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  1. If you are in an accelerating rocket ship, you will feel yourself pressed into your seat. It's hard to see how the rest of the Universe decelerating would cause you and your seat to press together. Acceleration is an absolute, in that if you are holding a coffee cup, you might spill some coffee. Sitting at my desk my coffee does not spill, whether I consider myself at rest and the spaceship flying past Earth (at constant speed) to be moving; or if the alien in the ship considers itself as at rest and Earth is flying past. An Earthquake, which moves me around (accelerating) will make me spill my coffee.
  2. Most current T.V. remotes are based on consumer infrared. About 15 years ago I had wireless headphones that used infrared (what we use bluetooth for nowadays). So yes, signals can be modulated onto an infrared carrier. Way less flexible than bluetooth etc, not sure why it'd be a choice now for "radio". You'd need to be close to the transmitter and in good line of sight.
  3. Sorry, that probably wasn't a differential lock. That was probably for free wheeling hubs. It disconnected (or connected) your front hubs to the front axles. It was so when you were driving along in 2 wheel drive, the front wheels could turn without turning the front diff or the front drive shaft. Saves fuel and wear and tear (including tyres). One of my Father's several Land Rovers (this one was a Series II soft top) had such manually controlled front hubs. If I was out with him, it was my job to hop out with a short bit of broom handle, with a slot cut in the end, to activate/deactivate the hubs. More modern vehicles do this automatically.
  4. It's hard to parse that. But to repeat: At time T when the Moon is at position X, any and all light hitting it that's reflected, will later hit your eyes at the same time. (Based on the speed of light and the distance between you and position X). * All light reflected at time T will show position X. * All light reflected from position X, came from time T. It doesn't matter if that light originally came from any combination of our Sun, your new small Sun, lasers on Earth, or starlight from many light years away. You will only see the Moon at one position at a time. Your extra sun, your walls ... will not change that. The only thing you will affect is the brightness (and maybe colour) of the reflected light. (Exactly when you see such effects depends on the positions and timing of the causes; and I can't follow your last post well enough to confirm one way or another.)
  5. It's not at all clear what you mean by this. Inertia is the quality of mass that means it resists acceleration. e.g. Moving things don't want to stop moving. Non-moving things don't want to start moving. On your original question: think about how fast your disks spin inside your DVD player. Many times a second. Compared to that, no, a little jiggle of the box they are in won't do any damage. But further, adding this thread to your previous one - it seems to me you are a bit obsessive about potential damage to your DVDs. I am not qualified to give medical advice, but, I think maybe you should go get some advice from someone who is (a mental health professional). Assuming you are not simply trolling.
  6. I'm rounding to the nearest banana. Also, how is this relativity?
  7. Yep. I'd say it'll take 8 minutes for light to get from the Moon to you, so you'll see it where it was 8 minutes ago. That light itself will have left the Sun 16 minutes ago - but it's when the Moon reflected it that matters here. ( Consider going out on a moonless night (away from town) where everything is lit only by starlight. That light took many thousands of years to get to Earth, but the objects seen (slightly) illuminated by it will not appear as they were thousands of years ago! )
  8. Some info (i.e. it's been done (in ways)): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tidal_power
  9. Should somebody let the authorities know that this toy company is breaking the laws of physics? https://www.hexbug.com/nano
  10. I must be missing something. Somebody arguing for the properties of the fabric of space, quotes Tesla for support, who said "... for the simple reason that it can have no properties ...".
  11. Why is "frequency" such a magic word among the woo?
  12. I think the question is more about the lifetime of the device, not how long it holds a charge. Googled [ shelf life of electrolytic capacitor ] ... but was confused by the results as they seem to imply pretty much any device I have (that has such caps) that's older than three years should begin to fail! Must be missing something.
  13. This isn't a speculation. Maybe you meant: https://www.scienceforums.net/forum/28-suggestions-comments-and-support/ ?
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