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  1. Should somebody let the authorities know that this toy company is breaking the laws of physics? https://www.hexbug.com/nano
  2. I must be missing something. Somebody arguing for the properties of the fabric of space, quotes Tesla for support, who said "... for the simple reason that it can have no properties ...".
  3. Why is "frequency" such a magic word among the woo?
  4. I think the question is more about the lifetime of the device, not how long it holds a charge. Googled [ shelf life of electrolytic capacitor ] ... but was confused by the results as they seem to imply pretty much any device I have (that has such caps) that's older than three years should begin to fail! Must be missing something.
  5. This isn't a speculation. Maybe you meant: https://www.scienceforums.net/forum/28-suggestions-comments-and-support/ ?
  6. There's an XKCD for this. https://xkcd.com/505/
  7. Do you think that if there are (apparently) two choices, both are equally likely?
  8. Your disgusting edit of my text is a claim, not an answer. Right, so the thread on the threaded rod is not moving to the right, only the nut - with rotation restricted - is moving to the right. So what's the helical movement?
  9. Nine pages in and you have not yet made clear why you think transferring the nut is not a mass transfer that will cause a reaction. Just the mythical "helix motion". Again, put a paint dot on the thread somewhere. Give the rod a bunch of complete turns. Where is the dot?
  10. @John2020 , maybe this would be a useful exercise for you? Take a look through the threads by "LB7" over at this other forum: https://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?topic=80651.msg615121 He also thinks he can beat conservation laws. He makes thread after thread which boil down to: straight lines are different to curves ... then with some magic (I've really never been able to see how he expects to get it in or out) he proclaims that he gets unbalanced non-conserved energy. The exercise is: go through his threads and see if his explanations make any sense to you. Compa
  11. Nothing in your device is moving in a "helix trajectory". Consider putting a dab of paint on the thread. Give the threaded rod several (many!) complete rotations - where is that dab of paint now? Either way, the thread is pushing on the nut - that's what's making it move! So the nut is pushing back on the thread. No free lunch. It's just like the mass glued to the belt in your previous thread. Any time you think you've found a loophole in the conservation laws, it just means you've designed a system too complex for you to analyse.
  12. Yeah, so, magic. This would be very very simple to test. Try it!
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