos. I’m very happy to hear that for your nephew as Crohn’s is also something that makes you housebound. Cheers to his freedom!

    3. Moontanman


      Good luck to you Nevim, I've been told that may be in my future as well... 

    4. nevim


      Thanks Moontanman. I’ll let you know how it goes. Should happen in October...

  8. Could be Dendrology. https://www.reference.com/science/study-trees-called-3e98b7cb3b15c6f7
  9. nevim

    Today I Learned

    Because it doesn’t seem that way to me. Might to other people though, I suppose.
  10. nevim

    Today I Learned

    I don’t believe it is...
  11. nevim

    Today I Learned

    Ok, I’ll add this one as Curious layman didn’t. The other day I learned the word psithurism which means the sound of leaves or wind rustling through the trees. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/psithurism The p is not pronounced.
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