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  1. I don't entirely agree. Fixing the weaknesses in our (USA's) Republic that enabled Trump to exist is very important. More will follow in behind the doors Trump kicked down just as Trump followed in behind the work done by those who came before him. Holding Trump accountable and defining his criminality in court will set the precedence for the future politicians. Doing nothing in the name of looking forward is what the nation did after Watergate, Iran-Contra, Iraq invasion/fake intel, etc. Things have only gotten worse.
  2. Protesters at BLM events who committed felonious acts have been prosecuted for those crimes. To my knowledge no participants in BLM protests who can be identified have been allowed to get away with felonious acts. Nor am I aware of any govt officials arguing they (BLM protest participants) should be allowed to get away with felonious acts. So I see no useful/logical whataboutism comparison between BLM protests and the Capital Assault. Those who committed serious crimes and can be identified should be prosecuted. No double standard exists. The difference between the two and the reason I su
  3. I don't personally view this question in terms of ethics or morality. I think under normal circumstances life always seeks to perpetuate life. IMO suicide is abnormal. It exists when there is an other than typical circumstance like an illness or disorder. I see it as beyond individual control (choice) which is why I do not apply morality and ethics to it.
  4. @MigL the proverbial genie being out of the bottle is a point often made when discussing how far new tech, processes, behaviors, or etc might go from a concerned point of view. While it may be true it lacks degree. Nuclear weapons were last (and only) used in 1945. Efforts to prevent proliferation have been more successful than most reasonable person would have guessed they could be when they began 70yrs ago. of course the cat is out the bag and more nations will obtain nuclear weapons and time Marches. That said future wars will most likely be cyber and the usefulness of Nuclear weapons is ac
  5. Trump losing the popular vote by 7 million is even more significant considering the investment Republicans have made in voter suppression. Thousands of polling locations have been closed, new registration laws instituted, new deadlines, ballots designed to confuse, etc, etc. In the past Republicans hid their efforts but in the months leading up to this election were brazen about their desire to prevent people from voting. Despite the carefully imposed inconveniences Biden received 7 million more votes. I think it is obvious the number would have easily been in the double digits if elections we
  6. @CharonY It seems we have some of the same concerns. It isn't trivial but it is being attempted . We are in the early dawn. The reasons to encourage and push ever further ahead are powerful ones. What parent wouldn't want to ensure their child would be born without a life threatening genetic condition. I am not comfortable with it but ever I would be desperate for such assurance if it existed. Problem of course is things never stay as intended and all value is relative. What starts as preventing babies from being born with cancer quickly becomes parents selecting the gender, hair color, e
  7. Trump cannot pardon state charges. Only federal ones. Trump also cannot pardon himself from future civil suits. Trump have been manipulating the true value of his assets for decades. Trump has defrauded numerous investors. Once Trump's financials are fully turned over to Courts in NY and interested parties can petition to see them Trump will be in big trouble. Suits will come in from states across the nation where Trump has done business: FL, NJ, NY, NV, FL, etc.
  8. I recently watched a Netflix Documentary called Human Nature which discusses how CRISPR is being used and could be further used to edit human genes. I found many of the ethical questions raised difficult to parse. I also found the prospect of the human genome being possibly polluted with superficial edits made out of vanity, bias, or per ignorance terrifying. I put this in speculation to open the discussion up to include peoples hopes, fears, ethical concerns, etc are for human gene editing.
  9. I view this as inevitable. Just like with Bush. Trump, a Republican, literally attacked Hillary Clinton over the Iraq War. In just 8yrs (08'-16') Republicans were already blaming Democrats for the Iraq War, Patriot Act, etc. It is just what they do.
  10. You are treating Stupid as an objective measurement. A quick macro view of the world reveals that human technological 'progress' has come at the expense of the stability of the planets environment. Humans have ushered in a mass extinction, Holocene Extinction. Subjectively humans are bad for the planet. That relationship doesn't seem 'smart' yet nearly every 'smart' person who has ever lived has contributed to it. Often who we consider stupid vs smart comes down to what we value. Many rich people assume all poor people are stupid or fitness minded people with sculpted bodies think fat peo
  11. In simplest terms Science is about observation. One can be talented at observation yet still believe in the unobservable. The mind isn't hampered by competing feelings. One can both love and hate something at the same time.
  12. Id imagine he'd love having a large rock moved to the front entrance of the White House so he can roll it to the side and emerge. It has to hurt Trump's approval. This is a crisis of hist absolute own creation. The nation has seen Trump mock journalists at briefings and Biden during the debate for wearing masks. Trump's own family defied the rules during the debate went mask-less. Trump clearly exercised poor judgement. If isn't something the left can be blamed or whatever. Trump did this to himself. Over a million people have already early voted. If it were to prove fatal that
  13. Trump has antagonized people for wear masks, insisted on holding rallies, repeated said re-opening is more important than further safety, and stood on the debate stage criticizing Biden. It is stunning full circle moment where all the undermining and downplaying is coming back at once. Trump has also spoken a lot about how young people are nearly immune and only older people get sick. Trump is 74yrs olds. Herman Cain was 74yrs old. It is a really good thing the customary handshaking before and after the debate didn't happen. That moment of social distancing is now a solid example to all.
  14. in 2016 Trump beat Realclearpolitic's aggregated polling by 7% in WI. Fivethirtyeight gave Clinton a 83.5% chance of winning WI which was better than Clinton's overall chance of winning the White House. In MI Trump beat aggregated polling by 4% and 538 gave Clinton 79% of winning which was also greater than her overall. You are probably correct about AZ and IA. Nothing strange there. The numbers actually surprised me when I looked them up. Both finished within decimals of a percent of their polling in 2016. Which isn't to say I think every state will mirror polling. WI and MI had issues (
  15. While Trump seeks to manipulate in plain view the issue goes far beyond Trump. Red Shift has been a feature in U.S. elections for decades and has only gotten worse. Errors and anomalies will float Trump and down ballot Republicans 2-4 points in States like AZ, FL, GA, IA, MI, WI, etc. My belief is that on Election night Trump will start declaring victory in key states soon as the polls close. Trump will declare victory in FL, GA, OH, etc. Media pundits will cover him doing so. Pundits will caution that Trump declarations aren't official but won't be too aggressive about it. It is always s
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