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  1. IC engine or gravity? Which one would get lucky fi first?


    what do these have in commom? 

    Low output



    1. Lan Todak

      Lan Todak

      Lol... I forgot the word "they" huhu...

  2. That's Interesting inquiry but I believe in aliens or programmers over god or gods. I don't really care if they're powerful or not. Regarding your inquiry, you shouldn't take it lightly against gods in which you rely heavily on intuitions solely. Otherwise, it's a faith based opinion. Anyway, I still find discussing about existence is intriguing.
  3. Do you mean god can only be himself, don't you?
  4. When we have found the planets, gravity will become mystery again. I hop everyone prepare for a huge jump in physics because These planets are weird and opposh physics ;).

    (And beautiful as always, the planets)

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    2. Lan Todak

      Lan Todak

      What's your Best guess?

    3. zapatos


      Recreational drugs

    4. Lan Todak

      Lan Todak


      too far bro... although It can give u high jump😃.

  5. The edges are 1 and 2 with 1.5 as the centre. Your set can't represent our universe. 😑
  6. There is an inherent error in the engine system. Bypass it and you can double the output.
  7. I can catch up with your phrases. What this "A.I. seeks to defend itself" means with reference to this this phrase "consciousness of the internet"
  8. A.I can do more job. Why we need to make ant as example? If microscopic variables give rise to conscious mind, can we get A.I abilities to adapt to ransom environment as how conscious mind works?
  9. Nvm... I just tried to waste my time
  10. Ant can adept environments, establish new perceptions and communicate with new languages as long as its senses work. A.I can't do that even its sensors work flawlessly. A.I needs to be reprogrammed in oder to adept.
  11. When we remove all the programs and experiences an A.I once had and that A.I recreates those it has lost, that means that A.I is aware or conscious. //I mean all the codes in all classes including the main class. See if that A.I could rewrite those codes again. *just for fun. ;). I am bored rite now.
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