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  1. Hi I know how magneto ignition works, like how it can create the electricity and the high voltage, but what I don't know is how it can control so that it happens fast in pulses. Can someone plz explain to me how this works? https://science.howstuffworks.com/question375.htm
  2. I understand, but I've heard that you can turn sleep paralysis to lucid dreams because you tend to hallucinate during them.
  3. How do you get those sleep paralysis? Do you just go to sleep normaly and that happens sometimes by itself? How did you get sleep paralysis last time? Did you try or did it happen by itself?
  4. Well then the music will stop, cause I don't have YouTube Premium and I haven't rooted my phone.
  5. That's good, but where do you find these. If there are on YouTube I need to have my screen on while listening.
  6. That's a good idea. I have never tried that before. Thx for the answer. That's a good idea. I have a watch that can track my sleep. I might try that. Thx for the answer.
  7. You mean to try one day to not do anything related to lucid dreaming and see if that will give results?
  8. That's funny, but let's keep it to the subject plz. I really want useful tips.
  9. I had just watched a movie about lucid dreaming and told my self the day before "I'm going to be lucid in my next dream". I still tell myself that (MILD technique), but it haven't worked since that. I have to do reality checks now instead and I tell my self now "I'm going to to a reality check in my next dream" everyday instead.
  10. The first time that I had lucid dreams, I also just recognized that I was dreaming. So you don't do any reality checks? How often are you lucid and what technique do you use, or does it just happen to you without you trying?
  11. Thx for the answer , but I don't understand. You are right, I didn't discuss anything about neuroscience. I shouldn't have said that, I just wanted to make clear that this is a complicated topic that require knowledge about how dreams works, which have to do with neuroscience and the unconscious mind. Well, to do those things you have to know that you are dreaming, hence doing the reality checks. Just watch some lucid dreamers on YouTube and EVERYONE will recommend doing reality checks. Some of them even say you should do it as often as 25-30 (or even more) times a day. I do it about 15 times a day. I have tried flying in one of my lucid dreams, it was really fun Yeah you have a large amount of control when you are lucid, because you know that it is a dream and you can do almost what ever you want to do. What do you mean I don't want my tests to work? Why would I otherwise start this topic in the first place? Do you mean that I unconsciously don't want them to work? If so, in what way could that be? That's a good idea, thank you. I will try that. So I could use the flashlight on my phone for instance?
  12. I know what a lucid dream is. What I wonder is how and why my reality checks won't work which would otherwise acknowledge me that I'm dreaming so that it would be a lucid dream.
  13. Yes, it is to know if you're dreaming or not. No, lucid dreaming feels just like, or very much like reality. The part in the brain responsible for logical thinking doesn't work so good often while dreaming. It's not that simple. It's not about mistaken reality for a dream, it's the reverse. Plz learn more about the subject before answering. This topic is about neuroscience as well.
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