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  1. Given you've used "humanity", maybe "humankind" is better than "peoplekind"? https://dictionary.cambridge.org/grammar/british-grammar/man-mankind-or-people And who is "we" anyway? We, meaning me, have not seen "peoplekind" in common use.
  2. Absolutely. When I croak, my kids will hopefully remember me a while. ... but they are unlikely to know if my last thoughts were of heaven, hell, or pizza. (And I won't behaving any more thoughts!)
  3. So another sort of analogy then: This thread of yours seems like saying "given a banana could ride a bicycle, I claim it would compete in the tour de France" ... and then trying to say "I don't want to talk about how a banana rides a bike, just the impact on the cycle race". After someone dies, what is retaining their last thought or feeling?
  4. That the T.V. has no consciousness is no issue, because there is zero evidence that consciousness persists after the death of a person. It doesn't matter what the last thought of a person was (heaven, hell, pizza), as after death they longer have any thought.
  5. I have a dead Plasma TV - pain in the neck to get rid of so sitting in my spare room for now. The last image it showed before it went "pop" will forever be the last image it ever showed. (Past tense) But right now it's just blank. It's not doing anything, nobody looking at it sees anything. So I get that the last thought or feeling a person had before they died is the last thought or feeling that person will ever "have", but I don't see how that has any real meaning. When a person dies, their thoughts and feelings are gone. They are nothing. They don't continue to actually "have" that thought or feeling, especially when you write "Assuming no supernatural consciousness of any sort emerges after death". So how's this mean anything?
  6. Personally I'd just go for a simple tree:
  7. Thanks. That made a few things really click in my head, in regards to understanding the "twins paradox".
  8. How is this better than a regular crankshaft and connecting rods?
  9. For the observer to whom the apparatus is length contracted, the mirrors are moving. I figure that can't be ignored as light has a finite speed.
  10. Cross reference (same posts at ISF): http://www.internationalskeptics.com/forums/showthread.php?t=345483
  11. I saw a thread that started with a question but became preaching. That's disgusting.
  12. At this point, all you have still, is argument from incredulity. Why is this a "problem"?
  13. Because the Universe is changing and they are observing at different times, yes, that's possible. Will you answer my questions? 1. Do you think an observer of the Universe 1 hour after the BB would see the same thing we do now? 2. In your scenario, how would the hypothetical me be asking the other about the BB? Where did I get information from that he didn't have?
  14. "Silly" is your emotional interpretation of the situation, that's not science. In your scenario, how would the hypothetical me be asking the other about the BB? Where did I get information from that he didn't have? If you have evidence that the cosmological principle is wrong today, present it. If you have evidence that the cosmological principle would be wrong for observers in the future, present it. NB: that observers in the future might observe a "different" Universe than observers today, is not a violation of the cosmological principle.
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