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  1. Cognitive dissonance

    The limbic part of the brain which processes emotions lacks language. People can have very strong feelings about things without any way to rationally explain why. Religion seems to tap into that. As a result constructive debate always fails.
  2. Fox News Watch

    The whole economy melted down during Bush and we learned nothing. We are right back to deregulation and tax cuts.
  3. Fox News Watch

    No doubt. I am trying to not come across as though I am rooting against the country but clearly many things are currently problematic.
  4. "Putin's Fine, We're All Fine"

    As VP Pence has access to top Intelligence reports. At this point the fact he hasn't resigned makes him complicit to everything that is happening.
  5. Fox News Watch

    Right, the economy is no better. The govt pumped in huge some of money via tax cuts and increased defense spending yet the Economy is more or less unchanged.
  6. Baboons are significantly stronger physically than humans. A baboon could tear a human apart. Also they have fur and the ability to climb/forgage places human cannot. A human with those physical advantageous could survive with a lot less intelligence. I suspect fire was our great catalyst and that was hundreds of thousands of years back.
  7. I think many people underestimate the amount of intelligence it requires to live as a hunter gatherer. Humans do not have fur, claws, great night vision, and etc. We lack the physical ability of our predator peers like Bears and Cougars. The average person today would die from some combination of dehydration, hunger, infection, and exposure inside a couple weeks if left on their own in a natural environment. The fact early humans thrived in the locations they did at all speaks to have intelligent they were.
  8. This is a powerful insight. To this day much of the conflicts in Africa stem from the manipulation of identity and allegiances. Slavery itself ended hundreds of years back by the religious indoctrination, image shaming, cultural appropriation, and racial dominance has continued. We see it today in the immigration and refugee debates. This idea that peoples must conform culturally and spiritually else be considered threats within western society. The old Hamitic Theory still governs much of the western worlds understanding of history.
  9. Best James Bond

    I hope this is not true. James Bond as a character is not suppose to be a junior unseasoned operative. He is supposed to have been a Commander in the Royal Navy well experience in Intelligence and espionage. A quick ascension to Naval Commander takes 12yrs post Academy. Then Bond needs time to have become a seasoned spy. Theo James is 33yrs old but typically place characters in their mid 20's and the account of his youthful looks. It doesn't fit in my opinion. While true Sean Connery was only 32yrs old when the series began Connery carried a unique sense of strength and maturity about himself. Plus Connery appeared to age into the role quickly. By the time You Only Live Twice came out he already had peppered gray hair and was noticeably heavier than in the initial outings.
  10. "Putin's Fine, We're All Fine"

    Trump's foreign policy after 2 years in office is: Canada is a National Security threat and trading foe, Theresa May is weak and Brexit isn't moving forward aggressively enough, Kim Jung-un is a talented leader who knows have to get thing done and the world needs to leave him alone, Assad is a good dude too, China are an economic foe except for when Trump family businesses need nothing, German is a foe, France is a foe, and Russia is the single most important nation in the world the U.S. need to strive to have better relations with. Nothing listed is an exaggeration. I used clearer and less aggressive language than has Trump and his team. Trump is all about Trump first. He is not someone who has any allegiances. By continuing to support Trump Republicans are showing jaw dropping amounts of disrespect to the Constitution. The U.S. wasn't designed to have a supreme leader. It is why the U.S. has 3 EQUAL branches of govt and individual States rights. The Republican party is ceding all branches, all powers, to Trump believing that maintaining power is more important than what tis done with that power. It is a Constitutional crisis. It has been all along.
  11. Should Supreme Court judges be politically partisan?

    This is actually a relatively new problem in the U.S.. Following various losses in courts revolving around abortion and civilian rights conservatives decided they needed to groom their own right wing bias lawyers and judges. The Federalist Society was born in 1982 for this purpose and since that time Republicans only seat Federalist judges to circuit courts and the Supreme Court. It is why Republicans refused Bush's initial nomination of fellow Republican Harriet Miers. While she was a Republican she was not a Federalist Society member. A conservative political take over of federal courts has been underway over the last 3 decades and most people are unaware. Current judges Roberts, Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch are Federalist Society members.
  12. Fox News Watch

    So if all goes according to the forecast without any down turn happening Trumps first term will see and average of 2.4% GDP growth an increase of a third of a percent vs the Obama years. Meanwhile Trump's annual budget deficits are already doubling Obama's. Long story short Trump and Republican's are celebrating an economy which is no better, perhaps less stable, than what the U.S. has had for the last seven years or so.
  13. I didn't imply anyone in here wasn't but "many" aren't. Yes, may mistake.
  14. In lieu of all we have learned since the election about the sophistication of Cambridge Analytica in distributing fraudulent information and the targeted Russian attacks on the Clinton campaign it astonishes me a bit more people on the left are not utterly outraged. While many are many more continue tought the line Russian propaganda worked so hard to create, that Hillary Clinton was simply a bad candidate and the Democratic party mistreated Sanders. Surely whatever people believe the DNC did to Sanders or whatever imperfections people see in Clinton they are no where near the scale of criminality and anti democracy which supported Trump's campaign.
  15. Fox News Watch

    0.5% better when promised 3.9% better is nothing to brag about. Trump's tax cut is highway robbery.