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  1. What do all my equations variables equal? x = 5 ; N = 85 N the product of 2 Primes x the least common multiple you get approximately 25 square root of 25 equals 5 Not saying it works but I will try and type it into the patterns I meantioned in my main post. It is more than just a typo.
  2. Light saber. Invented by a Jedi. There is a book by Michio Kaku, Physics of the Impossible, that talks about how sci-fi technologies could become real. But aren't Noble prizes based on benefit of application. Star Wars seem to be always battling. My favorite the R2. It is probably a common answer that R2 should win the prize, but most other Star Wars other technologies are for war.
  3. Trurl

    What made you stop believing in God?

    I think the purpose of this post is to compare believing vs nonbeliving. If you believed then stopped you have experienced both sides. To a believer this is important because the believer questions why you lost faith and what it means to your salvation. I wasn't a believer then believed in a God but it took awhile before I decided to learn about him. So I have experienced both sides. But if someone no longer believes I am interested in their reasoning. Even Mother Teresa questioned her faith.
  4. Trurl

    Prime Products just one last time

    Ok so no response means that no one sees my pattern. I know my equations are cumbersome, but there is a pattern. In fact I have about 3 distinct equations that show patterns when solved. I know it isn’t a perfect solution where x is found knowing only n. You have to use test values of x to determine where n’s least common multiple is. There is a pattern and I am trying to show that pattern of the least common multiple. I will post again a simplified explanation. My goal was to show the pattern before just plugging a chugging an answer. I will show this pattern, but it is labor intensive to organize all 4 equations. I just wish I was getting more feedback. Over 5 years ago I posted to the Wolfram community. This problem is not designed for their boards. But I did receive some good feedback that knowing n and x the equation checked. However that is not useful. So as I refined my idea where the equation would show a pattern knowing only n. The only problem was it was such a complex nth degree polynomial, I could not solve it. I could only use it in a computer program to compare test values of x. I mean, I led me to work what was known about solving polynomials and if there was anyway to solve it graphically. But I still feel my equations though rugged, showed important patterns. My equations had a range of error, but I now know this was due to the limitations of the calculator. But will my average coding skills I do not know how to program for over 100 digit numbers. But in my future attempts to show my work, I will show my patterns and where you can learn more about them. But until then don’t just look at this equation of finding the least common multiple. Look at the equations with the factors known and see those factors as forming a pattern as they are multiplied together to form n. A pattern in Prime numbers sounds impossible. But that is not what my equation does. It takes n and finds it factors according to an equation that will solve for the least common multiple. I remember a previous comment that solving a Prime pattern was not serious. I argue that it may be impossible, put finding an equation describing the least common multiple is a serious endeavor.
  5. Trurl

    Prime Products just one last time[((((6911^2*7823^4%2B2*7823^2%2B6911^5)%2B6911^8)%2F7823^4*(7823%2F6911^2)))] Compare to[((((6911^2*(6911*7823)^4%2B2*(6911*7823)^2%2B6911^5)%2B6911^8)%2F(6911*7823)^4*(6911*7823)^2%2F6911^2)))] Compare these 2 Wolfram Alpha links. There is a pattern here. Easy knowing both x and n. But the pattern is there. There is more to the patterns I am working on. I am compiling a Kindle book. If you believe there is a pattern post here or check my profile.
  6. Trurl

    Prime Products just one last time

    Ok, so 40,000 people have seen this post. Does no one agree the equations show a pattern in factoring. I’m serious in my approach to this problem. I am not trying to deceive anyone. As my instructor in college would say this is a 5 second problem. Plug in N and x can only be a Prime factor. I know it isn’t difficult solving knowing both x and N. But these equations show where x must be knowing only N. Many have seen it but does anyone believe me? You see no one believes me that an amateur found a pattern to Prime numbers. And they would be correct. These equations and patterns are based on patterns in factoring. So if N was 10 an x of 2 would prove the equations true. So has anyone actually tried what I proposed? Or, did it just sound impossible and not worth the effort? I ask because I must not be explaining it correctly. Does anyone have any questions? This was the first time I wrote so much about a set of math problems. I have learned it can get out of control; not knowing how to describe something that isn’t completely finished. So let me know good or bad what you think. Like in show business no comments is worse than criticism. My question is, “Does no one see it?” A pattern in Primes may be impossible, but a pattern in factoring is possible. And is important to reverse public key cryptography.
  7. Thanks guys. There is some good advice here. I do like the permutation of a and b as a stating point. Usually it given the abc then find ab ac and so on. I have a reoccurring problem on my trucks speedometer. I am at 71000. But I was thinking when do numbers repeat. For example 71071 or 71171. This is considering how large the odometer is that the numbers occur linearly. So my hunch on the abc Sensei mentioned is a modulus problem and I would treat it as if it were an odometer. I know I problem misworded this idea but it is just an intuitive idea I have not done any work but it would be very applicable to computer computation. The reason for me to ask this question is that I was stuck on a problem. The problem led to other problems but essential part of the larger problem I was stuck on. But I continued to work on it because it was "my problem". I like the idea of the abc problem because if each letter is given it's own spot across the odometer if it spins linearly all letters will result. But putting that into an equation is a different story.
  8. Trurl

    Anyone read "Darwin's Black Box" ?

    The book does not contain religion. I post here to see if anyone has or wants to read the book. Something of the sort "I'm a scientist but scientific evidence points to a creator as much as it doesn't." "God doesn't play dice" I want to see if anyone is familiar with the book and follow scientific evidence that supports a creator may exist. I haven't read the book, but it might be an intersting read.
  9. Well I thought this would be:What is the best way for an amateur to find math problems? Math and drawing take less resources compared to other sciences. But the amateur still wants meaningful problems. Obviously ideas can come from anywhere, but it would be nice to be working on the most current needs. For example BitCoin is valuable, then it is not. Twitter following can tell you what is popular, but reaseach takes time and still how do I know the problem is worth the effort? Journals list abstracts but the amateur doesn't really have access to them. I know ideas are found everywhere. I am just looking to grow as an amateur. Am I looking in the right areas?
  10. I checked at reviews for this book. A science explanation for intelligent design. No religion. But I thought it would be a good read for the scientist looking at science for answers. Darwin's books are now public license. I don't care to study them but I have read excerpts that I consider bad science. I think that is what the author of the book while argue that the is much more that needs to be explained. The reviews also mention how DNA and evolution relate.
  11. What are your methods to find that great math problem to invest your time to work on? Or any other project. I have my own methods but I want to hear others before I share my own.
  12. I never studied optics in physics, but can you guys tell me if a lense would go linear? It sounds like chr2019 is working on a video game. I have a vr headset and distances don't focus in distance to reading writing on the viewpoint. This is why a standard viewpoint using trig and an angle would work for a rifle simulator and eye chart but what do you do if you want to emulate a person's viewpoint? i realize you could always have a linear viewpoint calculated for different perspectives. But I am not skilled enough as a programmer to do this. It seems too memory and computational anyway. There are already Unity and other tools libraries. Isn't this a major problem in optics. My eye doctor said if I could invent glasses that focus near and far I'd be a millionaire.
  13. We can argue back and forth in all good fun. Your believe in some sort of Creator. I guess you just had an experience, maybe science that made you think otherwise. There are Christian scientist. And a lot of scientist believe in creation designed. Depeding on your beliefs, they determine how you interpret the Bible. You can apply pure science, but that won't always lead to answers. But to me the answers are found by study and research. Reading the Words in red, I see things that apply to family and relationships with other people. I my opinion if I follow the given examples I will live a more meaningful life. I say a guy interviewed on YouTube that had nothing to do with religion. He had a 160 iq and was living modestly on a farm. The reporters ask him why he wasn't a millionaire and he replied that he lived the way that made him happy. I don't think we were born evil. But obviously we are imperfect. This thread is just my opinion. But I don't see the Bible's purpose to convert everyone to Christianity. The goal is to present the Word and let the reader decide what it means to them. Obviosly not everything in the Bible makes sense to me. But neither does every theory in science. But just because I do not understand something make it invalid.
  14. The original post does refer to Pastor Doug's description of slave. This is simply meaning only the Jewish people should participate. Even the slave can eat. Simple enough. This is not a new question. Anyone who reads the Bible will probably ask this. IMHO anything can be ask but there is no easy way to settle the debate. We don't have a way to know why things are the way they are other than history, the Bible, and science. To me it would be like blaming the leader of a country for everything that is wrong in the country. It would also mean we have no choice in our actions which is a whole other debate. But I think what is looked over how important the present is. It isn't like this stuff is just in the past, we are living it.
  15. No Pastor Doug is correct. He is referring to Hebrew slaves. It is my explanation that is wrong. Christains don't deny bad things happen in the Bible. We are not blindly following the Bible. Nor with good Pastors we are not being lied to. The Old Testament is difficult to understand. The Old Testiment was Hebrew law. But the question is unanswerable. And no Christian can answer it. But one unanswered question does discredit the Bible. In my own opinion, the question is not why God allows slavery, but why does Man allow slavery. Why is God or how is God responsible?