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  1. Pnp is known. Which happens to be x*y. The question is what x with known pnp will be close to or moving away from zero. The given pnp will only be true (within error) when x puts the equation near zero.
  2. Should say x is smaller factor of SemiPrime pnp.
  3. You are correct. I haven’t changed the equation. The semiprime is still pnp. But notice that pnp is known and does not change. Test 5, pnp equals 85. Test 11, pnp is still 85. It should only be true when x equals the smaller factor of pnp. My hypothesis is if we can factor a semiprime you can predict and find higher value Primes where x the smaller Prime factor forms another semiprime. So 3 * 5 make semiprime 15 and 3 * 7 make semiprime 21. I show a pattern in the table of values in the previous post. I show the error in the first 1000 Prime numbers. I believe if you graph the equation knowing x and finding a pnp (which is x*y), where the graph equals zero then y is Prime. I don’t understand how the Riemann hypothesis finds Prime numbers. Finding zeroes either proves or disproves it, but why cannot we have a pattern of Primes before it is proved? If the zeta function minus the values at zero in the Riemann hypotheses fits the logarithm function to match the Prime number distribution, I wonder how the Pappy Craylar conjecture finds zeros. The PC conjecture has the error of the equation. But the PC conjecture is not a line but a modified circular function. The past 2 posts before the current posts where I listed a bunch of numbers is a pattern. There are 2 equations I offer as a proof as a pattern. I have shared the Pappy Craylar conjecture with as many people that I could. One person is an engineer, but says he isn’t schooled in number theory. I posted the new post, just to reiterate that it is just the simplest of equations. I never got a chance to get a doctoral degree. However, this is my dissertation. That is why I put so much effort in it and why I work so hard to prove it.
  4. This picture sums up my work. If you wonder why I put so much effort and posted so much about this problem, it is because the application of this problem. This is several problems and techniques. Every post has been to address something in the breaking of RSA. Now the problem is applied to Prime numbers and their distribution. If you graph the equation, Prime numbers will occur around zero. Any known Prime number multiplied by test value should result in zero when the test number is also a Prime number. If you graph the equation of the Pappy Craylar conjecture and graph the inverse of this graph, it may very well be that it is a Tracy-Widom distribution. There are many applications. I only list some new ones here. I once stated back in 2006 that a logarithmic spiral could be used to represent Prime numbers. I still believe that even though how original that idea may be. I see the graph as a resonating circular function. This circular function would increase in value but with harmonics that occasionally dampen it. If the equation does not convince you I completely understand. I must find the ultimate proof by breaking RSA. Breaking it will improve my programming skills. If you wonder why I did not just do that at the start. The fact remains I have the math, but crunching the numbers takes considerable programming skills. But the RSA numbers are still available, even though, the prize money for solving them has expired.
  5. I think the problem with finding a pattern of Primes is that we are looking for the pattern the way we count. It isn’t enough to identify a number Prime. Finding the next in line is still recursive.

    If anyone is interested I’ll post more on this topic. Or if you encountered similar roadblocks please share.

    1. Trurl


      Well in my post “Simple Yet Interesting” if the Pappy Craylar conjecture is true and we can factor SemiPrimes, then we can take a known Prime say 3 and test or graph from zero to infinity and we’re the value approaches zero the number is Prime.

      It can be confirmed by testing other Prime numbers.

      This is why I posted the chart of number in the SYI thread. There is a pattern. You can find all Prime numbers.

      But what is not yet found is a pattern that will explain the difference in subtraction of Prime numbers. That is the recursion I was referring to.

  6. Well I used the word speculation to mean I don’t have a scientific study. I was basing my view on facts of my education experience and what situations I know and what other teachers have told me in discussions. But you miss understand me. Being an online teacher is to avoid the disciplining of the classroom. Picture Arnold Schwarzenegger on the first day of class of Kindergarten Cop. Teachers to there credit are managing classrooms and students behavior more often than the art of instruction. I want to practice instruction without the headache of bad student behavior. Teachers salary was discussed because you mentioned it. My original question was to find legitimate places for teaching adults or high school online.
  7. Story time: When I was in 5th grade 3 students were sent to an empty classroom to take a make up test. Soon one came back and said the other 2 just left the building. Then a kid in the classroom pointed them out and the class came to the window and watched them for minutes as they ran through the woods. How does a teacher teach while they are trying to get the kids back? That is a mild example. And you can’t use traditional methods today like when there is a fight; let them use boxing gloves to wear it out of them. You don’t want a military type of discipline but those are mild disruptions in my stories. Kids like the school shooting profiles start this way. I don’t know how to fix it. I figured if an online student interfered with the feed it would be recorded and I could just block them. Again from just speculation: teaching is more managing the classroom than the instruction of students. Teaching is a leadership position. (Especially in secondary school) That is why I’d prefer to teach adults where there is a emphasis on instruction and not classroom management. I want a classroom where the students know how to behave as students.
  8. I’m speaking with speculation, but one of the worst things I have heard goes back to discipline. Teachers aren’t given methods to control the classroom. When teaching adults the usually want to be in the classroom. If not grades and money (in tuition) will motivate them. Adolescents are not motivated the same way. When rewards don’t work and class is still disrupted how do you handle it? Money is important. But if you aren’t given tools to stop disruptive behavior you can’t teach. And thing like test scores and graduation rates is your fault. Again in speculation, higher pay will not correct this problem.
  9. You sound like a teacher. I guess it differs state to state but in my area teachers make a decent wage. It is the substitute teachers that don’t and they use them to fill teachers’ positions. All a substitute teacher needs is a bachelors degree. They lowered the certification to fill openings. But you are right that does lower wages. I felt that working online would be easier to control the classroom. I am not skilled at giving detentions and unruly kids. I’d rather work with adults. I guess now is the best time to find a job in education. If I was going to take a class, I agree that in person is better. I have taken online classes and all the work was left up to me. The professor just graded me telling me I did it all wrong. I had nothing such as other student’s work to compare. The comments did not show what was wrong except minor grammar. The videos on YouTube are way more educational. But you don’t earn a degree watching YouTube. I have some ideas that I would use to improve online courses. Online courses are not cheaper than in person but the instructors usually don’t give instruction. With modern internet technology this should not be so. You made a good point that math instruction is difficult remotely, but why doesn’t the classroom share a document in real time in a chat room? What is your take on this?
  10. There is a shortage of teachers. What would be a legitimate online school to teach for? I am not a secondary school teacher but I am asking about cyber schools both secondary and post secondary schools. What are trusted employers? How do you apply? One challenge to secondary schools is disciplining the classroom. I assume the online format would correct this. But if anyone knows of teaching positions in a legitimate online school post it.
  11. iNow, I know it seems link a cowardly response. I am just saying NATO should have done more before it escalated. Sometimes you can’t just talk, you have to back it up. Well the Ukraine has backed it up and stood up to the bully. But how can NATO help them? I ask that question because it is this thread’s question? I don’t know what you can do but talk to the other side. Did you study the Vietnam War in high school? Both sides blew each other up until the U.S. left. Now we’re friends. They don’t teach the part on how peace happened. Could it all just have been avoided?
  12. That isn’t a source. It is my speculation. I think NATO failed the Ukraines. The U.S. says the Russians are going to invade. We’re are the peace talks? We send weapons and intelligence. Both won’t stop the Russians. We should have flooded the country with humanitarian aid. What is Ukraine’s plan to win this war? Now the woman and children are displaced. I believe for the world to maintain peace both Ukraine and Taiwan would have to be released from NATO in a bargaining agreement. I know the Ukraine and Taiwan are not part of NATO so they only receive aid. But I think the NATO countries know they can’t protect them without disaster. So NATO is forced to slow the progression of war and hope a solution presents itself over time. I stated that the world can be as safe and peaceful without the entire world being a democracy. We can spread democracy peacefully through the people changing their own country. But there is a fine line between peaceful influence and pissing off Russia or China. Again this is all my speculation. I don’t have any intel other than the media and internet. But this is my view of the positions of Ukraine and Taiwan.
  13. Ok. I was reading this thread and someone rant on a rant about the left and communism. Maybe this reply can be moved. But I remember somewhere I say something somewhere else that described the World was safer when there was a balance of power throughout the World. I speculate that NATO didn’t act in Ukraine because it was the safer think to do.
  14. I love freedom and democracy but is it right for every country? Strategically probably not. Did George W. Bush do this with Husain? Sure it would be great to give democracy and stop the spread of communism. But wasn’t that be Vietnam? Every country is to blame. Let’s “spread democracy” and kill thousands on both sides until it isn’t profitable. And what is the purpose of Pelosi of ticking of China? That is no better than rocket man launching or Iran threatening to building a nuclear program. I would say the people of other countries would love democracy. But the leaders are threatened by it. To put it in relation to psychology, it is like having an atheist believe. How will a country react to the fact outsiders want to change the rules? Not a smart move to force beliefs on anyone. On both sides.
  15. I have attached a PDF to view. I know it could be formatted more clearly. But if the Pappy Craylar Hypothesis is true: We can verify a number is Prime by multiplying it by a known Prime number and see if a Semi-Prime results. And we may be able to take a known Prime and see which consecutive number will result in a Semi-Prime, thus establishing a pattern. This pattern is seen in the PDF I posted by taking the error of the equation when (p^4 / ((p*Data)^2 + p)). I know it is hard to see in my PDF. I’m working to make it easier to read. I have been reading a book that said if there is a pattern in Prime numbers the Riemann Hypothesis is false. And if Prime numbers are completely random the Riemann Hypothesis is true. But the question is do you have a pattern if you can predict where the next Prime number occurs? I ask this because there may be a computation to find the next Prime number, but the overall placement of all Prime numbers may be arbitrary. @studiot : This is what I was describing in my status update. 20220622ProofSFN.pdf
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