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  1. nevim

    New UFO pictures
  2. nevim

    What’s the Best Type of Reusable Water Bottle?

    I have the feeling that the OP, or some other new account, is going to tell us exactly what the best re-usable water bottle is and link us to the web page sooner or later.
  3. nevim

    1. koti


      Yep, I saw that. I think the people in these photos are equaly ridiculous as someone who sensors harmless infantile art.
      On the serious side, Kaczyński said yesterday that anyone who raises his hand at the Church, raises his hand at our Nation.

    2. nevim


      Good on him :) . I think..

  4. nevim

    How to ruin sex research

    I read the article and it was, IMO, a lot of word salad. However, the footnote 1 (see below) seemed quite clear in it’s advocacy; “Although my sympathy for pedophiles who have resisted acting on their sexual desire for children has been straightforward and unwavering, it also extends to many offending pedophiles who are usually punished far more harshly than research suggests is warranted by the harm they cause” (Rind, Tromovitch, & Bauserman, 1998; Stupple, 2014).
  5. nevim

    Sharepoint default zoom 100%

    Ok, fair enough. Best of luck to you both .
  6. nevim

    Sharepoint default zoom 100%

    Why on earth would you do that?
  7. nevim

    Today I Learned

    Today I learned a new verb, ‘antfucking’. It has pretty much the same meaning as ‘nitpicking’ - giving too much attention to minor, unimportant details.
  8. nevim

    Do most humans need to believe in God

    Ok, thank you. Well done!
  9. nevim

    Do most humans need to believe in God

    @Eise - What is ‘antfucking’? Impossible? Not worth it? Just asking cos I never heard the term before. That sounds like Hell on Earth!!
  10. nevim

    A disappointing tale.

    Ah, thank you. Nice bedtime story Goodnight.
  11. nevim

    A disappointing tale.

    I know. And it’s Friday night...
  12. nevim

    Jehovahs Witnesses

    The first Sunday after I moved into my current home, two ladies knocked at my door. I answered, and as is usual whenever someone sees me for the first time, they had a lot of questions about why I wear strange ‘Stormtrooper’ boots and use crutches. They wanted to know what happened and I still experience this whenever I go out anywhere. So I told them what happened to me and told them the likely future of my injuries. They were shocked but sympathetic, left me with a Watchtower, and promised to return next week. They have NEVER returned. That was 18 months ago... These are the boots...
  13. nevim

    Time standing still?

    Oh my Dog!!! What an experience!!! Sorry that you went through that. No, don’t ever stop either participating or imagining .
  14. nevim

    Time standing still?

    Sometimes, I think you get a little too deep . But what would I know .
  15. Like this kind of shite? I think these people just exist for our amusement . THEY are the freaks of nature! And to think, while I was innocently trying to point out where -any-study-such-as-that should hold our concern, I was probably (clearly), unbeknownst to me, speaking about the actual OP ‘PERSON’ and ‘THEIR’ tendencies... lets absolutely NOT give any personal pronouns here