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  1. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    You analogy implies the same both sides nonsense you consistently imply. Claiming you may or may not mean it is worthless. The sentiment is also poorly informed. When I make claims I nearly also provide a citation for the data I am citing. You just post "tungue-in-cheek" stuff you lack the intellectual integrity to even stand behind.
  2. Voting Twice in the Midterm Elections

    Democratic candidates for the House got over 8.5 million more votes than Republican candidates for the house. Democratic candidates for the House collectively won nearly as many votes in the mid-term as the President did which has never happened before Here. The GOP is truly a minority party. People often say the country is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans but that is simply not true. Since polling for party affiliation has existed Democrats have always had the larger base. Republicans have never age out Democrats in party affiliation exit polling (linked above). Republicans complain about voter fraud as a means of legitimizing themselves. Republicans do not have the majority support of the nation or any intention to humbly adopt policies that reflect the interests of the major. So they claim voter fraud as a way to claim parity. It also serves are a justification for changing local election regulations and resist many people as possible from voting.
  3. Voting Twice in the Midterm Elections

    This isn't a Trump specific lie. Politicians, Republican ones specifically, have been crying wolf about this issue for decades. Trump simply gets more attention than politicians from past election cycles. Making it about Trump just provides Republicans cover. This is an old long running argument which gets used election after election to manipulate local voting processes. Below is an example from over 20yrs ago in your home state involving the same groups Trump targets today:
  4. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    Difference being I am citing what is actually going on and you are quibing loose analogies. Not for the Governor's race. Broward County wasn't able to submit their results. Broward county is Florida second most populated and strongly Democratic.
  5. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    Sadly this is nothing for Florida. In 2000 the initial machine recount had Bush ahead by 327 individual votes. The law allow Gore to challenge for a manual recount and State officials successful blocked it long enough for deadlines to elapses and eventually SCOTUS gave the win to Bush. Consider the President, Senate, and House are elected positions which impact national policy and not merely state policy I think it is ridiculous every state has their own standard for elections. There need to be a single national standard for elected officials who will be dealing directly with national policy. You sure love your equivalencies. One side is asking for an accurate count of votes and requesting the time needed for officials to perform such a count. The other side is attempting to prevent an accurate count. Your analogy implies both team are being less than honest to the process. What specifically is Nelson or Gillum doing that you feel is less than honest to the process. By the way Republicans are favored to win a recount assuming one happens.
  6. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    @String Junky, Thank you. Not what I was hoping for though. My understanding is that the initial tallies were never completed or accurate is some counties.
  7. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    In Florida the deadline for a machine recount wasn't extended and several counties failed to produce results. Does anyone here have any idea what that means happens now? A manual recount would have been automatic had the machine recount been completed and the results were within 0.25% but in the absence of a machine recount it is unclear what happens far as I can tell.
  8. Should colleges discontinue "career-less" majors?

    Business is no better at predicting the future than is anything else. If it were AOL would be the worlds leading internet provider, Blockbuster the #1 streaming service, Nokia the top smart phone builder, and etc. Too incestuous of a relationship between business and education would stifle invention in my opinion. Business would simply demand more of what was already most profitable. People would become conditioned to think it the terms industries were promoting. It would be bad for business innovation in the long term. Over time it would also lower wages due to an excess of specialized individuals, supply and demand. You assume an "educated public is a common good". I don't disagree but have a variety of associated caveats with that. Primary one being the type of education. I'd also attach "common good" to the economy and security of a country. After all it was during a time of economic depression that Nazis rose to power in Germany. It is also in the more rural and economically depressed, least educated, parts of the U.S. that Trumpism is strongest. Because of those reasons I think education should be provide by the govt. It is something the country needs and everyone benefits from.
  9. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    The whole process is frustrating Ensuring votes get counted correctly is such a basic thing. There needs to be better processes in place and recounts should me more routine. Far as I am concerned we should recount every race within 4%. I see no reason to risk important elections. Once all votes are in go back through and accurate certify the result. This should not be a partisan thing.
  10. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    I would say "should be recounted". To my knowledge GA officials have not agreed to a recount and in FL numerous lawsuits are being filed over which votes to count but no definitive recount is underway.
  11. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    You were provided an opportunity to clarify your position. Instead you repeated the same false information. As Gov. Scott didn't play a role in Amendment 4. An advocacy group collected the needed signatures under state law to get it placed on the ballot, Here. As CharonY already pointed out. The link I provided showed Rick Scott Pushing back in court to continue to block restoration of voting rights after a federal judge ruled Florida's process unconstitutional. That ruling and Scott's response happened after Amendment 4 had won approval to be on the ballot. So Scott clearly opposed Amendment 4.
  12. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    I have no idea where you got your information from. https://www.tampabay.com/florida-politics/buzz/2018/04/18/rick-scott-has-made-enemies-over-voting-rights-during-the-last-eight-years/ Scott's use of the law was determined to be unconstitutional in federal court. He was instructed to return rights to people and he refused. Scott has been fighting for the practice.
  13. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    More disheartening to me is the fact that as Governor Scott spent years directly influencing who could and couldn't viote which directly favored him yet is now crying foul. It disgusts me. Trump talking sh*# is just him trying to whip up support for himself. Control the spin. Trump does it in a irresponsible way but general terms such rhetoric is common Scott gamed the system and may very well be rewarded for it. Scott and Kemp's situations are unique in that both were able to administratively manipulate the voter pools they used in their own elections. Very bad stuff.
  14. Should colleges discontinue "career-less" majors?

    While I believe the OP is wrong in its suggestion I do feel Elite Engineer is responding to a legitimate problem. I do campus outreach for my employer and have met a lot of students who selected their degrees rather arbitrarily based convenience, aren't sure how they will apply them, yet do expect them to result in better paying career options. In the cases were people are taking on lots debt it can be very troublesome. I also don't think many University don't enough to direct those who are merely pursuing the prestige of having a degree towards cost effective options. If one is able to secure loans and come up with tuition fees Universities will take the money. For some, at least to get started, City Colleges are superior options but students are pressured into Universities. A lot of young people are very impressionable and the peer pressure to attend the most well regarded University within their social circle to impress others can supersede all else. As more and more people are saddled with debt later into life it will transform other areas of society. Buying a home use to be peoples initial big life purchase but now for many a degree is. While I do not reject iNow's point about the salaries for Philosophers vs Welders I do feel salaries, at least here in the U.S, are relative to location. A person making 80k a year in San Francisco barely gets by while a person making half as much in Albuquerque is comfortable. General averages do not speak to individual lifestyles or needs. The OP overlooks a few things though. For starters it is new products and processes that move economies forward. Which degrees are best suited to an individual to succeed in the future isn't predictable as the OP implies. Any number of sought after vocational or technology skills from just a couple decades ago no longer useful. As AI comes online, automation continues grow, and peoples interest change so to will professional career fields. Even within existing career fields which aren't seemingly going anywhere there is room for change. I for one wish more people in Law Enforcement had education in Philosophy. As for Outdoors Recreation I definitely think that is useful. As I type this part of my home State is on fire do to a camp site incident. The issue isn't that certain degrees are useless. This also should be a debate of whether education is a vehicle for personal growth or financial gain. Any degree type can be either useful or useless depending on the individual and everyone pursues whatever for their own reasons. The issue here in my opinion is the cost of tuition. We need to find a way to make College affordable for everyone. Public grade schools were established in the 1700's. In the hundreds of years since we have failed to figure out how to extend the system for Universities. I think it is time we do that.
  15. The North Korea Problem

    Polling shows that the majority of people here in the U.S. feel Trump has done a good job handling North Korea. The optics battle has already been won. At this point I think most people here in the U.S. would blame Kim Jong-un exclusively for anything bad which happens next. Trump has a blank check regarding the issue. Trump can do as he will and no one want to challenge him to loudly on it. While I believe the use of both sides (GOP & Dem) arguments is normally a lazy (often dishonest) attempt at appearing pragmatic this is a case where it may apply. In criticizing the Iraq War Progressives went too far in questioning all foreign military intervention and implying a cause and effect where by the U.S. was arguably responsible for the problems we wished to solve. The sentiment was true regarding Iraq and Afghanistan but not across the board globally. Simply butting out of all matters isn't the answer and Progressives haven't seemed to balance their non-intervention idealism with real world realities. As a result Democratic politicians often lack meaningful foreign policy positions. Beloved politicians on the left like Sanders, Warren, Harris, and etc seemingly have no stated views on foreign policy of any depth. Those Democrats who do like Clinton, Feinstein, Schumer, and etc are considered too hawkish and part of an old guard establishment which needs to be pushed out. It leaves Democrats absent as opposition to Trump's Nationalistic foreign policies. Meanwhile the GOP isn't no better. They have identified many global enemies but fear another Iraq. So the GOP priorities strength and security to react if forced but are otherwise mute on what should be done. Both sides have a laundry list of what they don't want to do but neither has even a hint about what they would like to do. No one here in the U.S. wants to be responsible. We have a fingers crossed approached hoping South Korea and China can figure it out without U.S. leadership. On the surface it seems to be working a little. North and South Korea do appear to be mending their relationship. However Kim Jong-un is a murderer and a revolt against his regime is inevitable in my opinion. Kim Jong-un will execute many people as he feels necessary to maintain power. The potential for a Civil War which spills over into a refugee crisis or North vs South Korean war is high. Terrorism against Japan or South Korea by rogue conservative North Korea military groups is also a huge concern I have. Surely some officials in North Korea have spent their lives drinking the cool aid and view the outside world as the enemy. There is a lot of risks to consider and I don't think any politicians in the U.S. are currently speaking clearly regarding North Korea.