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  1. What you are describing is not "un-natural evolution". You are assuming that having toes is preferable to not having toes and therefor not having toes is un-natural evolution. That isn't how evolution works. Different things in different environments give individuals a greater chance to reproduce. That is how survival of the fittest works. It is the fitness within an environment which matters. At present in various Human populations physical characteristics and health are not anymore selected for than are personality and financial characteristics are. Evolution doesn't move species in a direction of constant linear improvement. Species move towards whatever works for the given environment at the moment. Sometimes that means a species is better suited if its bigger stronger faster while other times smaller and slower has more success. In some human populations today having toes vs not having toes isn't meaningful enough to impact reproduction. Do you consider male pattern balding an example of un-natural evolution?
  2. Most components have known manufacturer resistance values which can be used to calculate but there is always an associated tolerance. Sometimes much at 20%. Then there are variables like temperature and electrical insulation integrity which would need to be measured and corrected for prior to making the calculations. The only reason I have ever done such calculations is for troubleshooting purposes to see if a malfunctioning circuit had appreciably more or less resistance than it should. Even then I would only do that for circuit where individual components could not be removed or closed (isolated) for measurement and also where measuring Amperage wasn't an option. In my experience calculations are a must for designing circuits, obviously, but for maintenance or troubleshooting I would nearly always prefer to put a meter on it.
  3. Presidential Alert system

    I have been curious what the impetus for this was. If it is something long digesting or something Trump asked for.
  4. humanity goal

    Trying to live long as possible is the only constant throughout humanity I am aware of. Values and priorities have constantly changed. Today money is a major priority for people. It is what many of our lives revolve around from the type of education we pursue, employment we select, govt we vote for, and etc. Yet money is relatively new. For most of humanity it did not exist. Govts, some form of structural hierarchy within groups, has always existed. Tribes had leaders and dividing up responsibilities among people has nearly always been a thing. As tribes grew larger more complex hierarchies became necessary. In my opinion govts today are still too tribal and small in scope (groups they seek to serve) to best manage our growing populations. StringJunky mentioned a "unified aspiration" my take would be "uniform management of resources". Whether it is the EU and its 28 countries all with varying policy or the US with 50 states of varying policy something more uniform will need to emerge as population increases. Our current competition based system for the use of resources will become unsustainable.
  5. Presidential Alert system

    Testing of the system has been pushed back and many people have raised concerns about not being able to opt out.
  6. Presidential Alert system

    I am not okay with any politician using it. Every decision a politician makes gets filtered through what the impact on their public image is. More often than not what is best for a politician comes down to pleasing their supports and not doing what is best. Politicians are graded as much for the red meat they give their base as they are the job they actually do. I think emergency management professionals should handle alert systems. Rather than a local Mayor the Local Fire Dept. or Police Chief. Rather than The President the Sec. of DHS or Administrator of FEMA. In my opinion those individuals working in specific emergency management positions have a narrower focus and doing their job well is most typically the best way to raise their profiles. Ifthe Sec.of DHS sent out a questionable alert which appeared to be bias or politically motivated it would be much easy for Congress to check them than it would be checking a President for the same alert. Terrorism and public safety are terms which can be manipulated. If on election day Trump sent out an alert warning that millions of illegals planned to vote would that be a violation? Millions of illegals voting could theoretically be a public safety concern. Even if it were a clear violation who would hold Trump accountable. Congress has yet to hold Trump accountable for any of his various violations and breaches of protocol.
  7. Understanding the "God" Concept

    I view good and bad relative. People have killed in the name of love, faith, hope, and so on. The Limbic part of the brain lacks language. The many descriptions of the way we humans feel are conscious narratives that may or may not reflect what is really going on internally. You ask why I go to the "bad" stuff but I don't see such dichotomy. Do racist people hate others or do they simply love their own? Love vs hate, right vs wrong, good vs bad, and so are are just a matter of perspective. Palestinians and Israelis both think they are doing what's right. Terrorists who blow themselves up while murdering people believe they will be rewarded by god. Executioners putting people to death consider it justice. To me there isn't good stuff and bad stuff; there is just stuff. Most people believe themselves to be good and consider their action necessary/justified. To say that what is felt internally is real externally removes the very contradictions and frailties that make humans so complex. What makes humans so individual in my opinion, drives competition, creates innovation, causes us to ask questions, and etc is that each of our minds are independent from a singular reality (emotionally). As for the cause of effect part thoughts do not need to be true to have an effect. By your logic the members of Heaven Gates must have made it on to their Alien ship. Part of being human is the ability to make stuff up. Lying and misleading others has been a powerful tool throughout history. All people exaggerate and lie to various extents everyday of our lives. Those who believe their own lies typically run into trouble. Right, what is real internally to a person or persons overtime doesn't reflect what is actually real broadly. The Divine Right of Kings is a real thing and not something I invent. Humans earliest incarnations of God were directly attached to our hierarchies. Kings, Chiefs, Emperors, and so on where said to be related to the Gods or had direct communications with the Gods. Part of your position addresses the long tradition of the concept of a God so why ignore that for millennia that concept was directly associated with leadership hierarchies in society? Countless human kings were said to be living Gods.
  8. What does dark beer taste like?

    @Hulk, how dare you disrespect beer with your vague color coded descriptions. All beer is delicious. What is your main problem! Any beer can be darker or lighter depending on the type of fermentables used to make it. Most commonly Lagers and Pilsners lighter in color and made with yeast that ferments at cooler temperatures. Here is the states Lagers are made incorporating cheaper grains like rice and corn and are meant to be consumed cold. At room temp the flavors of the cheaper grains are more noticeable. Ales run the spectrum. They can be very light in color as commonly seen in Belgian styled Ales or very dark in color as commonly seen in Porters. The grains, yeasts, and temp used to ferment all varies. Hefeweizen's can run light to brown too but are distinctly cloudy as they are unfiltered. Stouts are nearly all ways very dark. They are made from grains which have been roasted to create flavor notes of things like nuts, chocolate, coffee, and etc. My guess is you have been drinking lagers. Moving from a lager to an Ale will take some adjustment as the alcohol percentages, hops, and use of flavored malts, all tend to be greater . A common (for your local area) Pale Ale is probably a good place to start as they tend to drink like slightly heavier lagers with a hit of seasonal fruit. If you simply want something to try with a dark color any Bock should do the job. I prefer Dopplebocks. I would recommend against Stouts for awhile as they are very heavy. Drinking stout can be like eating a meal.
  9. Presidential Alert system

    Hopefully the emergency alert system Law is updated to reflect the expanding potential uses.
  10. Presidential Alert system

    Plus we already have an Alert system. I had received flooding and child abduction alerts directly on my phone before. FEMA, DHS, FBI, NOAA, and etc are the agencies which brief the President regarding natural disasters and what not. So getting an alert directly from the President doesn't cut out the middle man in anyway. If anything it creates more bureaucracy as advisors working for the various agencies with now possibly waste time calculating from whom an alert should come.
  11. Presidential Alert system

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will run a test next week for a Presidential Alert which gives POTUS the ability to directly send messages to nearly all cell phones nationally via the Emergency Alert System. Under current law the wireless emergency alert system can only be used for natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other man-made disasters or threats to public safety. Is this a good idea? Should the President have the ability to send emergency alerts out directly? I personally do not see the use. This is what we have emergency response agencies for. I do not understand how a Presidential Alert is an improvement. I also am concerned about the potential politicizing of it. Theoretically if the President had any reason to suspect a mass shooting or other type of terror attack on an election day they could send an alert out which would potentially frighten people into staying home and not voting.
  12. West World, HBO series *spoilers

    Here is a couple of the more questions I wonder about without going too indepth: - At the end of season 2 in the last scene where we see Dolores (Evan Rachael Wood) in who is with her? - Is Dolores actually awake or still following her program? - Is the park on an island or somewhere else?
  13. Florence the Hurricane

    In what universe do you live in that you think anyone is rooting for devastation? So far the death toll is at 5, which is a tragedy for those families, hopefully there will not be anymore. I hope everyone in the Carolinas are safe and the storm passes as uneventfully as possible.
  14. Winning trumps everything else. Integrity is nice, transparency is nice, respect is nice, and etc but winning is absolutely awesome. Trump (the phenomenon of anger ultras) has satiated conservatives thirst for winning. Integrity hardly seems like a good reason to stop winning. No matter what happens at this point Trump has saved the Supreme Court from the clutches of Democrats and handed the rich massive tax cuts. Trump can be impeached tomorrow and if you're a conservative it will all have been worth it. Can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. 2 life time scotus picks and tax cuts that basically ensure Bush's tax cuts stay in place for the rest the current generation life are massive wins that make everything worth it.
  15. Russian Intelligence Officers have already been indicted by Mueller. The crimes against the DNC and the attacks on voting infrastructure in swings states already links to Russian high command (military intelligence). As a candidate Trump was briefed by U.S. intelligence in real time as it was happening. In response members of his team knowingly extended their hands to Russia: Trump tower meeting, Roger Stone correspondence with wiki leaks, Kushner & Flynn setting up back channel communications,and etc. All in real time while Trump himself ran cover for Russia by publicly insinuating China was responsible. The links are already there. I think the real question is what type of link is required to change enough peoples attitude. Sort of the like a law of diffusion of innovation but for acceptance of truths one is bias against.