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  1. How can you overcome schizophrenia or perhaps leverage it to attain useful insights in any aspect of life? It seems to me that it has the potential to make the mind infinite because of the exponential nature of the vicious circle created by the disease, if certain conditions are met, but may be I am wrong, let me know what you think. The paranoia part of the disease might connect unrelated ideas in the past, and the other part of the disease might generate more directions/viewpoints/divisions inside an imaginary graph(making it grow exponentially) of what's going on in a schizophrenic patient, as I understand. A similar question might be: imagine for a moment that there is a device that can read your thoughts and manipulate it remotely(which I don't believe exist anyway), how would you leverage that imagination(which appear real to a schizophrenic) for making it work for you: in terms of more creativity, more knowledge and more efficiency, etc(it seems that these conditions may destroy you but perhaps with original idea it can turn to something good)
  2. how would you overcome mental/physical torture? I have heard of some tribes that trained themselves to overcome discomfort and shows no signs of suffering while being tortured for long time, how is it? what do you think was their mindset or training that allowed them to overcome it?
  3. how can u measure/block/generate scalar waves?
  4. 1. how do I detect the brain unique bio-electric frequency(the brain unique frequency, like DNA) 2. can that frequency be used to identify a specific brain or communicate/access/hack it if a signal modulated by the same frequency is sent to that brain? 3. can you change your brain unique bio-electric frequency? perhaps binaural beats change it?
  5. how do you block the EMF emissions coming out of the brain? can EMF emissions from the brain of person can be converted back to information inside his brain(thought, emotions or EEG/Evoked potentials) is patent US3951134A of Robert G. Malech ( https://patents.google.com/patent/US3951134A/en ) applicable in real life or is it just theory and no one ever implemented it? any way, do you see any weaknesses or limitation in his ideas? can the interference wave generated by the brain be blocked or interfered with ? how does the interference wave can remain strong and not weaken or how does the system deal with noise added to the wave sent by the brain? how do I make the body less of an antenna? I understand that heavy metal cleansing will make the body having less property of a battery(electro-chemical property) which means less reactive or influence by radiation and less of a power source to external waves and signals , am I right here? more ideas except heavy metal cleansing? Thanks.
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