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  1. Don't you already have a thread on this stuff over in Medical Science | Anatomy, Physiology and Neuroscience ?
  2. It's just sloppy language. From the point of view of a person anchored to the ground, another person might appear to lift in this scenario. But it's not lift, it's more that the ground is "falling away from" the un-anchored person, and they continue to move as they did.
  3. Occams' razor suggests that bigfoot isn't people wearing bigfoot costumes, it's bigfoot hiding by wearing black bear costumes.
  4. If new physics is required, how do you then answer the question in post #1 ?
  5. Pareidolia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareidolia
  6. From this post, it looks like you don't actually know the big bang theory. It might be good to start with understanding current science, before deciding it's wrong.
  7. Mostly I really hate time travel in any show. I generally can excuse one or two bits of magic in something (e.g. faster than light travel is pretty much required to make most Science Fiction work), but the implications of time travel are just too much for me. Having said that, I recently watched Eureka. Pretty much all of the science in that show was just silly. But that then made it easier to accept the time travel episodes. It was all really just fantasy. And the interesting bit of the time travel was that they kept the "timeline changes" in the show. That is, around half way through the run they altered their present by something they changed in the past ... never reverted it. So some characters went on in the show knowing about the "other timeline" and others only knew one. It was like the show was rebooted, with some characters knowing about the reboot.
  8. I see we can add probability to the list of things you don't (can't?) understand.
  9. There's also an element of "lies to children". The average person doesn't need a completely scientifically accurate explanation of something to the smallest detail. They just need to know "enough". Like the friend of mine in college (= US high school) who put his motorcycle gloves in a microwave to "dry" them, and hurt his hands when he put them on. It's like the difference between "education" by pop-sci youtube videos, vs University.
  10. I think we need to explain "you can't have your cake and eat it too". Back on page 1 swansont told you "One way is to send it through a polarizing beam-splitter cube. If the polarization is in one direction it goes straight through. If it’s orthogonal it gets reflected. Knowing which way it goes tells you the polarization " So you have detectors at different locations, corresponding to the outputs of the beam-splitter cube. Which detector detects the photon tells you the spin that that photon had.
  11. Are you reading replies? Neither "trillions" nor "single" applies the way you think. As already noted in this thread, the experiments are done in controlled conditions, as in, they don't leave the apparatus sitting out in the mid-day sun. And they are not dealing with one photon at a time, they are using statistics (as noted in this thread) to analyse the results over a multitude.
  12. Entanglement experiments start with making two particles be entangled. i.e. you don't entangle one - what's it entangled with? Nor do you need to go looking for the other.
  13. Astounded again. Nobody (in science) claims this. It's a strawman that creationists argue against.
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