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  1. P versus NP solved!!!

    Forget a million dollar prize... start breaking financial system encryption and claim trillions.
  2. Making smoking illegal?

    They are considering another large tax increase on cigarettes in NYC, meanwhile over half of cigarettes are smuggled from out of state
  3. Gay marriage question

    civilians of the world, unite!
  4. Separating Children at the Border

    All is fair in the war against job-stealing refugees.
  5. Music effect on bacteria

    The correct control would be non-musical sound, rather than no sound.
  6. Trump's immigration ban

    By issuing a contempt of court ruling, at which point it would be up the the US Marshalls to enforce the court ruling. But my point is that Trump and the DHS is not ignoring the ruling of the Washington Judge, but using the Justice department to appeal the ruling, which is the proper channel.
  7. Political science- Media

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  8. The intuitive explanation is that key features (e.g. box corners) should persist in the image at any scale, such as from down-sampling, rotating or stretching the features of the image.
  9. Trump's immigration ban

    This is false... "In accordance with the judge's ruling, DHS has suspended any and all actions implementing the affected sections of the Executive Order entitled, ‘Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,’” Gillian Christenson said."
  10. Alternative Facts, Broken Promises & Wolves

    Cato is a libertarian think tank... a classical liberal, rather than conservative organization. They were founded by Charles Koch, but also Murray Rothbard who was a strongly anti-authoritarian Austrian economist.
  11. If you don't like science, GTFO.

    This is a common institutional problem. Low-level scientists have made a bad economic bargain and are trying to do the minimal amount of work that keeps them employed. This is predicted by the 'Gervais Principle' or 'the office, according to The Office'.
  12. Science in the US (split from Donald Trump)

    Ironically, the military funds plenty of basic research and some of that has no direct military applications.
  13. Is Abortion Ethical

    You pose a false dilemma. If birth control fails, women should have abortion as an option. This should be an option even if protection was not used for another reason.
  14. The "foreign meddling in our elections" brouhaha

    This is a strawman. I believe that Hillary was generally not trusted by the American people. I did not say that these beliefs were based on reality, nor that Trump was/is/should be considered more trustworthy.
  15. Donald Trump

    Not sure what tar would say, but 53% of white women were apparently able to overlook these comments. Anecdotally, women for Trump tend to value traditional gender roles and see Trump as an alpha male (supported a bit by the polling data). Populism is fine ear candy for those who believe they will benefit.