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  1. What is this fallacy?

    Thanks String Junky, I missed this one earlier. Personally, I believe this could be the answer to the OP.
  2. What is this fallacy?

  3. What is this fallacy?

    Some - 50% maybe - of these people will actually feel that they cannot continue life in the state that they are in. The other -50% maybe - are using manipulation to get what they want. I met a woman once who had a paid-by-the-NHS designer vagina. She convinced health professionals that the state of her (then) current one prevented her leaving the house. It wasn’t true. For other people seeking surgery to correct something they really feel they can’t live with is true. Whatever strategy they all choose to employ (emotional blackmail/pass the buck/scapegoat, honesty), still (IMO), highlight that all of them, honest or dishonest, are somewhat mentally ill. Perhaps I should phrase it differently - they all need help.
  4. What is this fallacy?

    Maybe it is. My experience was something totally different though. Not a work situation. It was my own private life unfortunately. Plus, it was normal, acceptable behaviour for this ‘organisation’, - just not to me.
  5. What is this fallacy?

    Yes. But it is NOT normal behaviour.
  6. What is this fallacy?

    Yes, this is totally true and exactly how the ‘organisation’ I was on the receiving end of viewed their actions. But to anyone else who is able to think for themselves without being brain washed and following the crowd like sheep, it’s very obvious that it IS, in fact, mental illness. Yep, good one.
  7. What is this fallacy?

    I’m also unsure if this is a fallacy. Having been on the receiving end of this kind of situation, to the extent that I nearly didn’t survive, in my opinion this is more of a mental illness eg Personlity Disorder, Sociapath, Psychopath... Thanks for this link Koti. It’s really humourous. Something I noticed though - I think ‘gang banging’ has a different meaning in British English . Does for me at least!
  8. What is faith?

    Thank you iNow. I feel much better now .
  9. What is faith?

    Apologies, I’m rather tired. Too many Old Speckled Hens...
  10. What is faith?

    Nah, he’s too nice. But I have really no experience of these things anyway
  11. What is faith?

    Actually, i thought the same last week on a different thread. I’m just ‘praying’ (:-)) that Strange is NOT a BOT!!!
  12. What is faith?

    Ok. Well, you seem to be very hung up on ‘your existence’ as opposed to just ‘existence ‘. You seem to be quite upset by the fact that there is no scientific evidence to show you were created for a reason. To the extent that you have to imagine one. All in all, your responses in general seem to indicate you are a person with narcissistic tendencies.
  13. What is faith?

    Right. Yes. Actually I thought it was quite a good counter argument/explanation or else I wouldn’t have posted it.
  14. What is faith?

    Forgive me - what was the argument again?
  15. What is faith?

    And here we have the problem: