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  1. I think you did the right thing in the first place.
  2. Yes, you can, but it requires a lot of effort to relax yourself back to sleep when all you want to do is fight it.
  3. Nobody in their right mind ‘tries’ to get sleep paralysis- it’s hideous. I’ve had it since childhood although never at night - it always happens during siestas. But lucid dreams are/can be great.
  4. Here’s one https://youtu.be/jHC1VW_0CpI Just type ‘lucid dreaming music’ in the search bar.
  5. Lots of the lucid dreaming tracks have these ‘check prompts’ within them every now and again, usually as a sort of ping.
  6. You could search ‘lucid dreaming music’ on YouTube. There’s loads there. Might help you have some more. Best to wear earbuds although I find it doesn’t matter.
  7. Hope it’s not too wrong - I found it a really helpful and simple explanation.
  8. Ok, I’m only answering because nobody else has... I don’t understand your links, not necessarily because they are not in English- as I have a fairly good grasp in Czech- but it’s just not my area. I would say that it is not a waste to try this in 6 months; if it doesn’t go quite as planned, you can just try again. And really, that’s all you can ever do - just TRY YOUR BEST!! Go for it, and, good luck man 😁 Ask @studiot He is a very good teacher.
  9. Hi, maths is not my area either... Actually, I just want to wish you the very best with this and say Good Luck as it seems your heart is really set on it. I would say, in order to achieve what you want to achieve, 6 months sounds reasonable- especially as you’ve planned how you will carry this out. Stay focused and motivated and look for tips about how to remember certain things. This could be developing your own learning/revising system, perhaps means of triggers- for example- post it notes around your home which make you think about key topics. Well, I found it helped me in my studies but, again, I wasn’t studying maths! Good luck and I hope you come back to inform us of updates. There are people here who I’m sure will offer you some good advice.
  10. 1. No idea 2. Possibly... 3. Binaural beats are still very much in the experimental phase; Read more at knowingneurons.com ( can’t seem to link it).
  11. Reading your other posts it seems you are are asking a lot of questions regarding mental health issues. Here is not the place for you to find your answers, for various reasons- which I’m sure a moderator will explain to you soon enough. Regarding you queries- there’s a lot of information you can find yourself on this topic through internet searches. From a personal perspective: you can accept/overcome many pains, both physical and mental, by the practice of something like meditation. I say ‘something like’ only because you can do this without prior knowledge or teaching. It is within us all - but we must have control. No doubt, with practice (and guidance), the tolerance can be accepted for longer and longer periods.
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