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  1. I have tried to react sodium salt of aliphatic as well as Aromatic sodium carboxylate with non branching primary alkyl bromide. Solvent was ethanol under reflex conditions. I am only get my reactants back?! Can any one tell me what's wrong?
  2. Hello I am confused most papers says schiff base complexation with metals resulting in lower shift in Ir spectrum of azomethine group. As far as I know decreasing e density leads to increase the frequency vibration. However after intense inspections, I found two papers says it causes to increase the freq. Is it possible for both??
  3. Good day everyone, I aimed to synthesize schiff base complexe with CuCl2. 2H2O. But I only have an aldhyde Ir spectrum from which its schiff base was made?!!! Why this is happened? The reaction was as follow : I added cu metal unhydrous ethanolic sol. Dropwise to hot ethanolic sol. of schiff base then reflex for about 3 hrs.
  4. Good day everyone, I wonder if schiff base is stable on TLC plates of aluminum oxide? I know it is hydrolysed on silca gel. How about aliminium oxide?
  5. My reactants are dioxane, CH2Cl2 and CHCl3 soluble. I have tried dioxane and ethanolwith different ratios Also I have tried ethanol and minimal CHCl3. On TLC all reactant appeared and no obvious new spot. I think my low yield schiff base is being hydrolysed on TLC "aliminium oxide" I will try CH2CL2 WITH Mgso4 and glacial a.a If not succeed, I will try dean stark trap with toluene although the reactants aren't soluble in it. My reactants are dioxane, CH2Cl2 and CHCl3 soluble. I have tried dioxane and ethanolwith different ratios
  6. Good day, I hope you answer my question. 1. I am trying to synthsis schiff base, should I dissolve my reactants? Because they are not totally be dissolved even in hot solvent" ethanol"
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