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  1. The North Korea Problem

    I agree. I pointed out back in August of 2017 that Kim Jung-un was more experienced than Trump. Since that time Kim Jung-un has been able to strength his position with China, establish one on one negotiations with South Korea, and render U.S. opposition toothless with the bait of face to face talks. During the same time Trump has lost his Sec. of State, National Security Adviser, and undermined relations with China with on and off trade war talk. Kim Jung-un has done so well that at this point I think most world leaders would just prefer he stay in charge out of fear the govt following a coup could potentially be worse. In that sense Kim Jung-un now has international aligns committed to him as the best option for North Korean. Same turn of events as Assad is Syria.
  2. Neanderthal Rights

    It is but neither Homo Sapiens are not and Neanderthals were not Herbivores so I do not know how to answer the question. My understanding is that Neanderthals had the same diet as Homo Sapiens did at the time they existed. That was before modern agriculture though. I have no idea if Neanderthals would be able to eat the same diet as we Homo Sapiens do today. Considering the rise in food allergies, digestive issues, and etc it could be argue Homo Sapiens shouldn't be eat as we are.
  3. Neanderthal Rights

    I don't think matters. The question (OP) is how would we homo sapiens treat Neanderthals if they were alive today. My question about consciousness is sloppily asking if the ethics of Neanderthals would impact our own ethics. Can things like "treat others as you'd like to be treated" apply to those who may possibly think or treat themselves in ways separate from how we would? It is just a thought. I actually believe Neanderthals would be so much like us that it would take a trained observer to tell the difference.
  4. Neanderthal Rights

    It does and I agree.
  5. The North Korea Problem

    To your point about Putin he appears to already be filling the gap as Marcon is in Russia attempting to find workable solutions for Iran, Syria, Ukraine, and NK. A meeting with Kim Jung-un has been discussed for years but the trigger was never pulled because it was broadly understood that such a meeting would legitimize Kim. It is along the same lines of not negotiating with terrorist, we don't give tyrants positive photo ops. This is exactly what Trump has done. I have no problem with the administration speaking with North Korea. Communication is critical. The error has been in the celebratory way Trump has promoted the talks. It has heightened Kim Jung-un's global stature. Trump has done what previous admins, regardless of party, knew better than to do. The notion of a free Korean peninsula free of the Kim family is dead. Kim Jung-un has been elevated from tyrant to accepted/respected leader of North Korea. North Korea's nuclear test sites are too damaged from previous tests for further use. Kim played to Trump's ego by letting Trump take credit for the closing of test facilities which had to be closed anyway do to Kim's own activity. In trade Kim has solidified his international standing. Two years ago the walls were closing in on Kim and his future was tenuous. Today Kim fields phone calls from leaders all over the world and his future in bright. All Kim really has to do at this point is not perform anymore testing (he already has nukes) and the global community is fine with now. It is a huge win for Kim Jung-un, huge.
  6. The North Korea Problem

    Trump lacks shame or integrity. This isn't an embarrassing situation for him. Trump has already basked in Noble Peace Prize talk high approval of his handling of the situation. For Trump this matter has already been won. Whatever happens next he will call someones else's fault. The actual outcome isn't that important to Trump or Republicans. What matters is that it plays wells and helps them maintain power after the midterm. I like sport analogies when discussing the current state of politics because so many on the right treat it as sport. Trump already won his Ring/Championship on this issue. Already performed his victory lap. Once an athlete has a ring no self respecting fan would allow it argued that said athlete isn't a winner.
  7. The North Korea Problem

    I agree Putin may step in and seize influence with NK. We (Trump admin) has already ceded the future Assad and of Syria to Putin.
  8. Neanderthal Rights

    I asked multiple questions. Feel free to answer the "on topic" one.
  9. Neanderthal Rights

    If homo sapiens and Neanderthals had different types on consciousness would they in turn have different ethics?
  10. Neanderthal Rights

    Have ethics existed throughout history? Do ethics exist in the absence of consciousness?
  11. Neanderthal Rights

    It does to me but getting into it would be off topic. On topic it is my opinion that many people believe, both religiously and philosophically, that modern human consciousness represents something mysterious and unique which has never existed before. I do not advocate that view and think a another type of human would expand debates about what consciousness is.
  12. The North Korea Problem

    Lost in all of this is the ever lowering bar for U.S. policy. Trump and his supporters, conservatives in general, have created a huge vacuum in policy where only Trump's daily infamy value matters. Two years ago merely preventing further nuclear testing in North Korea wasn't a bench mark for U.S. policy success. It was the absolute minimum we expected and anything less was reason for intense criticism from all sides of the political spectrum. The difficult questions U.S. policy makers chewed on surrounded what to do about Kim Jung-un himself because he is a tyrannical leader killing his own people. Additional concerns were China's growing influence and ability to leverage NK distraction from their presence in the South China Sea (Conservatives once gave 2 sh!ts about that). The hyper focus of Trump for on camera issues, whatever pundits are getting ratings talking about, is detriment to U.S. foreign policy overall as we have taken our eyes off of many things: Crimea, Yemen, Assad, South China Sea, and etc.
  13. Neanderthal Rights

    This question doesn't interest me as I do not conflate the two.
  14. Neanderthal Rights

    After further consideration I find the question fascinating in the context of both Religion and Philosophy. In religion, particularly Arbrahamic ones, humans are treated as something special and individually unique from other animals created by a supreme entity. In philosophy many people, not all, often constraint consciousness to being a uniquely human experience. It would be interesting to see how the existence of other humans would impact those ideas of thought.
  15. Neanderthal Rights

    Not all humans with Neanderthal DNA carry the same genes. It is believed at least 20% of the Neanderthal genome exists today. While 1-3% is the common today Otzi the ice man (5,000 old) had double that amount. Go back 10,000 years and the percentage must have been even greater still. Neanderthals are part of the modern human story. Because of this I can't see any rational reason why Neanderthals would be considered separate. They were interbred with us (homo sapiens) and would surely do so today if around. Same goes for Denisovans.