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  1. what are the present using programming language in now a days in computer science?
  2. Enzymes are bio-catalyzers like proteins that allow a great number of biological reactions take place at a rate much fast than in its absence. The molecules show high attentiveness for the recognition of the substances. It is to be transformed and they are evolved for thousands of years to make possible a wide variety of transformations related to all forms of life and In this line, a primitive wave of enzyme engineering was developed as a way to use enzymes in industrial processes. One of the first fields was the food industry, Microbial, and plant enzymes, such hydrolases or pectinases were
  3. HIV abbreviates human immunodeficiency virus which causes AIDS(acquire immunodeficiency syndrome). A number of a bulk of viruses called retroviruses, HIV infects a human cell and used the supplied energy and nutrients provided by those, cells to develop and replicate fast. AIDS(acquire immunodeficiency syndrome) such a disease in which the body’s immune system was getting weak and breaks down and it is not capable for fighting with certain infections, known as “ opportunistic infections,” and other illnesses, intake of the advantage of the weakened immune system. Even most of them never kno
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