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  1. FINALLY got my way after 2 years of fighting. Will have a right below knee amputation within the next few months....


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    2. nevim


      It’s good you say that really because it thankfully means you’re not in my position.

      I’m sorry about your friend - amputation due to diabetes sucks.

      I’m disabled because both feet and ankles are crippled by severe and serious injuries.  Taking one off and gaining a prosthetic limb will give me better mobility, quality of life and definitely less pain.

      It’s likely someday the left will have to be amputated too. Obviously I don’t look forward to that time....

      Right now, I’m very pleased because I’m only in my forties and definitely do not wish to spend the rest of my life as crippled as I am currently.

      It’s not a case of ‘Any leg is better than no leg’. If the leg doesn’t work (and is extremely painful), it’s definitely better to lose it. In my case at least.

    3. MigL


      I hope everything works out, and you get some mobility back.
      Thank you for opening up and explaining.
      Good to see you staying strong and not giving up.

    4. nevim


      Thank you MigL :)

  2. Could be Dendrology.
  3. nevim

    Today I Learned

    Because it doesn’t seem that way to me. Might to other people though, I suppose.
  4. nevim

    Today I Learned

    I don’t believe it is...
  5. nevim

    Today I Learned

    Ok, I’ll add this one as Curious layman didn’t. The other day I learned the word psithurism which means the sound of leaves or wind rustling through the trees. The p is not pronounced.
  6. There’s a thread for that. It’s called ‘Today I Learned’. And I should learn to paste the link for it! Now I’m gagged, for real, sorry!
  7. JEEZ, it gets worse!!! Good news about your work situation. Enjoy your weekend!
  8. Why not? I’d fire you for listening to that
  9. @Polinski Nobody is ‘getting mad’ at you. Rather, I believe, they are a little frustrated by some of your posts- and with good reason. This is a science discussion site - not a mud flinging contest. So many of your posts are littered with unnecessary, snide remarks. I am presuming you’re an adult although sometimes it’s hard to gauge. You definitely have things to contribute to discussions but I really feel you need to remind yourself that it is ‘discussion’ and try to remain a little more open to others responses. Angrily stating that things are as you see them is not sufficient. Sure, state your views, but try to remember a fact is not a fact without evidence. I’m pretty sure that’s what people want you to realise in order to have meaningful discussions. I apologise to you, and all members of the forum, for interrupting in this way but it’s hard to just sit back and watch without responding in some way. Try taking a look at some of Ghideon’s posts and apply his approach to yours. His exemplary ability to respond to even the most totally frustrating posts, and the patience he gives people, are almost unbelievable, and very deeply inspiring.
  10. Just spat out my beer.. but it was strangely worth it!
  11. A long long time ago but in my mind it was done the traditional way! Hmm.
  12. And there’s me thinking you can’t get pregnant from swallowing