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  1. The distance between muons and the detector is call space and this distance got contracted. That explains why muons survived. It does not matter which frame you choose, in physics, space is nothing. you will need to rework space-time curvature to compensate this poorly defined conception(empty space) because they do not match. On top of that, it's necessary to rework time dilation too as its independence of direction will not fix in.
  2. They are correct, but we are discussing about whether we can apply relativity to empty space or not. AFAIK, we treat empty space as nothingness. We map space by constructing coordinate system so we can make measurements but we do it differently when applying length contraction. We apply directly to space which contradicts with our main concepts of space. By doing that we treat space as a thing. I don't get what u mean. It's kind of like you don't follow the topic about twins paradox currently being discussed.
  3. When applying length contraction, we apply it to particles of that object but space between them must remain intact (if space mapping is just coordinate system). Yup... absolutely... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Interesting... ask them about length contraction๐Ÿ˜ƒ.
  5. Do you mean that we can generate gravitational effect by using EM instead of mass?
  6. So, do you mean that space can have its length contracted, dont you?
  7. What are you referring to, for " the distance"?. I mean like if we want to point " the distance" of a runner running on the track, usually we will refer to the track he is running on.
  8. Yes you can. Just multiply p,h,y,s,i,c and s then you'll get physics ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.
  9. Sorry... I read it wrong. I donno what to say. But I prefer this way... So... Asking people to provide mathematical evidence isn't right because some of it worth million dollars... At least people get paid or their papers get published. Sorry... I read it wrong. No... We call dark DNA not because it doesn't interact with light.
  10. I can... But what will I get. Will my calculations get published? Are u sure about that? It certainly not. U will slip. I have but i can post it now. Yes... Neutron star for example. I know... We call it dark because we don't know what it is.
  11. "Gravitational lensing. As the light emitted by distant galaxies passes by massive objects in the universe, the gravitational pull from these objects can distort or bend the light. This is called gravitational lensing. ... Weak gravitational lensing results in galaxies appearing distorted, stretched or magnified" -google. I know GLE is caused by distribution of dark matter. But only if dark matter is real. Otherwise its just gravity. I left a note at the bottom saying that I don't believe in dark matter. U are asking me for some sources. Why don't u? Could you give something telling us what causes magnifying effects on the planets?
  12. It is hard to convince anyone when everyone uses common sense in argument. It's ok. I came here not to argue. I just want to give a suggestion. We learnt from school that centrifugal(or centripetal) works the same with orbital force but actually not because Gravity always work at specific degree(angle) at instant moment. It does not make sense right? let me explain. When someone standing on slippery floor wants to move a slippery box, the only way to move the box is by hinting it fast. As u can see, to apply force u need contact, less contact means more force. centrifugal/petal force requires connection between center and moving part. That implies Centrifugal/petal to have contact all the times. Yes u might think gravity also have contact all the time. No, when we move away gravity deceases and grows when we get closer. Centrifugal/petal force is always the same even if we use elastic material because when we move away we gain force and lose when get closer. I undestand if u dont get it. Take times to read. The key is gravity axerts force at exact location and time not total locations at period of time. So, if something is moving, an exact amount of gravitational force applies at exact instantly location and time. Take magnet as example. Run this experiment, shoot a bullet over a magnet and calculate magnetic force required to Swing the bullet to circular path. Trust me that will require ridiculously large amount of force. Why? Because magnetic pull works the same. Do you get it? Why I wrote dis? This implies gravity is actually stronger than what we feel. Another evidence is the existence of gravitational lensing effect around giant planets especially uranus. We can see Uranus with naked eyes. If we put earth to scale, as small as a ball on the football field, Uranus would be at around 7 to 8 km and earth totally not visiable at all. that's obviously gravitational lensing effect. That also explains Why the planets look closer too... So I gave two evidence for now first and more If all of u interested in me. There are a lot proofs for strong gravity. Side note: I dont believe dark matter exists
  13. Do they pull or push earth in/toward the sun?
  14. (for evidence.) There are several ways to prove that our earth is actually a star. one way is to do "free fall" experiment on the moon. No... i mean star like sun but much smaller. True for now until physicists have found star smaller than our earth due to physicists believe that hydrogen fusion can not be happening on star like that. anyway... i really mean "deadly". Done. read from the top. If i wanted to ask questions i would not come here... i would go on the right topic and ask...
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